Bully Victims More Likely To Suffer Night Terrors And Nightmares

By Newsroom America Staff at 3:34 pm Eastern

Children who are bullied at ages 8-10 are more likely to suffer from sleep walking, night terrors or nightmares by the time they are 12 years old.

Experts Call For Massive Global Response To Tackle Ebola

3:09 pm Eastern | World

The current Ebola outbreak now requires a "rapid response at a massive global scale", according to experts at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.read more »


FTC Settlement Bans Marketer Behind 'Fat Burner' Diet Pills

3:03 pm Eastern | U.S. News

The former CEO and co-founder of an Atlanta-based marketing operation has agreed to settle FTC charges that he deceived consumers with promises that they would “Get High School Skinny” by taking Healthe Trim supplements that supposedly burned fat, increased metabolism, and suppressed appetite.read more »


Hewlett-Packard Russia Pleads Guilty To Bribery Of Russian Government Officials

13 Sep 16:03 | U.S. News

HP Russia, an international subsidiary of the California technology company Hewlett-Packard Company, has pleaded guilty to felony violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and sentenced for bribing Russian government officials.read more »


Study Examines Why Parents Shouldn’t Play Favorites

13 Sep 16:14 | SciTech

Brigham Young University professor Alex Jensen has discovered that in families, the perception that parents have a favorite is linked with the less-favored children being twice as likely to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.read more »


Greater Global Support Urged To Fight Ebola Epidemic

13 Sep 16:07 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed signs of solidarity in the fight against the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa and called on all countries and organizations to move swiftly to support the Governments of the countries affected.read more »


Evolutionary Principles 'Could Help Save Our World'

12 Sep 15:41 | SciTech

The age of the Anthropocene--the scientific name given to our current geologic age--is dominated by human impacts on our environment. And scientists say coping with these modern global challenges requires application of what one might call a more-ancient principle: evolution.read more »


Emergency Food Aid Operation Launched In Eastern Ukraine

12 Sep 15:33 | World

The World Food Programme (WFP) is rolling out its first operation in Ukraine, providing food assistance to vulnerable people affected by the conflict with distributions in transit centres and public shelters in Donetsk and Luhansk in the country’s east.read more »


'Clear Need' For Vigilance On Issue Of Privacy In Digital Age

12 Sep 15:29 | SciTech

A senior human rights official has warned that digital platforms have sparked troubling concerns about the right to privacy, especially their vulnerability to surveillance, interception and data collection.read more »


Facebook Posts Reveal Personality Traits, But Changes Complicate Interpretation

12 Sep 10:34 | SciTech

A study from the University of Kansas finds that people can accurately detect the personality traits of strangers through Facebook activity; however, changes to the social media site in the past three years could be making it harder to do so.read more »


NASA Research Gives Guideline for Future Alien Life Search

12 Sep 09:34 | SciTech

NASA researchers have carefully simulated the atmospheric chemistry of alien worlds devoid of life thousands of times over a period of more than four years as part of future plans to look for life beyond Earth.read more »


Man Sentenced For Making False Terrorist Plot Allegations To Disrupt Election Day 2012

12 Sep 07:23 | U.S. News

Ray Allen Flener, 26, of Sesser, Illinois, has been sentenced on federal charges that he made false statements and conveyed a false threat to federal agents to disrupt the 2012 election. read more »


Food Prices Drop To Four-Year Low

11 Sep 17:38 | World

Global food prices continued to dip for the fifth month straight reaching their lowest level since September 2010, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).read more »


President Obama Lauds The "Perennial Optimism" That Defines The American People

11 Sep 14:33 | U.S. News

President Barack Obama spoke at an observance at the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial today to honor those who lost their lives and those who have persevered, thirteen years after the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil. read more »


NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Arrives At Martian Mountain

11 Sep 15:25 | SciTech

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has reached the Red Planet's Mount Sharp, a Mount-Rainier-size mountain at the center of the vast Gale Crater and the rover mission's long-term prime destination.read more »


Mortgage Rates Rise Slightly

11 Sep 15:15 | Business

Mortgage rates showed a minor increase this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate nosing higher to 4.27 percent, according to Bankrate.com's weekly national survey. read more »


Detained Peacekeepers In Golan Released In Good Condition

11 Sep 14:42 | World

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the release of the 45 United Nations peacekeepers that had been forcibly taken on 28 August 2014 in the Golan and detained by armed elements.read more »


Exact U.S. Unemployment Rate 'Difficult To Estimate'

11 Sep 11:19 | U.S. News

New research highlights the difficulty in estimating the exact unemployment rate in the United States, though changes in the official measure still signal important movements in the economy.read more »


Ozone Layer Recovering But Remains Threatened

11 Sep 09:45 | World

The Earth’s protective ozone layer is on track to recover by the middle of the century, according to a new report, which urges unified action to tackle climate change and curb continued fluctuations to the composition of the atmosphere.read more »


