WHO Expands Support To Nepal Areas Cut Off By Earthquake

By Newsroom America Staff at 3:36 pm Eastern

In a major step to boost the health-care assistance to earthquake survivors in Nepal who have been unreachable since last week's devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced it is setting up a new field office in the remote, mountainous Gorkha district, considered to be near the epicentre of the quake.

Mixing Energy Drinks, Alcohol Tied To Abusive Drinking In Teens

3:33 pm Eastern | U.S. News

Investigators found teens aged 15-17 years old who had ever mixed alcohol with energy drinks were four times more likely to meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder than a teen who has tried alcohol but never mixed it with an energy drink. read more »


Young People Think Friends Are More At Risk Of Cyberbullying

3:25 pm Eastern | World

Young people are aware of the risks of cyberbullying but perceive others as being more at risk than themselves. Young women are more vulnerable to this perception than young men.read more »


Former Shell Employee Ordered To Pay Over $19 Million In Restitution

2 May 17:13 | U.S. News

Randy Jones,44, of Houma, Louisiana, a former corrosion coordinator for Shell Pipeline Company has been ordered to pay over $19 million in restitution for not conducting safety tests on a fuel pipeline that leaked.read more »


'Nepal Is Not Alone,' Aid Chiefs Say

2 May 16:54 | World

European Union and UN aid chiefs said aircraft and helicopters were urgently needed in Nepal to assist with the earthquake aftermath, as are emergency shelters, particularly for people in hard-hit rural areas. read more »


Scientists Discover Key Driver Of Human Aging

1 May 16:19 | SciTech

A study tying the aging process to the deterioration of tightly packaged bundles of cellular DNA could lead to methods of preventing and treating age-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. read more »


Casual Walking For An Extra 2 Minutes Each Hour May Help Prolong Life

1 May 17:14 | SciTech

Casual walking for as little as an extra 2 minutes per hour throughout the day, rather than sitting, may have a significant benefit on longevity.read more »


'Dead Zones' Found In Atlantic Open Waters

1 May 14:13 | World

A team of German and Canadian researchers have discovered areas with extremely low levels of oxygen in the tropical North Atlantic, several hundred kilometres off the coast of West Africa. read more »


California's 4.8 Million Low-Wage Workers Now Earn Less Than In 1979

1 May 13:34 | U.S. News

California's 4.8 million low-wage workers earned less in inflation-adjusted dollars in 2014 than they did in 1979, according to an analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.read more »


Dwindling Productivity In Congress Linked To Vanishing Cooperation

1 May 13:40 | US Politics and Govt

As the number of bills passed by Congress declines, fewer and fewer Congressional representatives are voting across party lines, leaving only a few key representatives as collaborative voters, according to researchers.read more »


Buyers With A Trade-In Get A Raw Deal, Researchers Find

30 Apr 18:45 | U.S. News

If you're in the market for a new car, and especially if you have a trade-in, the latest research from the USC Marshall School of Business marketing department suggests you aren't getting the deal you think you are getting.read more »


Study Questions Quality Of US Health Data

1 May 12:38 | SciTech

A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers concludes that most U.S. clinical registries that collect data on patient outcomes are substandard and lack critical features necessary to render the information they collect useful for patients, physicians and policy makers.read more »


Nepal Quake's Impact On Food Security Likely 'Very High'

1 May 10:20 | World

Some eight million dollars is urgently needed to help disaster-struck Nepalese farmers rapidly recover lost agricultural inputs and resume preparations for the imminent rice sowing season, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said.read more »


Thirteen Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers Indicted For Alleged Drug Trafficking

1 May 09:39 | U.S. News

Thirteen current and former law enforcement officers and two other individuals have been arrested for allegedly protecting narcotics shipments during transit along the east coast for what they believed was a large-scale drug trafficking organization that was actually an undercover operation by the FBI.read more »


