PR Officials Urged To Use Social Media During Crises To Gauge Public Response

By Newsroom America Staff at 29 Jul 17:25

Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Journalism have found that unorganized and semi-organized groups use Twitter to communicate and develop stances toward organizations who are experiencing crises.

Music Makes Beer Taste Better: Researchers

29 Jul 16:10 | Entertainment

Music can influence how much you like the taste of beer, according to a study which suggests that a range of multisensory information, such as sound, sensation, shape and color, can influence the way we perceive taste. read more »


Compromise Nearly Guaranteed When A Woman Is Involved In Decision-Making Pairs

29 Jul 15:10 | SciTech

Researchers say compromise always occurs among two decision makers when a woman is involved (female pairs or mixed gender pairs) because compromise is consistent with feminine norms but hardly ever occurs when the decision makers are both more »


Mortgage Rates Continue Post-Brexit Rebound

29 Jul 14:09 | Business

Mortgage rates continue to crawl back from post-Brexit lows, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate moving up for a third week in a row to 3.63 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »


Poaching Of African Elephants Still 'Unacceptably High'

29 Jul 12:06 | World

Many African elephants continued to face serious threats to their survival in 2015 from the illegal trade in ivory and unacceptably high levels of poaching, although the sharp upward trends in poaching since 2006 have started to level off, according to the Secretariat of the treaty regulating wildlife more »


Experts Condemn Turkey's Crackdown On Media

29 Jul 10:03 | World

Two top media freedom experts have condemned the ongoing crackdown on journalists and the media by the Government of Turkey in the wake of the recent attempted more »


Racism In US Casts 'Dark Shadow' Over Rights To Free Assembly, Association

29 Jul 09:09 | U.S. News

The United States is struggling to live up to its ideals in the area of racial, social and economic inequality, which is negatively affecting the exercise of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, a human rights expert said at the end of his first official fact-finding mission to the more »


Americans' Sense Of Alienation Remains At Record High

29 Jul 08:08 | U.S. News

In the midst of the contentious presidential primary elections, The Harris Poll measured how alienated Americans feel and found a sense of alienation remains at a record more »


An Hour Of Moderate Exercise A Day Enough To Counter Health Risks From Prolonged Sitting

28 Jul 17:25 | SciTech

The health risks associated with sitting for eight or more hours a day - whether at work, home or commuting - can be eliminated with an hour or more of physical activity a day, according to a study from an international team of researchers. read more »


Survey Of 31 Years Of Video Games Shows A Decline In Sexualized Female Characters

28 Jul 16:03 | Entertainment

At a time when the video game industry has come under scrutiny for its low level of female employment and how women are depicted in its products, a new Indiana University study finds that sexualization of female primary game characters actually may be less than more »


International Efforts Needed To Save World's Largest Mammals, Scientists Say

28 Jul 15:01 | SciTech

A team of conservation biologists is calling for a worldwide strategy to prevent the unthinkable: the extinction of the world's largest mammal more »


Forests, Species On 4 Continents Threatened By Palm Oil Expansion

28 Jul 14:07 | World

As palm oil production expands from Southeast Asia into tropical regions of the Americas and Africa, vulnerable forests and species on four continents face increased risk of loss, a new Duke University-led study more »


State Street Bank To Pay $382 Million To Settle Fraud Allegations

28 Jul 12:22 | Business

State Street Bank and Trust Company, a Massachusetts-based financial institution, has agreed to pay a total of at least $382.4 million to settle allegations that it deceived some of its custody clients when providing them with indirect foreign currency exchange (FX) services. read more »


Asia's 'Most Prolific Executioner' Urged To End Practice

28 Jul 10:15 | World

Human rights officials have expressed alarm at reports that up to 14 people face imminent execution in Indonesia, most of them for drug-related offences, calling on the authorities of “the most prolific executioner” in Southeast Asia to immediately reinstate a moratorium on the death more »


Pending Home Sales Marginally Rise In June

28 Jul 09:00 | Business

Pending home sales were mostly unmoved in June, but did creep slightly higher as supply and affordability constraints prevented a bigger boost in activity from mortgage rates that lingered near all-time lows through most of the month, according to the National Association of more »


Root Causes Of Boko Haram Threat In Lake Chad Basin 'Must Be Tackled'

28 Jul 08:12 | World

To bring an end to the Boko Haram threat in the Lake Chad Basin region, affected countries must address the root causes that contributed to the emergence of the group, including the social, economic and political grievances of marginalized communities, the top UN political affairs official more »


Childhood Illness Not Linked To Higher Adult Mortality

27 Jul 17:10 | SciTech

A new biological study by the University of Stirling has found that exposure to infections in early life does not have long-lasting consequences for later-life survival and more »


Online Intervention Helps Sustain Weight Loss

27 Jul 16:06 | SciTech

New research led by the University of Southampton has found that an online behavioural counselling tool is effective at helping people lose more »