Doctors, Military Officers, Firefighters, and Scientists Among America's Most Prestigious Occupations

11 Sep 08:31 | U.S. News

When shown a list of occupations and asked how much prestige each job possesses, doctors top the Harris Poll's list, with 88% of U.S. adults considering it to have either "a great deal of prestige" (45%) or to "have prestige"(44%).read more »


U.S. To Hunt Down And Destroy ISIL In Iraq And Syria

11 Sep 02:19 | U.S. News

President Barack Obama has announced a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy to degrade "and ultimately destroy" ISIL in Iraq and Syria.read more »


Space Station Expedition 40 Crew Safely Returns to Earth

11 Sep 07:24 | SciTech

Three crew members from the International Space Station (ISS) returned to Earth Wednesday after 169 days of science and technology research in space, including a record 82 hours of research in a single week, which happened in July.read more »


Gates Foundation Commits $50 Million To Support Emergency Response To Ebola

11 Sep 02:35 | World

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it will commit $50 million to support the scale up of emergency efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and interrupt transmission of the virus.read more »


Call For Renewed Global Commitment To Ending Nuclear Tests

10 Sep 15:37 | World

United Nations officials have called for renewed commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests, noting that nearly 2,000 such tests have taken place since 1945.read more »


CDC Report Finds Sodium Consumption High Among US Children

10 Sep 15:33 | U.S. News

More than 90 percent of U.S. children, aged 6-18 years, eat more sodium than recommended, putting them at risk for developing high blood pressure and heart disease later in life, according to a new CDC Vital Signs report.read more »


Activision Sells $500 Million Of Destiny Game In First Day

10 Sep 15:22 | Entertainment

Activision Blizzard says the company sold more than $500 million of Destiny into retail stores and first parties worldwide as of day one, making the game the biggest new video game franchise launch in history.read more »


Father Faces Charges In The Disappearance Of His Five Children

10 Sep 15:14 | U.S. News

Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies in Alabama and Mississippi recovered what detectives think are five sets of human remains off Highway 10 near Camden, Alabama on Tuesday.read more »


New Digital Map Reveals Stunning Hidden Archaeology Of Stonehenge

10 Sep 11:08 | SciTech

A host of previously unknown archaeological monuments have been discovered around Stonehenge as part of an unprecedented digital mapping project that will transform our knowledge of this iconic landscape – including remarkable new findings on the world's largest 'super henge', Durrington Walls.read more »


Climate Experts Warn 'We Are Running Out Of Time'

10 Sep 09:03 | World

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has voiced concerns over the surge of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, which has reached a new record high in 2013, amid worrying sings that oceans and biosphere seem unable to soak up emissions as quickly as they used to.read more »


'Merciless' Spread Of Ebola In Liberia 'Must Be Stopped In Its Tracks"

10 Sep 07:51 | World

Liberia is facing its greatest threat since its years-long conflict, the Security Council was told in a briefing that focused on the impact of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which is responsible for at least 1,200 deaths in the country.read more »


Researchers Advance Artificial Intelligence For Player Goal Prediction In Gaming

9 Sep 15:53 | Entertainment

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed artificial intelligence (AI) software that is significantly better than any previous technology at predicting what goal a player is trying to achieve in a video game.read more »


SEC Charges Minneapolis-Based Hedge Fund Manager With Bilking Investors

9 Sep 15:31 | U.S. News

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a Minneapolis-based hedge fund manager, his investment advisory firm, and an accomplice with bilking investors in two hedge funds out of more than $1 million under the guise of research expenses and fees. read more »


E-cigarette Nicotine Refill Cartridges Pose Danger For Toddlers

9 Sep 11:16 | SciTech

The safety of nicotine refill cartridges used in electronic cigarettes needs to be improved to prevent toddlers accidentally swallowing the contents and potentially coming to serious harm, warn doctors.read more »


Global Food Trade May Not Meet All Future Demand: Researchers

9 Sep 10:10 | World

As the world population continues to grow, by about 1 billion people every 12 to 14 years since the 1960s, the global food supply may not meet escalating demand – particularly for agriculturally poor countries in arid to semi-arid regions, such as Africa's Sahel, that already depend on imports for much of their food supply. read more »


Flight MH17 Downed By "High-Energy Objects That Penetrated The Aircraft From Outside"

9 Sep 05:01 | World

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside, according to a report by the Dutch Safety Board.read more »


U.S. Welcomes Formation Of Iraqi Government

9 Sep 07:42 | World

Secretary of State John Kerry said the formation of a government in Iraq is a milestone in the emergence of the new Iraq and testament to the determination of the Iraqi people to overcome sectarian divisions and build their own future. read more »


Research Shows Could Be Increased Numbers Of Psychopaths In Senior Managerial Positions