One In Three Europeans Potentially Exposed To Asbestos

1 May 08:53 | World

A high-level meeting on environment and health in Europe has appealed urgently to all European countries to eliminate asbestos-related diseases, as a new report showed that one third of the 900 million people living in the region are potentially exposed to asbestos at work and in the environment.read more »


Growth In U.S. Consumer Debt Slows In First Quarter

30 Apr 15:28 | Business

A continued reduction in first and second mortgage debt has kept overall consumer debt from growing in most major U.S. metro areas, according to the latest Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report.read more »


Mortgage Rates Rise Modestly

30 Apr 15:16 | Business

Mortgage rates were up slightly this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 3.86 percent, according to Bankrate.com's weekly national survey. read more »


Toxic Combination Of Air Pollution And Poverty Lowers Child IQ

30 Apr 13:26 | SciTech

Children born to mothers experiencing economic hardship, who were also exposed during pregnancy to high levels of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), scored significantly lower on IQ tests at age 5 compared with children born to mothers with greater economic security and less exposure to the pollutants. read more »


Three Brothers Plead Guilty To $145 Million Biofuels Fraud Scheme In Indiana

30 Apr 12:22 | U.S. News

Chad Ducey, 39, of Fishers, Indiana, has pleaded guilty for his role in a multi-state scheme to defraud biodiesel buyers and U.S. taxpayers by fraudulently selling biodiesel incentives. read more »


$415 Million Appeal Launched To Aid Quake-Stricken Nepal

30 Apr 10:35 | World

A $415 million emergency appeal has been launched to provide vital relief to people affected by the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the densely populated Kathmandu Valley in Nepal on Saturday, killing at least 5,000, injuring at least 10,000 more.read more »


Mobile Dominating Traffic For Digital News Websites: Pew

30 Apr 09:21 | Entertainment

At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers, according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of comScore data.read more »


Systems To Combat Antibiotic Resistance Lacking Globally: WHO

30 Apr 08:09 | World

The World Health Organization said only 34 countries, or a quarter of those surveyed, have national plans to fight growing resistance to antibiotics, warning that the trend posed “the single greatest challenge in infectious diseases today” and appealing for all countries to do their part to tackle the global threat.read more »


Oil And Gas Development Transforms Landscapes: UM Study

29 Apr 16:34 | U.S. News

Researchers at the University of Montana have conducted the first-ever broad-scale scientific assessment of how oil and gas development transforms landscapes across the U.S. and Canada. read more »


Experts Welcome US Review Of Lethal Drone Attacks

29 Apr 15:28 | World

A group of independent experts has welcomed the announcement by the United States Government of a review of two counter-terrorism operations involving the use of drones, while stressing the need for transparency and accountability.read more »


Beijing Olympics Study Links Pollution To Lower Birth Weight

29 Apr 14:32 | SciTech

Exposure to high levels of pollution can have a significant impact on fetal growth and development, according to new research conducted around the Beijing Olympics. read more »


First Proton Collisions At World's Largest Science Experiment Should Start In Early June

29 Apr 13:27 | SciTech

The first collisions of protons at the world's largest science experiment are expected to start the first or second week of June, according to a senior research scientist with CERN's Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.read more »


South Sudan Urged To Release Remaining Child Soldiers

29 Apr 12:20 | World

The UN has welcomed the release of nearly 1,500 child soldiers who once fought with the Army-Cobra Faction in South Sudan but urged the release of an estimated 500 child soldiers who are still associated with the Faction.read more »


Air Pollution In Europe Costs $1.6 Trillion A Year In Deaths And Diseases

29 Apr 10:34 | World

The World Health Organization's said in a first-of-its-kind study that air pollution across Europe is costing “a staggering” $1.6 trillion a year in deaths and diseases, which amounts to nearly one tenth of the region’s gross domestic product.read more »


Mounting Tensions Produce 'Return To Cold War Mindsets'

29 Apr 09:08 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the international tide of nuclear abolition which was so strong in 2010 has ebbed and mounting tensions between nuclear-armed States have produced a return to Cold War mind sets.read more »