Americans Worried About Using Gene Editing, Brain Chip Implants And Synthetic Blood

27 Jul 15:06 | SciTech

Many in the general public think scientific and technological innovations bring helpful change to society, but they are more concerned than excited when it comes to the potential use of emerging technologies to make people's minds sharper, their bodies stronger and healthier than ever before, according to a new Pew Research Center more »


Low Physical Capacity Second Only To Smoking As Highest Death Risk

27 Jul 14:04 | SciTech

A 45 year study in middle-aged men has shown that the impact of low physical capacity on risk of death is second only to smoking. read more »


Home Price Increases Ease In May: S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices

27 Jul 12:20 | Business

The latest S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices for May 2016 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the past 12 months. read more »


Some 4,000 South Sudanese Fleeing Into Uganda Daily

27 Jul 10:16 | World

Recent fighting in South Sudan has forced 37,491 people to flee to Uganda in the past three weeks, averaging more than 4,000 a day in the past more »


Man Charged With Threatening Arson To Boston’s Largest Mosque

27 Jul 09:02 | U.S. News

A Wilmington man has been arrested and charged in connection with making threats over Facebook to burn a local mosque and harm Muslims and with unlawfully possessing more »


Temperature In Kuwait Hits 54 Celsius, Sets Possible Record Amid Middle East Heatwave

27 Jul 08:08 | World

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will set up a committee to examine whether a 54 degrees Celsius temperature recently recorded in Kuwait, has set the new highest temperature for Asia, as well as for the entire Eastern more »


Trolls Often Waive Their Anonymity Online

26 Jul 17:22 | SciTech

A study by researchers at the University of Zurich have demonstrated that non-anonymous online trolls are increasingly becoming the rule rather than the exception. read more »


Researchers Make New Projections For Spread Of The Zika Virus

26 Jul 16:07 | World

New research from the University of Notre Dame places a new upper limit on the total number of people who could become infected by the Zika virus in the first wave of the current epidemic. read more »


US Police Killed Or Injured More Than 55,000 People During 'Legal Interventions' In 2012

26 Jul 15:03 | U.S. News

US police killed or injured an estimated 55, 400 people during legal stop and search incidents and arrests in 2012, according to research published in the journal Injury more »


New Movie Screen Allows For Glasses-Free 3-D

26 Jul 14:11 | Entertainment

A team of scientists have demonstrated a display that lets you watch 3-D films in a movie theater without extra more »


Dark Web Vendor Of Stolen Information Charged In Atlanta

26 Jul 12:06 | U.S. News

Aaron James Glende has been arraigned on federal charges of bank fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft. The indictment alleges he advertised criminal services on AlphaBay Market, a hidden services more »


Agency Condemns Israel's Closures In Hebron As 'Collective Punishment'

26 Jul 10:09 | World

The United Nations relief agency charged with the well-being of Palestinian refugees said a closure imposed by Israeli authorities in Hebron district is creating serious challenges for humanitarian access, including the delivery of medical supplies, the removal of refuse, and the daily movement of the agency's staff working inside refugee more »


Man Pleads Guilty To Helping Disguise Foreign Contribution During 2012 Presidential Election

26 Jul 09:06 | US Politics and Govt

A Tampa, Florida, man has pleaded guilty to helping funnel $80,000 in campaign contributions from a foreign source to the joint fundraising committee of the President of the United States during the 2012 presidential election and to making a false declaration before the grand more »


Afghan Civilian Casualties Hit Half-Year Record, With 5,166 Dead Or Maimed

26 Jul 08:06 | World

In the first six months of this year, 5,166 civilians were either killed or maimed in Afghanistan, a half-year record since counting began in 2009, a new report shows. read more »


Scientists Say We're Lucky Climate Change Didn't Happen Sooner

25 Jul 17:27 | SciTech

Scientists say there is some consolation in how the fossil fuel-induced climatic changes we increasingly experience through droughts and storm surges are playing out. It could have happened sooner, and therefore already have been much more »


One-Third Of Students Report Elevated Psychological Distress

25 Jul 16:09 | SciTech

More than one in three - an estimated 328,000 -- Ontario students in grades seven to 12 report moderate-to-serious psychological distress, according to new survey results from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).read more »


Lack Of Sleep Increases A Child's Risk For Emotional Disorders Later

25 Jul 15:02 | SciTech

A new study has found children who experience inadequate or disrupted sleep are more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders later in life. read more »


Violations Of Privacy Rights By Fusion Centers Are The Exception, Not The Rule: Study

25 Jul 14:02 | SciTech

Concerns that law enforcement fusion centers are violating individuals' privacy rights as they gather intelligence on terrorism, criminals and other threats to public safety are the exception and certainly not the rule, according to a more »


Counter-Terrorism Official Urges Cohesive Response To 'Persistent' Threat Of Terrorism

25 Jul 12:09 | World

With more than 30,000 foreign terrorist fighters from some 100 countries around the world, terrorism is a global threat requiring a comprehensive and unified response, a top counter-terrorism official more »


