Google Searches For 'Chickenpox' Reveal Big Impact Of Vaccinations

By Newsroom America Staff at 3:36 pm Eastern

Countries that implement government-mandated vaccinations for chickenpox see a sharp drop in the number of Google searches for the common childhood disease afterward, demonstrating that immunization significantly reduces seasonal outbreaks.

Deep, Old Water Explains Why Antarctic Ocean Hasn't Warmed

1:11 pm Eastern | SciTech

The water around Antarctica has not seen the atmosphere for centuries, since long before the machine age. New observations and model simulations suggest this may be the last place on Earth to feel climate more »


FBI Captures Top Ten Fugitive Philip Patrick Policarpio

11:05 am Eastern | U.S. News

The FBI has arrested Top Ten Fugitive Philip Patrick Policarpio, who was wanted by the LAPD for the alleged murder of his pregnant girlfriend and for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. read more »


Scientists Identify Planet That Is A "Good Prospect" For A Habitable World

10:38 am Eastern | SciTech

A distant planet known as Kepler-62f could be habitable, a team of astronomers more »


Former President Of Chad Found Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity

9:14 am Eastern | World

The former President of Chad, Hissène Habré, has been found guilty of crimes against humanity, summary executions, torture and rape, which human rights advocates described as an "historic" verdict. read more »


Alarm At Refugee And Migrant Deaths In The Mediterranean

8:09 am Eastern | World

UNICEF has expressed alarm at the number of migrant and refugee deaths in the past week in the Central Mediterranean, many of whom were believed to be unaccompanied more »


Number Of Habitable Planets Could Be Limited By Stifling Atmospheres

27 May 17:11 | SciTech

New research has revealed that fewer than predicted planets may be capable of harbouring life because their atmospheres keep them too more »


Fort McMurray Fires Cause Air Quality Issues

27 May 15:07 | World

The air quality around the entire Fort McMurray region remains very poor. The Alberta Health Services has issued warnings for the entire area with Health Quality Index of 10+ (very high risk of triggering health issues) reported in the more »


Small Offshore Oil Spills Put Seabirds At Risk: Industry Self-Monitoring Failing

27 May 14:06 | World

Seabirds exposed to even a dime-sized amount of oil can die of hypothermia in cold-water regions, but despite repeated requests by Environment Canada, offshore oil operators are failing when it comes to self-monitoring of small oil spills, says new research out of York more »


Study Explores Why There Is No Labor Party In The United States

27 May 12:01 | US Politics and Govt

The improbable rise of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign presents an interesting question: why is Sanders, a self-proclaimed "democratic socialist," running as a Democrat? read more »


Civilians In Besieged Fallujah At 'Extreme Risk'

27 May 10:13 | World

Humanitarian agencies on the ground in Iraq are warning that civilians in the city of Fallujah –which has been under the control of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh) for more than two years – are at extreme more »


Long Lines At Airports 'Foreseeable And Preventable,' Says TSA Officers' Union

27 May 09:10 | U.S. News

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National President David Cox Sr has urged a House Committee on Transportation Security to enact emergency legislation to hire the 6,000 additional full-time Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) it needs in order end excessive wait times plaguing the nation's more »


Mortgage Rates Rise For Second Consecutive Week

27 May 08:09 | Business

Mortgage rates increased again this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 3.82 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »


Charismatic Speaking Strategies Of Presidential Candidates Analysed

26 May 15:17 | US Politics and Govt

Researchers at UCLA's Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts have recently examined the speech patterns of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina in a variety of settings to determine whether the presidential candidates followed the same voice modulation strategies. read more »


Global Economic Downturn Linked With At Least 260,000 Excess Cancer Deaths

26 May 13:09 | World

The economic crisis of 2008-10, and the rise in unemployment that accompanied it, was associated with more than 260,000 excess cancer-related deaths--including many considered treatable--within the Organization for Economic Development (OECD).read more »


New Car Sales Still On Track To Set A Record In 2016

26 May 12:14 | U.S. News

A car information and shopping network,, forecasts that 1,537,436 new cars and trucks will be sold in the U.S. in May for an estimated Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of 17.5 million. read more »


Torture Prevention Panel Suspends Ukraine Visit Citing Obstruction

26 May 10:00 | World

The United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) has suspended its visit to Ukraine after being denied access to places in several parts of the country where it suspects people are being deprived of their liberty by the Security Service of Ukraine, the SBU. read more »


Study Dispels Myth About Millionaire Migration In The US

26 May 08:25 | U.S. News

The view that the rich are highly mobile has gained much political traction in recent years, but a new study dispels the common myth about the propensity of millionaires in the United States to move from high to low tax states. read more »


Humans Less Likely To Return To An Automated Advisor Once Given Bad Advice

25 May 17:12 | SciTech

The ubiquitous Chat Bot popping up on websites asking if you need help has become standard on many sites. We dismiss, we engage, but do we trust the algorithm that is aiding our experience? Giving us answers and advice? read more »


Prenatal Fruit Consumption Boosts Babies' Cognitive Development

25 May 16:07 | SciTech

A new study has found that mothers who consumed more fruit during pregnancy gave birth to children who performed better on developmental testing at one year of age. read more »


