Alarm At 'Dangerous Escalation' In Ukraine Crisis

By Newsroom America Staff at 2:41 pm Eastern

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was alarmed by what seemed to be a "dangerous escalation" in the crisis in Ukraine with reports that the fighting in the eastern part of the country has spread near the border with Russia.

Mortgage Rates Post Mixed Results

2:56 pm Eastern | Business

Mortgage rates were little changed this week, with benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate inching lower to 4.23 percent, still a 14-month low. read more »


Second-Hand E-cigarettes Smoke Compared To Regular Cigarette Smoke

2:46 pm Eastern | SciTech

Despite a 10-fold decrease in overall exposure to carcinogenic particulate matter, researchers have found increased levels of certain toxic metals in second-hand smoke from more »


Gratitude Can Win You New Friends

3:20 pm Eastern | SciTech

A UNSW Australia-led study has shown for the first time that thanking a new acquaintance for their help makes them more likely to seek an ongoing social relationship with more »


Computer Games Give A Boost To English, Study Finds

3:01 pm Eastern | Entertainment

A study at the University of Gothenburg and Karlstad University has scientifically proven that someone who is good at computer games has a larger English vocabulary. read more »


Study Finds Big Snowstorms Will Still Hit Northern Hemisphere Following Global Warming

12:45 pm Eastern | SciTech

A new MIT study suggests most areas in the Northern Hemisphere will likely experience less snowfall throughout a season following global warming, but the study concludes that extreme snow events will still occur, even in a future with significant more »


Yellowstone Supereruption Would Send Ash Across North America

11:37 am Eastern | U.S. News

In the unlikely event of a volcanic supereruption at Yellowstone National Park, the northern Rocky Mountains would be blanketed in meters of ash, and millimeters would be deposited as far away as New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, according to a new study. read more »


Experts Call For Action To Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risks

28 Aug 10:29 | World

Experts are urging the international community to act fast to reduce climate change and its health consequences at the first-ever global conference on health and climate, which opened at the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO).read more »


Two Plead Guilty To Importing and Selling Hazardous and Counterfeit Toys

28 Aug 09:17 | U.S. News

Two New York residents have pleaded guilty in connection with importing more than 100,000 counterfeit and hazardous children's toys from China for sale in the United more »


'Alarming' Security Situation In Africa's Sahel

28 Aug 07:50 | World

The Security Council has reiterated its continued concern about the alarming situation in the Sahel region of Africa and reaffirmed its commitment to address the complex security and political more »


Former Iowa State Senator Pleads Guilty To Concealing Federal Campaign Expenditures

27 Aug 15:25 | US Politics and Govt

A former Iowa State Senator has pleaded guilty to concealing payments he received from a presidential campaign in exchange for switching his support and services from one candidate to another and to obstructing a subsequent investigation into his more »


Southwest May Face 'Megadrought' This Century

27 Aug 15:48 | SciTech

Scientists say the chances of the southwestern United States experiencing a decade long drought is at least 50 percent, and the chances of a “megadrought” – one that lasts over 30 years – ranges from 20 to 50 percent over the next century due to global more »


US Settles With DuPont to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations

27 Aug 15:35 | U.S. News

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice have announced a settlement with DuPont at its Belle, W. Va. facility for eight alleged releases of harmful levels of hazardous substances between May 2006 and January more »


Syria’s Brutal War 'Threatens International Peace And Security'

27 Aug 15:15 | World

Mass atrocities by Government forces and non-State armed groups continue to take place in Syria, causing immeasurable suffering to civilians and contributing to a spillover of violence affecting international peace and stability, a United Nations-appointed panel said more »


More Than 300 Die In Boat Tragedies On Mediterranean In Past Few Days

27 Aug 10:30 | World

The past few days have been the deadliest this year for people making irregular crossings on the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe, with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reporting that at least 300 people have died in successive boat more »