8 Sep 16:02 | Business

A breakthrough by a talented University of Huddersfield student has shown for the first time that people with psychopathic tendencies who have high IQs can mask their symptoms by manipulating tests designed to reveal their personalities. read more »


Security Council Told Of Indiscriminate, Brutal Killings Children Face In Conflict

8 Sep 15:50 | World

The multiplication of crises affecting children since the beginning of 2014 is creating unprecedented challenges that overshadow progress to date to protect them from the impact of war, the Security Council has been told.read more »


Ukraine Death Toll Of More Than 3,000 'Alarming'

8 Sep 15:41 | World

The number of people killed in Ukraine has topped 3,000 and could be “significantly higher,” a senior human rights official said, as he urgently appealed for a sustainable peace to spare the country “a winter of horrors.”read more »


African Cyber Criminals Using 'School Impersonation' Scheme to Defraud Retailers

8 Sep 15:32 | U.S. News

Subjects posing as school officials are defrauding retailers by purchasing large volumes of merchandise using fraudulently obtained lines of credit.read more »


FTC Sues Pharmaceutical Companies For Illegally Blocking Consumer Access To Drugs

8 Sep 15:21 | Business

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint in federal district court charging several major pharmaceutical companies with illegally blocking American consumers’ access to lower-cost versions of the blockbuster drug AndroGel. read more »


Union County Pastor Admits Role In $15 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

8 Sep 07:39 | U.S. News

A pastor of the now-defunct ReBirth International Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey, has admitted to defrauding financial institutions as part of a $15 million mortgage fraud scam that used phony documents and “straw buyers” to make illegal profits on overbuilt condos.read more »


Heir To British Throne Expecting Second Child

8 Sep 06:45 | World

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced they are expecting their second child. read more »


U.S. Military Conducts Airstrikes In Support Of Iraqi Dam Operations

7 Sep 15:17 | World

The U.S. military conducted coordinated airstrikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists in the vicinity of the Haditha Dam in Anbar province on Saturday.read more »


'International Rescue Call' To Halt Ebola Epidemic

7 Sep 15:29 | World

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has vowed to mobilize the United Nations in every possible way to respond to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and issued an “international rescue call” for a massive surge in assistance, warning that “the world can no longer afford to short-change global public health.”read more »


Forum Tackles Privacy, Boosting Internet Access, Protecting Children Online

7 Sep 15:24 | World

With over 3,500 participants, many of them directly tuning in online, the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has concluded in Istanbul after tackling key issues that “may determine the evolution of the Internet.”read more »


Three Hedge Fund Managers Sentenced Over $40 Million 'Black Diamond' Ponzi Scheme

5 Sep 15:30 | Business

Three hedge fund managers have been sentenced in connection with a $40 million investment fraud conspiracy that displayed "callous greed."read more »


Ninety-Six Percent Of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons Destroyed

5 Sep 13:24 | World

Ninety six percent of Syria’s declared stockpile, including the most dangerous chemicals, have been destroyed and preparation were underway to destroy the remaining 12 production facilities, say investigators.read more »


Former Virginia Governor And First Lady Convicted On Corruption Charges

5 Sep 00:21 | US Politics and Govt

A federal jury has returned guilty verdicts against former Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell and former First Lady of Virginia Maureen G. McDonnell for participating in a scheme to violate federal public corruption laws.read more »


Former Vice President Of WineTasting Network Sentenced To Prison In Embezzlement Case

5 Sep 10:45 | U.S. News

Martin Christopher Edwards has been ordered to serve a 33 month prison sentence and ordered to pay $894,222 in restitution to the WineTasting Network for his involvement in an embezzlement and tax evasion scheme.read more »


WHO Convenes Meeting To Weigh Ebola Therapies And Vaccines

5 Sep 09:30 | World

The Health Organization (WHO) has begun a two-day meeting in Geneva to discuss potential Ebola therapies and vaccines in response to “intense public interest in, and demand for, anything that offers hope of definitive treatment.”read more »


NASA Invites Public To Submit Messages For Asteroid Mission Time Capsule

5 Sep 08:46 | SciTech

NASA is inviting the worldwide public to submit short messages and images on social media that could be placed in a time capsule aboard a spacecraft launching to an asteroid in 2016.read more »


News Media Losing Role As Gatekeepers To New 'Social Mediators' On Twitter, Study Finds

5 Sep 11:52 | SciTech

The U.S. government is doing a better job of communicating on Twitter with people in sensitive areas such as the Middle East and North Africa without the participation of media organizations, according to a study co-authored by a University of Georgia researcher.read more »


One Suicide Every 40 Seconds Worldwide Says WHO

5 Sep 07:58 | World

More than 800 000 people die by suicide every year – around one person every 40 seconds, according to WHO's first global report on suicide prevention. Some 75% of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries.read more »

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