Citibank To Pay $250 Million For Attempted Manipulation Of U.S. Dollar Swap Rates

25 May 15:01 | Business

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has issued an Order charges against Citibank finding that on multiple occasions it attempted to manipulate, and made false reports concerning, the U.S. Dollar International Swaps and Derivatives Association Fix (USD ISDAFIX), a global benchmark for interest rate more »


Lessons Today's Banks Should Take From Great Depression Chicago

25 May 13:08 | Business

New research from the University of Warwick serves as a warning to banks not to over invest in more »


Four Army National Guardsmen Indicted In Two Fraud Schemes

25 May 11:03 | U.S. News

Three guardsmen from the District of Columbia Army National Guard were indicted on charges arising from a scheme to use Bitcoin to buy stolen credit and debit card numbers from foreign more »


Amid Boko Haram Violence, Situation Worsens For Displaced In Southeast Niger

25 May 09:06 | World

Security and humanitarian conditions are deteriorating in southeast Niger, where hundreds of thousands of people settled after fleeing Boko Haram insurgents, the United Nations refugee agency more »


Call To Minimize Drone Impact On Wildlife

24 May 17:22 | SciTech

University of Adelaide environmental researchers have called for a 'code of best practice' in using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for wildlife monitoring and protection, and other biological field more »


Research Confirms Continued, Unabated And Large-Scale Amphibian Declines

24 May 16:15 | SciTech

New U.S. Geological Survey-led research suggests that even though amphibians are severely declining worldwide, there is no smoking gun - and thus no simple solution - to halting or reversing these more »


Extreme Beliefs Often Mistaken For Insanity, New Study Finds

24 May 15:10 | SciTech

After studying the 2011 case of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers are suggesting a new forensic term to classify non-psychotic behavior that leads to criminal acts of more »


Yellow Fever Epidemic Threatens To Spread From Angola To China

24 May 14:09 | World

The spread of yellow fever (YF) is a global health threat. In response to current outbreaks in Angola, other African countries, and China, which represents the first ever documented cases of YF in Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) convened an emergency committee to underscore the severity of the outbreak. read more »


Computer Hacker Extradited From France

24 May 12:19 | U.S. News

Eric Donys Simeu, a/k/a Martell Collins, a citizen of Cameroon, has been arraigned on federal charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, computer fraud and access device fraud for a series of "phishing campaigns." read more »


Cement Deliveries Resume Into Gaza

24 May 10:19 | World

The envoy for the peace process in the Middle East has welcomed the decision to resume the private import of cement into Gaza after nearly 45 days of more »


Bayer Offers To Acquire Monsanto For $62 Billion

24 May 09:08 | Business

The global agribusiness company Bayer has revealed the contents of its private proposal to acquire rival Monsanto for US$62 more »


Senior Citizens' Incomes Fall Short In 47 Of 50 States

24 May 08:09 | Business

Senior citizens in 47 states and the District of Columbia aren't replacing enough of their pre-retirement incomes, according to a new study. read more »


What Can Help Dropouts?

23 May 17:17 | SciTech

Certain life experiences can worsen the negative effects of dropping out of school, but interventions and treatments can improve the odds for dropouts, a new study more »


Man-Eating Monster Crocodile May Be Florida's Newest Invasive Species

23 May 16:10 | U.S. News

Spotting native alligators and crocodiles in Florida is common, but anyone who sees a large reptile may want to take a second look-- man-eaters that can grow to 18 feet long and weigh as much as a small car have been found in the Sunshine more »


Fukushima Nuclear Accident A 'Wake-Up Call' For U.S.

23 May 15:05 | SciTech

The 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident should serve as a wake-up call to nuclear plant operators and regulators in the U.S. on the critical importance of measuring, maintaining, and restoring cooling in spent fuel pools during severe accidents and terrorist attacks, says a new more »


Former Corporate Lawyer Sent To Prison For Running Ponzi Scheme

23 May 14:07 | Business

Former corporate lawyer Charles A. Bennett has been sentenced to five years in prison for securities and wire fraud charges stemming from his scheme to defraud over 30 investors of more than $5 million through a Ponzi scheme. read more »


Researchers Find Earth May Be Home To 1 Trillion Species

23 May 12:10 | SciTech

Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to the results of a new more »


Man Who Set Fire To Somali Restaurant Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime

23 May 10:24 | U.S. News

Matthew Gust, 25, has pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime for setting fire to a Somali restaurant in Grand Forks, North more »


Many Still Without Roof Over Heads Following Ecuador Quake

23 May 09:18 | World

One month after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that claimed the lives of over 650 people in north-western Ecuador, humanitarian needs remain acute as 73,000 people have been more »


With Hottest April On Record, Streak Of Above-Average Global Temperatures Continues

23 May 08:15 | World

Global temperature records were broken yet again in April for the 12th consecutive month, the longest such streak since global record-taking began in 1880, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) more »


FDA Modernizes Nutrition Facts Label For Packaged Foods

22 May 18:51 | U.S. News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has taken a major step in making sure consumers have updated nutritional information for most packaged foods sold in the United States, that will help people make informed decisions about the foods they eat and feed their families. read more »

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