Israel And Palestinians Agree To Open Ended Ceasefire

27 Aug 03:23 | World

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed announcement of an open-ended ceasefire for Gaza, brokered under Egyptian auspices, and said he hopes this will lead to a political process aimed at achieving a durable peace. read more »


CFTC Orders Merrill Lynch To Pay $1.2 Million Fine For Supervision Failures

27 Aug 09:18 | Business

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has issued an Order filing and simultaneously settling charges against Merrill Lynch for failing to diligently supervise its officers’, employees’, and agents’ processing of futures exchange and clearing more »


Exxonmobil Pipeline Company To Pay Penalty For Louisiana Oil Spill

27 Aug 07:55 | U.S. News

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company has agreed to pay a civil penalty for an alleged violation of the Clean Water Act stemming from a 2012 crude oil spill from ExxonMobil’s “North Line” pipeline near Torbert, more »


SEC Charges Executive With Insider Trading Ahead Of News Announcements By Clients

26 Aug 15:12 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a director of market intelligence at a Manhattan-based investor relations firm with insider trading ahead of impending news announcements by more than a dozen clients. read more »


Trash Burning Worldwide Significantly Worsens Air Pollution

26 Aug 15:28 | SciTech

Unregulated trash burning around the globe is pumping far more pollution into the atmosphere than shown by official records. read more »


Burger King To Buy Tim Hortons For About $11 Billion

26 Aug 15:17 | Business

An agreement was reached today to create the world's third largest quick service restaurant company, with Burger King buying Tim Hortons for about $11 billion. read more »


Future Of Afghanistan's Political Transition 'Hangs In Balance'

26 Aug 10:28 | World

Officials monitoring the Afghan election said it was still premature to draw conclusions about the final audit result of the June 14 Presidential run-off election. read more »


SEC Charges Executive With Insider Trading Ahead Of News Announcements By Clients

26 Aug 15:07 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a director of market intelligence at a Manhattan-based investor relations firm with insider trading ahead of impending news announcements by more than a dozen clients. read more »


Flight Restrictions Hamper Ability To Battle Ebola

26 Aug 09:06 | World

The United Nations has cautioned against flight restrictions into and out of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa, saying such limitations were preventing the transport of critically-needed health workers and supplies, as well as contributing to economic and diplomatic isolation of the more »


Former Sandia Corporation Scientist Pleads Guilty To Taking Government Property to China

26 Aug 07:48 | U.S. News

Jianyu Huang, a scientist formerly employed by Sandia Corporation at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), has pleaded guilty to making a false statement and unlawfully transporting converted government property in interstate and foreign commerce. read more »


Breaking Bad Comes Out On Top At Emmy Awards

26 Aug 02:40 | Entertainment

Breaking Bad took away the most gongs at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A., including best Drama Series and best actor. read more »


UN Confirms Handover Of US Journalist Peter Theo Curtis

25 Aug 15:04 | U.S. News

The United Nations has confirmed that an American freelance journalist, reportedly held captive for nearly two years by militants in Syria, was freed on Sunday in a handover to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, who then released him to United States more »


Study Looks At Organic vs. Paid Advertising

25 Aug 15:31 | SciTech

The keyword term a consumer uses in their search engine query can predict the likelihood that they will click on an organic or paid advertisement, according to new research by Columbia Business School that takes a unique look at a consumer’s behavior between the keyword search and the point-of-click. read more »


Public-Private Partnerships Help Deter Cyberattacks: Expert

25 Aug 15:18 | SciTech

The best way to combat cyberattacks may be a joint public-private partnership between government and business, says a new paper from Jay Kesan, the H. Ross and Helen Workman Research Scholar at the University of Illinois College of more »


Call For End To Violence In Ukraine

25 Aug 15:12 | World

United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has called again for an end to the violence in Ukraine as she continued her visit to areas of the country's crisis-riven eastern regions to see for herself the impact of the continued fighting on millions of more »