Former Chief Of Staff To House Republican Minority Leader Admits To Fraud

29 Apr 08:12 | US Politics and Govt

A former Chief Of Staff to the House Republican Minority leader, George Gallo, 46, of East Hampton, has pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud related to his receipt of more than $100,000 from a political campaign direct mail company to which he steered business.read more »


Two Former Marion Police Officers Sentenced For Using Excessive Force While Tasing Woman

28 Apr 17:31 | U.S. News

Two former police officers with the Marion Police Department in South Carolina have been sentenced to 18 months and one year and one day in prison, respectively, for repeatedly tasing a woman during the course of her detainment. read more »


Warning Issued About Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Scams

28 Apr 16:38 | World

(Newsroom America) -- The National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) is reminding the public that there is a potential for disaster fraud in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. read more »


Keeping Food Visible Throughout The House Is Linked To Obesity

28 Apr 15:32 | SciTech

Researchers have identified two seemingly unrelated but strong predictors of obesity: having low self-esteem related to one's weight and keeping food visibly available around the house, outside the kitchen.read more »


The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Retreats

28 Apr 15:11 | Business

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had increased in March, declined in April and now stands at 95.2 (1985=100), down from 101.4 in March. read more »


Alarm At Malnutrition Among Children Displaced From Yarmouk Camp

28 Apr 13:27 | World

As the United Nations agency tasked with supporting Palestine refugees continued to provide essential humanitarian assistance to civilians who have been displaced from Yarmouk and to those hosting them, evidence of acute malnutrition was found in a large number of children.read more »


Study Links Insomnia To Impaired Work Performance In Night Shift Workers

28 Apr 12:19 | Business

A new study of night shift workers suggests that overnight occupational and cognitive impairment is more strongly correlated to insomnia than it is to sleepiness.read more »


Former Greenwich Hedge Fund Controller Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Embezzlement

28 Apr 10:49 | Business

Lawrence Herzing, 45, of Greenwich, has been sentenced to 48 months in prison for embezzling more than $9 million from the hedge fund where he was employed.read more »


Central African Republic Becoming 'Largest Forgotten Humanitarian Crisis'

28 Apr 09:45 | World

The Central African Republic (CAR) is quickly becoming the largest forgotten humanitarian crisis of our time with some 60 percent of its population in need of aid, including nearly 900,000 people forcibly displaced by conflict, but assistance programmes remain "dramatically underfunded."read more »


Children's Eye Injuries From Nonpowder Guns On The Rise

28 Apr 08:35 | SciTech

Over 3000 children were treated in U.S. emergency departments in 2012 for eye injuries related to paintball guns, airsoft guns, BB guns and pellet guns, which are popular non-powder guns. read more »


Maryland Governor Declares State Of Emergency Due To Baltimore Riots

27 Apr 19:39 | U.S. News

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has signed an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard at the request of Baltimore City to address the growing violence and unrest in Baltimore City.read more »


Former Symantec Marketing Director Sentenced To Prison For Embezzlement

27 Apr 17:41 | U.S. News

Lena "Mickey" Jacobs Coombs has been sentenced to 36 months in prison on wire fraud charges related to her embezzlement of money from her former employer, Symantec.read more »


Cruise Line Employee Admits Sexually Abusing Sleeping Woman On Cruise Ship

27 Apr 17:37 | U.S. News

A Mauritius man has admitted sexually abusing a sleeping woman aboard a cruise ship.read more »


Warning Of 'Dangerous Return' To Cold War Mentalities

27 Apr 17:07 | World

Progress in working towards global nuclear non-proliferation has stalled and the trend towards "nuclear zero" is reversing, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned as he called on Member States to urgently ramp up efforts in tackling nuclear disarmament.read more »


Alternate Theory Of Inhabitation Of North America 'Disproved'

27 Apr 15:08 | U.S. News

There has long been a debate among scholars about the origins of the first inhabitants of North America. The most widely accepted theory is that sometime before 14,000 years ago, humans migrated from Siberia to Alaska by means of a “land bridge” that spanned the Bering Strait. read more »


Mobile Phones And Tablets Good For Children?

