Artistic Space Odyssey To Broadcast People's Messages To The Stars

By Newsroom America Staff at 5:40 pm Eastern

Messages from around the world are to be beamed into space at the speed of light as part of a cultural project to create a celestial time capsule.

Wife Of Dead ISIL Leader Charged In Death of Kayla Jean Mueller

4:20 pm Eastern | U.S. News

Nisreen Assad Ibrahim Bahar, aka Umm Sayyaf, 25, an Iraqi citizen and wife of Abu Sayyaf, a senior leader within the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) until his death last year, has been charged for her role in a conspiracy that resulted in the death of American citizen Kayla Jean Mueller in February more »


Exposure To Air Pollution 30 Years Ago Associated With Increased Risk Of Death

3:28 pm Eastern | World

Exposure to air pollution more than 30 years ago may still affect an individual's mortality risk today, according to new research from Imperial College more »


Study Shows Promising Safety Results For Anti-Aging Drug

2:18 pm Eastern | SciTech

The search for the fountain of youth led to a 2009 discovery that a drug called rapamycin was shown to extend the lifespan of mice. read more »


Housing Affordability Constrained By Pace Of Growth In Real Income

9 Feb 12:12 | Business

Housing affordability is being constrained because the pace of growth in real income has not kept up with gains in real home prices as demand has grown faster than supply, according to chief economist at Fannie Mae, Doug more »


Scammers Using Spoofed FBI Phone Numbers To Fool Victims

9 Feb 10:18 | U.S. News

The Philadelphia Division of the FBI is warning the public to be on alert for a phone scam that spoofs, or fraudulently displays, the FBI’s real telephone number on the victim’s caller more »


Unprecedented Food Crisis Looms Over Strife-Torn South Sudan

9 Feb 09:10 | World

South Sudan faces unprecedented levels of food insecurity, with 2.8 million people, nearly 25 per cent of the population, in urgent need of aid, at least 40,000 of them on the brink of catastrophe, at a time when the war-torn country is traditionally most food secure, agencies more »


Food Security And Malnutrition Situation In Somalia 'Alarming'

9 Feb 08:07 | World

According to a new food security and nutrition assessment, the situation in Somalia is alarming and could get worse, especially in parts of Puntland and Somaliland, which have been hard hit by drought exacerbated by El Niñ more »


Former Chief Of Los Angeles Port Police Pleads Guilty In Relation To Corruption Case

8 Feb 17:10 | U.S. News

The former chief of police for the Port of Los Angeles has pleaded guilty to federal charges of tax evasion and making false statements to FBI agents who were investigating his acceptance of a more »


All Sides In Syria Killing Thousands Of Detainees In Crimes Against Humanity

8 Feb 16:17 | World

Thousands of detainees have been killed while in the custody of the warring parties in Syria over the past four and a half years, with thousands held by the Government beaten to death or dying from torture, according to a new more »


Climate Change Likely To Extend Across Next 10,000 Years

8 Feb 13:58 | SciTech

The damaging climate consequences of carbon emissions will grow and persist for millennia without a dramatic new global energy strategy, according to a new set of research-based climate change scenarios developed by an international team of more »


Online Shopping Might Not Be As Green As We Thought

8 Feb 11:11 | Business

Logic suggests that online shopping is "greener" than traditional shopping. After all, when people shop from home, they are not jumping into their cars, one by one, to travel to the mall or the big box more »


Tech Company Settles Charges It Secretly Installed Apps On Mobile Devices

8 Feb 10:37 | U.S. News

Technology company Vulcun has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it unfairly replaced a popular web browser game with a program that installed applications on consumers’ mobile devices without their more »


North Korea's Missile Launch Condemned

8 Feb 08:31 | World

The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the missile launched by North Korea following emergency consultations, and announced that it will “expeditiously” adopt a new resolution in response to "these dangerous and serious violations."read more »


Forest Losses Increase Local Temperatures

7 Feb 17:08 | SciTech

Scientists say the biophysical effects of forest losses substantially affect the local climate by altering the average temperature and even more the maximum summer temperatures and the diurnal and annual variations. read more »