Iraqi Civilians Suffering 'Horrific' Persecution, Ethnic Cleansing

25 Aug 14:53 | World

The United Nations human rights chief has condemned the appalling and horrific crimes against humanity being committed daily in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated armed more »


Governor Brown Declares State of Emergency Following Earthquake

24 Aug 15:05 | U.S. News

California Governor Edmund Brown has issued an emergency proclamation for the state of California due to the effects of a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Napa Valley. read more »


'Invisible' Ebola Cases Escaping Detection

24 Aug 15:24 | World

The World Health Organization says the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak, especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone, has been underestimated for a number of more »


Calls For Immediate Action To Avert Possible 'Massacre' In Iraqi Town

24 Aug 15:09 | World

The United Nations envoy for Iraq has called for immediate action to prevent a possible massacre in the northern town of Amerli, besieged by Islamic State (IS) militants for two months, leaving its citizens stranded without food or access to water more »


Bank Of America Agrees To $16 Billion Settlement Over Financial Crisis Failures

22 Aug 15:54 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced a $16 billion settlement in which Bank of America admits that it failed to inform investors during the financial crisis about known uncertainties to future income from its exposure to repurchase claims on mortgage more »


More Than 191,000 People Killed In Syria With 'No End In Sight'

22 Aug 15:33 | World

The number of people killed in Syria is double the number documented a year ago, the United Nations human rights chief announced, criticizing the international community for its failure to stop the “killers, destroyers and torturers” that have torn the country more »


Over 370,000 Palestinian Children In Need Of 'Psycho-Social First Aid'

22 Aug 15:47 | World

The top UNICEF field officer in Gaza says at least nine more Palestinian children have been killed there in the last 48 hours, bringing the total to 469 since early July, saying that there is not a single family in the tiny enclave that has not been touched by the current more »


Humane World Cannot Let West Africa Suffer 'On Such Extraordinary Scale’

22 Aug 15:41 | World

The newly-appointed United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola has begun his visit to countries affected by the deadly disease, as the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) appealed for “massive, coordinated and targeted assistance” saying “a humane world cannot let the people of West Africa suffer on such an extraordinary scale.”read more »


U.S. Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Mosul Dam

22 Aug 15:28 | U.S. News

U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in support of Iraqi Security Force operations, using fighter and attack aircraft to conduct three airstrikes in the vicinity of the Mosul more »


Former Los Alamos National Laboratory Worker Sentenced For Atomic Energy Act Violations

21 Aug 16:00 | U.S. News

A former contract employee at the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been sentenced for conspiring to violate the Atomic Energy Act by communicating classified nuclear weapons data to a person believed to be a Venezuelan government official, and making false statements to the more »


Missouri National Guard Begins Withdrawing From Ferguson

21 Aug 15:43 | U.S. News

Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin a systematic process of withdrawing from the City of Ferguson. read more »


Mortgage Rates Hit 2014 Low Point

21 Aug 15:46 | Business

Mortgage rates moved lower for a second consecutive week hitting a 14-month low, according to's weekly national more »


Abusive Leadership Infects Entire Team: Study

21 Aug 12:09 | Business

Supervisors who are abusive to individual employees can actually throw the entire work team into conflict, hurting productivity, finds new research led by a Michigan State University business more »


Restoring Dignity, Ensuring 'Safe Space' For Returning Nigerian Schoolgirls 'Critical'

21 Aug 10:06 | World

A United Nations official for Nigeria said that restoring the dignity and integrity of returning schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Chibok is instrumental in reintegrating the girls back into a “safe space” in more »


Research Paves Way For Development Of Cyborg Moth 'Biobots'

21 Aug 09:01 | SciTech

North Carolina State University researchers have developed methods for electronically manipulating the flight muscles of moths and for monitoring the electrical signals moths use to control those muscles. read more »


Declared Syrian Chemical Weapons Destroyed

21 Aug 07:55 | World

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the destruction of Syria’s declared chemical weapons material on board the United States Maritime Vessel Cape more »