27 Apr 12:45 | SciTech

Smartphones and tablets have become part of everyday life, but parents still worry that mobile devices may not be the best thing for their children, according to a study.read more »


Eight Months After Gaza War, 'Not A Single Home Has Been Rebuilt'

27 Apr 09:51 | World

Nearly eight months after the ceasefire that ended the most recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip, not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt in the enclave, according to the agency mandated with ensuring the well-being of Palestine refugees.read more »


Death Toll Continues To Rise Following Nepal Earthquake

27 Apr 08:46 | World

At least 3,000 people have died and many thousands are injured as a result of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, with the death toll continuing to rise.read more »


Just An Hour Of TV A Day Linked To Unhealthy Weight In Kindergartners

26 Apr 17:02 | U.S. News

New research shows that it doesn't take much for kids to be considered couch potatoes. Kindergartners and first-graders who watched as little as one hour of television a day were more likely to be overweight or obeseread more »


Indonesia Urged Not To Execute 10 People On Death Row For Drug Crimes

26 Apr 16:51 | World

The UN Secretary-General has appealed to the Government of Indonesia to refrain from carrying out the announced execution of ten prisoners on death row for alleged drug-related crimes.read more »


Cell Phones Take Parents' Attention Away From Kids On Playgrounds

26 Apr 16:39 | SciTech

Parents who take their kids to the playground may be tempted to pull out their cell phone to send a quick text or check Facebook. It may be more prudent, however, to stay focused on their child to ensure he or she plays safely, according to two studies.read more »


Long-Term Exposure To Air Pollution May Harm Your Brain

24 Apr 15:46 | SciTech

Long-term exposure to fine particle air pollution may cause subtle structural changes in the brain that could precede cognitive impairment and hidden brain damage, according to research.read more »


Heavy Drinking And Binge Drinking Rise Sharply In US

24 Apr 16:41 | U.S. News

Americans are more likely to be heavy drinkers and binge drinkers than in recent years due in large part to rising rates of drinking among women, according to a new analysis of county-level drinking patterns in the United States.read more »


Switzerland Ranked As Happiest Country In The World

24 Apr 14:36 | SciTech

Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada have been named the happiest countries in the world in that order by the the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, while the United States climbed two places to 15th. read more »


Apple Watch Will 'Fundamentally Change' the Dynamics Of The App Market

24 Apr 13:23 | SciTech

New research from the Strategy Analytics' Application Strategies group suggests the early success of the Apple Watch will bring new attention and investment to the app ecosystem as unheralded categories rise in importance.read more »


Fight Against Malaria Must Be Taken To 'Next Level'

24 Apr 10:12 | World

The fight against malaria must be taken to the “next level” in order for the disease to be successfully eliminated, the World Health Organization (WHO)said amid calls for the international community to urgently address the gaps in malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment.read more »


Warming Climate May Release Vast Amounts Of Carbon From Long-Frozen Arctic Soils

24 Apr 12:07 | SciTech

While climatologists are carefully watching carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, another group of scientists is exploring a massive storehouse of carbon that has the potential to significantly affect the climate change picture.read more »


Mortgage Rates Show Little Change

24 Apr 09:33 | Business

Fixed mortgage rates were unchanged this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate remaining at 3.79 percent, according to Bankrate.com's weekly national survey.read more »


Deutsche Bank To Pay $800 Million Penalty To Settle Interest Rate Manipulation Charges

24 Apr 08:39 | Business

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has imposed its largest fine ever on Deutsche Bank to settle charges that Deutsche Bank routinely engaged in manipulating international interest rates.read more »


More Americans At Risk From Strong Earthquakes: Report

23 Apr 17:17 | U.S. News

More than 143 million Americans living in the 48 contiguous states are exposed to potentially damaging ground shaking from earthquakes, with as many as 28 million people likely to experience strong shaking during their lifetime.read more »

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