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arbitrarily Detained By Sweden And UK, Panel Finds

7 Feb 12:49 | World

The founder of the WikiLeaks website, which published confidential diplomatic information, has been arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the United Kingdom since his arrest in London in December 2010, as a result of the legal action against him by both Governments, according to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary more »


Southwest Sliding Into A New Normal: Drier Conditions

7 Feb 08:12 | U.S. News

The weather patterns that typically bring moisture to the Southwest are becoming more rare, an indication that the region is sliding into the drier climate state predicted by global models, according to a new more »


Record Missouri Flooding Was Manmade Calamity, Scientist Says

5 Feb 16:17 | U.S. News

At the end of December 2015, a huge storm named "Goliath" dumped 9-10 inches of rain in a belt across the central United States, centered just southwest of St. Louis, most of it in a three-day more »


Phantom Cell Phone Signals - Who Has "Ringxiety" And Why?

5 Feb 14:29 | SciTech

If you think you hear your cell phone ringing or feel it vibrating to signal an incoming call or message, but there actually is none, you may have "ringxiety" and be psychologically primed to detect such signals. read more »


Researchers Link Compulsive Facebook Checking To Lack Of Sleep

5 Feb 13:20 | Entertainment

If you find yourself toggling over to look at Facebook several dozen times a day, it's not necessarily because the experience of being on social media is so wonderful. It may be a sign that you're not getting enough more »


Media Stereotypes Fuel Support For Anti-Muslim Action: Study

4 Feb 16:07 | U.S. News

Iowa State University researchers have found a link between negative media stories about Muslims and support for military action and restrictions against Muslims. The research was designed to gauge the influence of media coverage portraying Muslims as more »


Food Price Index Starts 2016 Dropping To Nearly 7-Year Low

5 Feb 12:07 | World

The global Food Price Index, calculated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on a monthly basis, fell in January, slipping 1.9 percent below December 2015, as prices of all the commodities it tracks dropped, sugar in more »


Timbuktu: 900-Year-Old Ceremony Re-consecrates Mausoleums Destroyed By Armed Groups

5 Feb 10:16 | World

A consecration ceremony of the Timbuktu mausoleums, last held in the 11th century, was celebrated yesterday at the initiative of the local community, the final phase of the cultural rebirth of the age-old Sahara city after the destruction wrought by radical Islamists in more »


Art Dealer Arrested And Charged With Fraud For Selling Dozens Of Forged Artworks

5 Feb 09:22 | U.S. News

Eric Ian Hornak Spoutz, a/k/a “Robert Chad Smith,” a/k/a “John Goodman,” a/k/a “James Sinclair,” on charges of wire fraud in connection with the sale of dozens of forged artworks by renowned American artists, such as Willem De Kooning, Franz Kline, and Joan Mitchell. read more »


Mortgage Rates Fall For Fifth Consecutive Week

5 Feb 08:07 | Business

Mortgage rates continued to decline this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage sliding to 3.88 percent, according to's weekly national more »


Answer To How Life Began May Be In Outer Space

4 Feb 14:17 | SciTech

How did life begin? This is one of the most fundamental questions scientists puzzle over. To address it, they have to look not just back to the primordial Earth, but out into space. read more »


Energy From Cellphone Towers Amplify Pain In Amputees, Study Finds

4 Feb 13:23 | SciTech

For years, retired Maj. David Underwood has noticed that whenever he drove under power lines and around other electromagnetic fields, he would feel a buzz in what remained of his arm. When traveling by car through Texas' open spaces, the buzz often became more more »


What's The Impact Of New Marijuana Laws In The US?

