S.D. Bill Would Require Citizens to Buy a Gun

By Jon E. Dougherty at 1 Feb 2011

(Newsroom America) -- A bill introduced by five state legislators in South Dakota would require all citizens over the age of 21 to purchase a firearm "sufficient to provide for their ordinary self-defense."

Local media reported that the bill, if passed, would take affect Jan. 1, 2012, and give people 60 days after their 21st birthday to buy a gun.

The measure would not apply to persons who are legally barred from owning a firearm. The bill also does not specify the type of firearm citizens must purchase - only that it be "suitable to their temperament, physical capacity, and preference."

Rep. Hal Wick, R-Sioux Falls, is the bill's sponsor. He told the Argus Leader newspaper he realized the measure would be killed but wanted to prove a point that the federal government's health care law passed last year containing a mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional.

"Do I or the other cosponsors believe that the State of South Dakota can require citizens to buy firearms? Of course not. But at the same time, we do not believe the federal government can order every citizen to buy health insurance," he told the paper.

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