UPDATED: Michael Moore Remakes Bob Dylan Classic For OWS

By Peter Fowler at 4 May 2012

(Newsroom America) -- Filmmaker Michael Moore has made his debut as a folk singer with a remake of the Bob Dylan classic "The Times They Are A-Changin" for the upcoming Occupy Wall Street album, and despite some listeners suggesting the lyrics have been slightly altered his office has assured Newsroom America they have not.

"Occupy This Album" is a compilation CD of 99 songs featuring David Crosby & Graham Nash, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Third Eye Blind, Immortal Technique and Jackson Browne to be released Tuesday, May 15th.

All proceeds from the album will go to fund the Occupy Wall Street movement, with all the musicians and songwriters donating their time and music.

"They asked me if I'd like to record a poem or maybe make a music video of some of the songs. I said, "I could just sing a song.", Mr Moore said in an email message to his fans.

Some observers on the soundcloud.com site where the song has been published noted what they thought was a slight alteration to the lyrics of the 1964 Dylan anthem.

They suggested "Come senators, congressmen, Please heed the call, Don't stand in the doorway, Don't block up the hall" had been altered.

But Jon Schwarz from Mr Moore's office has confirmed to NewsRoom America that the word is in fact "block".

"He did say "block up the hall" rather than "fu*k up the hall" or whatever," Mr Schwarz said in an email.

Comments suggesting anything otherwise appear to have been removed from the soundcloud.com site.

Meanwhile the song has been well received. "Fabulous vocal, lyric, instrumental and composition!" one person wrote. "Thank you for all your amazing work! I loved the original song, but I think I like this version even better!" said another.

"I hope you enjoy my first try at this new profession (though I have no intention of giving up my day job)," Mr Moore said.

He thanked songwriter Bob Dylan who he said had approved his music debut.

The song can be be found here on soundcloud.com


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