People Charged With Participating In Sophisticated International Cell Phone Fraud Scheme

25 Jul 10:30 | U.S. News

Criminal charges have been unsealed against multiple defendants relating to their participation in a sophisticated global cell phone fraud scheme, involving the takeover or compromise of cell phone customers’ accounts and the “cloning” of their phones to make fraudulent international more »


Aid Reaches Thousands Affected By Boko Haram Violence In Northern Nigeria

25 Jul 09:03 | World

In a cross-border humanitarian operation, a total of 31 metric tonnes of food and some non-food items have been distributed to about 15,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Banki, located in Nigeria's restive Borno state, near the border with more »


Former Bullitt County Deputy Convicted Of Civil Rights Violations

25 Jul 08:13 | U.S. News

A former deputy with the Bullitt County, Kentucky, Sheriff’s Office has been convicted of two counts of willfully depriving a Bullitt County resident of his constitutional rights under color of more »


Why Americans Waste So Much Food

22 Jul 17:35 | U.S. News

Even though American consumers throw away about 80 billion pounds of food a year, only about half are aware that food waste is a problem. Even more, researchers have identified that most people perceive benefits to throwing food away, some of which have limited basis in more »


New Review Concludes That Evidence For Alcohol Causing Cancer Is Strong

22 Jul 16:11 | SciTech

A new review of epidemiological evidence supports a causal association between alcohol consumption and cancers at seven sites in the body: oropharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, colon, rectum and female breast. read more »


First Atmospheric Study Of Earth-Sized Exoplanets Reveals Rocky Worlds

22 Jul 15:15 | SciTech

Scientists from MIT and elsewhere have found two of three potentially habitable planets, just 40 light years away, are made of solid rock, and may host atmospheres similar to Earth, Mars, or more »


Super-Eruptions May Give A Year's Warning Before They Blow

22 Jul 14:08 | SciTech

Super-eruptions -- volcanic events large enough to devastate the entire planet -- give only about a year's warning before they blow, according to more »


After Week Of 'Horrific' Incidents In Syria, UNICEF Calls For End To Violence Against Children

22 Jul 12:07 | World

In a week marked by the brutal on-camera murder of a 12-year-old boy in Aleppo and the killing of more than 20 children during air strikes in Manbij, UNICEF has called for an immediate end to all forms of violence against children in Syria and urged all parties to the conflict there to make every effort to avoid the loss of civilian more »


2016 On Pace To Be Hottest Year Ever As Climate Change Trends Reach 'New Climax'

22 Jul 10:21 | SciTech

Global temperatures for the first six months of this year reached new highs, setting 2016 on track to be the hottest-ever on record, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) more »


Mortgage Rates Nose Higher

22 Jul 09:14 | Business

Mortgage rates continue to give back some of the gains seen post-Brexit, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate moving up for a second week in a row to 3.6 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »


Majority Of U.S. Workers Think Traditional 9-To-5 Is A Thing Of The Past

22 Jul 08:10 | Business

A typical work day historically involved eight consecutive hours of effort for full-time workers, but today, most don't stop working when the clock hits 5 p.m. read more »


People Estimate Their Own Abilities Based On Others' Performance

21 Jul 17:19 | SciTech

Ratings of our own abilities are strongly influenced by the performance of others, according to a study published July 20 in Neuron. read more »


Reading Harry Potter Lowers Americans' Opinions Of Donald Trump

21 Jul 15:41 | Entertainment

A new study finds that reading Harry Potter books leads Americans to take a lower opinion of Donald more »


Background Noise May Hinder Toddlers' Ability To Learn Words

21 Jul 14:06 | SciTech

A new study has found that the presence of background noise in the home or at school makes it more difficult for toddlers to learn new more »


Global Head Of HSBC’s Foreign Exchange Cash-Trading Desks Arrested

21 Jul 12:01 | Business

The head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC Bank plc, a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc (collectively HSBC), and HSBC’s former head of foreign exchange cash trading for Europe, the Middle East and Africa were charged with conspiring to defraud a client of HSBC through a scheme commonly referred to as “front running.” read more »


U.S. Charges Owner Of Most-Visited Illegal File-Sharing Website With Copyright Infringement

21 Jul 10:26 | U.S. News

U.S. authorities have charged the alleged owner of today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website with criminal copyright infringement and have seized domain names associated with the website. read more »


Trees Contribute To Reducing Carbon Footprints Even After Being Cut Down

21 Jul 09:10 | World

Forests can contribute greatly to the fight against climate change even after trees have been logged, according to a new report which looks at the impact of wood products on carbon more »


Torching Of House In Occupied West Bank Draws UN Official's Concern

21 Jul 08:12 | World

The United Nations official coordinating the peace process toward resolving the longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine has expressed concern about reports of yet another arson attack targeting a Palestinian family in Duma in the Israeli-occupied West more »

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