4 Feb 12:08 | U.S. News

How has new legislation affected marijuana use in the United States? The best available data suggest that marijuana use is increasing in adults but not teens, with a decrease in marijuana-related arrests but an increase in treatment more »


Loss Of Ice In Antarctica Could Raise Global Sea Levels By Three Metres

4 Feb 17:21 | World

Loss of ice in Antarctica caused by a warming ocean could raise global sea levels by three metres, research more »


WHO Urges Action Now In European Countries To Prevent Zika Virus Spread

4 Feb 10:19 | World

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on European countries to act early and in a coordinated way to protect the region from Zika virus, after another case was confirmed in the United more »


North Korea's Intention To Launch A Satellite 'Deeply Troubling'

4 Feb 09:06 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the intention of North to launch a satellite in the coming weeks is a "deeply worrying development."read more »


Former White House Employee Pleads Guilty To Taking Part In Time/Attendance Scheme

4 Feb 08:04 | US Politics and Govt

The former director of switchboard operations at the White House has pleaded guilty to a charge of theft of government property for a scheme in which she stole over $5,000 through altered time and attendance more »


Gun Deaths In US Remain Highest Among High-Income Nations

3 Feb 17:11 | U.S. News

Americans are 10 times more likely to die from firearms than citizens of other developed countries, according to new report published in The American Journal of more »


Front Of Package Food Labels Do Not Mean A Food Is Healthy

3 Feb 16:18 | SciTech

American grocery shoppers face an array of front of pack (FOP) nutrition and health claims when making food selections. But relying on the front of pack (FOP) claims to determine the nutrition quality of the food may not be a consumer's best option. read more »


Women More Sensitive To Irksome Behavior Than Men

3 Feb 15:24 | SciTech

Women may be friendlier than men, but that doesn't mean they like putting up with jerks. A new study suggests women are more likely than men to get irked at irritating or boorish behavior exhibited by acquaintances, friends or partners. read more »


Helicopter Parents Take Extreme Approach To Homework

3 Feb 14:13 | SciTech

Parents who take the overparenting approach, known as helicopter parenting, are possibly hindering their child's development by becoming too heavily involved in more »


Barclays, Credit Suisse Charged With Dark Pool Violations

3 Feb 11:05 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that Barclays Capital Inc. and Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC have agreed to settle separate cases finding that they violated federal securities laws while operating alternative trading systems known as dark pools and Credit Suisse’s Light more »


Agencies Step Up Response To Zika Virus

3 Feb 12:02 | World

Following the declaration of a public health emergency of international concern regarding the cluster of microcephaly and other neurological disorders in relation to the Zika virus, agencies have highlighted their actions to support affected more »


'Heinous' Terrorist Attack Attributed To Boko Haram Condemned

3 Feb 10:36 | World

Condemning in the strongest terms Saturday’s "horrific terrorist attacks" attributed to Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, which resulted in a large number of dead and wounded, the United Nations Security Council called on all States to cooperate in bringing the perpetrators to more »


Former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Employee Pleads Guilty To Cyber-Attack

3 Feb 09:12 | U.S. News

Charles Harvey Eccleston, 62, a former employee of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), has pleaded guilty to a federal offense stemming from an attempted e-mail “spear-phishing” attack in January 2015 that targeted dozens of DOE employee e-mail more »


Medal Of Honor For Navy SEAL's Role In 2012 Hostage Rescue

3 Feb 08:35 | U.S. News

The White House said President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to a Navy special warfare operator in a Feb. 29 ceremony for actions in more »


Phone Scams Continue To Be Serious Threat, Remain On IRS "Dirty Dozen" List Of Tax Scams

2 Feb 17:04 | U.S. News

Aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remain a major threat to taxpayers, headlining the annual "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams for the 2016 filing season, the Internal Revenue Service more »


Hillary Clinton Declared Winner Of Iowa Democratic Caucuses

2 Feb 16:04 | US Politics and Govt

The Iowa Democratic Party said Hillary Clinton has won the Iowa Democratic caucuses, edging out Bernie Sanders in the total of state delegate equivalents awarded Monday more »


Senior Citizens May Accept Robot Helpers, But Fear Robot Masters

2 Feb 14:22 | U.S. News

Senior citizens would likely accept robots as helpers and entertainment providers, but are leery of giving up too much control to the machines, according to more »


Imagining Positive Outcomes May Bring Pleasure Now But Pain Later

2 Feb 13:29 | SciTech

Positive fantasies about how future events will turn out can boost your mood in the here and now, but they may actually lead to increased depressive symptoms in the long run, according to new more »