U.S. Military Reveals Rescue Operation For Americans In Syria Failed

21 Aug 02:21 | World

The United States attempted a rescue operation recently to free a number of American hostages held in Syria by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but it failed to locate more »


World Appalled At Beheading Of American Journalist: Obama

20 Aug 15:23 | US Politics and Govt

President Obama says the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of American journalist Jim Foley by the terrorist group more »


Teen Sleeplessness Piles On Risk For Obesity

20 Aug 15:40 | SciTech

New research has found the risk of being obese by age 21 was 20 percent higher among 16-year-olds who got less than six hours of sleep a night, compared with their peers who slumbered more than eight more »


Berkshire Hathaway to Pay $896,000 to Resolve FTC Allegations

20 Aug 15:28 | Business

Investment holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has agreed to pay $896,000 in civil penalties to resolve Federal Trade Commission allegations that it violated premerger reporting laws in connection with the 2013 acquisition of voting securities in USG more »


Scientists Say Global Warming 'Taking a Break'

20 Aug 12:37 | SciTech

Scientists say global warming is currently taking a break: whereas global temperatures rose drastically into the late 1990s, the global average temperature has risen only slightly since more »


Former Hotel Broker Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison In $55 Million Fraud Schemes

20 Aug 11:12 | U.S. News

The president of an international hotel brokerage firm has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for conducting a wide-ranging set of multi-million dollar fraud schemes involving the sale of several hotel more »


South Sudan Crisis Grows, Making Ethiopia Africa's Largest Refugee Host

20 Aug 09:28 | World

Ethiopia has surpassed Kenya in hosting the most refugees in Africa, sheltering 629,000 refugees as of the end of July, according to the United Nations refugee more »


Gaza Needs Recovery Plan Amidst "Unprecedented Destruction'

20 Aug 08:48 | World

Concerned by the many civilian casualties and the unprecedented scale of destruction in the latest military conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, a senior United Nations official has urged the international community to “rethink the Gaza paradigm.”read more »


WHO Reports Ebola Progress In Nigeria, Guinea

20 Aug 07:12 | World

The trends of the outbreak of Ebola in Nigeria and Guinea, where the virus made its first appearance in West Africa last December, have shown encouraging signs, but the World Health Organization has expressed concern about the situation in the Liberian capital of more »


World's Primary Forests 'On The Brink'

19 Aug 15:44 | World

An international team of conservationist scientists and practitioners has published new research showing the precarious state of the world's primary more »


Climate Change Will Threaten Fish by Drying Out Southwest U.S. Streams, Study Predicts

19 Aug 15:30 | SciTech

New research suggests fish species native to a major Arizona watershed may lose access to important segments of their habitat by 2050 as surface water flow is reduced by the effects of climate more »


Neglected Boys May Turn Into Violent Adolescents

19 Aug 15:36 | SciTech

Parents who physically neglect their boys may increase the risk that they will raise violent adolescents, according to Penn State more »


FTC Settles Charges Against Fandango And Credit Karma

19 Aug 14:55 | SciTech

The Federal Trade Commission has approved final orders settling charges against Fandango, Inc. and Credit Karma, Inc which include disabling security on mobile phones that would have protected consumers’ more »


Former Rabobank Libor Submitter Admits Manipulating Global Interest Rates

19 Aug 15:14 | Business

A former Rabobank Japanese Yen London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR) submitter has pleaded guilty to his role in a conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud by manipulating Rabobank’s Yen LIBOR submissions to benefit trading more »


WHO Requests Ebola Exit Screening Of Travellers Leaving Affected Countries

19 Aug 15:03 | World

The World Health Organization (WHO) said any persons with an illness consistent with Ebola should not be allowed to travel by air, sea or land from affected countries unless it is part of a medical more »


Bombing Of District Attorney's Office Results In Prison Sentence

19 Aug 14:50 | U.S. News

Alan Leroy McVay, 47, of Medford, Oregon has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after his conviction for malicious destruction of property by explosion for the bombing of the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office. read more »

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