Report: Romney Could Pick Running Mate Early

By Newsroom America Staff at 3 Jun 2012

(Newsroom America) -- Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney could break tradition and pick a running mate early this summer, according to people close to his campaign, Reuters reported Sunday.

Normally candidates tend to wait until just before the party's national convention, usually in August, to kick off the final push to election day in November.

But the report said Romney and his closest advisors, who include his wife Ann, his long-time adviser Beth Myers and campaign manager Matt Rhoades, may opt to name his vice presidential pick a few weeks before the convention, in a bid to juice up grass-roots support and create new buzz before delegates meet to nominate him in Tampa.

Though it's not clear Romney will choose that route, Reuters said a number of Republican operatives see some advantages to it.

"You double your ability to campaign, you double your ability to raise money," one GOP operative told the newswire service.

"You get a longer media halo," another said.

Romney's list of potential running mate picks has been a closely-held secret, but a few names have emerged as potential picks, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"Over the coming weeks, those on the list will undergo a background investigation, turning over financial records and any other documents to lawyers hired by the campaign to provide as full a picture as possible of their lives," Reuters reported.

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