Super Bowl Celebrations Spread Flu According To Researchers

2 Feb 12:00 | U.S. News

A Tulane University study has found cities with teams in the Super Bowl see a rise in flu more »


Researcher Warns U.S. Could See Substantial Impact Of Zika Virus

2 Feb 10:26 | U.S. News

A researcher at Boston Medical Center (BMC) warns that Zika virus could spread quickly to and potentially within the US. read more »


Authorities Uncover Massive Hizballah Drug and Money Laundering Scheme

2 Feb 09:21 | World

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced arrests targeting Lebanese Hizballah’s External Security Organization Business Affairs Component (BAC), which is involved in international criminal activities such as drug trafficking and drug proceed money more »


Former Maryland Judge Pleads Guilty To Civil Rights Violation

2 Feb 08:12 | U.S. News

Robert C. Nalley, a former judge in Charles County, Maryland, has pleaded guilty to one count of the deprivation of rights under color of law for ordering a deputy sheriff to activate a stun-cuff worn by a pro se criminal defendant during a pre-trial court more »


Zika Virus An 'International Public Health Emergency'

1 Feb 17:32 | World

The World Health Organization has announced the recent cluster of neurological disorders and neonatal malformations reported in the Americas region constitutes a public health emergency of international more »


Global Semiconductor Sales Top $335 Billion In 2015

1 Feb 16:07 | Business

The global semiconductor industry posted sales totaling $335.2 billion in 2015, a slight decrease of 0.2 percent compared to the 2014 total, which was the industry's highest-ever sales total. read more »


Geophysicist Questions Stability Of Antarctic Ice Sheet

1 Feb 15:10 | SciTech

A professor in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences is joining the growing debate over the fate of the world's largest ice sheet, whose sudden melting is sending shockwaves throughout the geophysics more »


TV A Top Source Of Political News For Iowa Caucus-Goers

1 Feb 14:11 | Entertainment

Television news is the primary source of political information for Iowa Caucus-Goers, according to the latest Iowa State University/WHO-HD Iowa Caucus more »


Researchers Confirm Attitude To Aging Can Have A Direct Effect On Health

1 Feb 13:30 | SciTech

Negative attitudes to ageing affect both physical and cognitive health in later years, new research reveals. read more »


Phase Of The Moon Affects Amount Of Rainfall: Study

1 Feb 12:03 | SciTech

When the moon is high in the sky, it creates bulges in the planet's atmosphere that creates imperceptible changes in the amount of rain that falls more »


Media Narratives Can Counter Prejudice Attitudes, Finds Researchers

1 Feb 10:22 | Entertainment

Research from several personality and social psychologists show that entertainment media with positive content or conciliatory messages can contribute to positive relationships between members of different ethnic groups and genders. read more »


More Than Half Yemen's Population Face Hunger Amid Ongoing Strife

1 Feb 09:17 | World

Some 14.4 million Yemenis, more than half of the population of Yemen, are food insecure, an increase of 12 per cent in just the last eight months, as ongoing conflict and import restrictions reduce availability and send prices more »


Ethiopia Battling Worst Drought In 30 Years

1 Feb 08:19 | World

The international community must stand with the people of Ethiopia in their time of need, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, which is battling the effects of one of the most powerful El Niño events in recorded history, made worse by the impact of climate more »


Internet Publishing Industry Revenue Reached $110 Billion In 2014

31 Jan 12:16 | Entertainment

Revenue for Internet publishing and broadcasting and Web search portal employer firms increased 13.1 percent to $109.6 billion between 2013 and 2014. read more »


Saudi-Led Military Coalition Announces Committee To Investigate Claims In Yemen

31 Jan 18:15 | World

The Saudi Arabia-led military coalition operating in Yemen has announced the formation of a high-level independent committee to investigate the coalition's actions in the war torn more »


Two People Indicted In Fraud Scheme Involving Distribution Of Infectious Human Remains

31 Jan 08:06 | U.S. News

A husband and wife from Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, have been charged in an indictment with wire fraud, transportation of hazardous material, and false statements in an alleged scheme involving the distribution of body parts, some that tested positive for diseases, including HIV and more »

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