Narcissistic Individuals Use Social Media To Self-Promote

By Newsroom America Staff at 2 Dec 17:04

A new statistical review of 62 studies with over 13,000 individuals found that narcissism has a modest but reliable positive relationship with a range of social media behaviors.

Those Funny Ads May Make You Laugh, But Maybe Not Buy

2 Dec 16:09 | Entertainment

Advertisers often use humor to grab customers' attention, but they should do so with caution, according to a recently published study. read more »


Portions Of The Brain Fall Asleep And Wake Back Up All The Time, Researchers Find

2 Dec 14:19 | SciTech

New research finds that small regions of the brain cycle in and out of sleep, even when awake. The cycles shift toward 'awake' when that part of the brain pays attention to a more »


Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise

2 Dec 13:05 | Business

Mortgage rates continued their upward path this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 4.13 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »


Findings Show Significant Progress Against HIV Epidemic In Africa

2 Dec 11:19 | World

National surveys in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia reveal exceptional progress against HIV, with decreasing rates of new infection, stable numbers of people living with HIV, and more than half of all those living with HIV showing viral suppression through use of antiretroviral more »


'12 Days Of Christmas' Gifts Rise Only 0.7 Percent In Price

2 Dec 10:13 | U.S. News

If you want to buy that special someone the gifts included in the holiday classic "The 12 Days of Christmas," they will only cost 0.7 percent more than last year, according to the 33rd annual economic analysis by The PNC Financial Services Group. read more »


One In Three People Suffers Malnutrition At Global Cost Of $3.5 Trillion A Year

2 Dec 09:00 | World

Participants at an international meeting on ways to improve diets and ensure sustainable food systems have been told that one in three people on the planet suffers some form of malnutrition, impacting public health and economic development at an estimated cost of $3.5 trillion per more »


Swimming, Racquet Sports And Aerobics Linked To Best Odds Of Staving Off Death

1 Dec 17:08 | SciTech

In terms of exercise, swimming, racquet sports, and aerobics seem to be associated with the best odds of staving off death from any cause and from heart disease and stroke, in particular, suggests more »


Lack Of Sleep Costing US Economy Up To $411 Billion Per Year

1 Dec 16:08 | SciTech

A lack of sleep among the U.S. working population is costing the economy up to $411 billion a year, which is 2.28 percent of the country's GDP, a new report more »


Big Data Analytics The Nostradamus Of The 21st Century?

1 Dec 14:30 | SciTech

The future of election polling will be based on social media comments and data, according to a Griffith University researcher who correctly predicted Donald Trump as US President. read more »


BabyCenter Reveals Top Baby Names Of 2016

1 Dec 13:03 | U.S. News

BabyCenter has released the results of its renowned Baby Names Survey and the much anticipated Top 100 Names of 2016. Jackson held on as the top boys' name for the fourth year, and Sophia leads the girls for the seventh year in a more »


Security Council Strengthens Measures Against North Korea's Nuclear Activities

1 Dec 11:27 | World

Strongly condemning the recent nuclear test conducted by North Korea (DPRK) on 9 September, the Security Council has unanimously adopted measures that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described as "the toughest and most comprehensive sanctions regime ever" against that more »


Pending Home Sales Crawl Forward In October

1 Dec 10:05 | Business

Pending home sales were mostly unchanged in October, but did squeak out a meager gain for the second consecutive month, according to the National Association of Realtors. read more »


Without Urgent Steps To End Violence, Aleppo May Become 'Giant Graveyard'

1 Dec 09:02 | World

With thousands of civilians fleeing neighbourhoods in eastern Aleppo, senior UN officials appealed to the international community to “do everything in their power to protect civilians and enable aid access to the besieged parts of the [war-battered city] before it becomes one giant graveyard.”read more »


Toddlers May Know When You Are Not Telling The Truth

30 Nov 17:20 | SciTech

A new study has shown that toddlers as young as two-and-a-half years old can understand when others have different thoughts from them - much earlier than the age of four as traditionally thought. This suggests that children may know when adults are lying or more »


Marijuana Use Gender Gap Widens, Mainly Among Low-Income Americans

30 Nov 16:06 | U.S. News

A new study of changes in marijuana use over time in the U.S. found that the prevalence of past-year marijuana use increased for both men and women between 2002 and 2014. read more »


Parents Should Avoid Pressuring Young Children Over Grades, ASU Study Says

30 Nov 14:07 | SciTech

New research from ASU suggests parents shouldn't obsess over grades and extracurricular activities for young schoolchildren, especially if such ambitions come at the expense of social skills and more »


Four Conspirators Convicted For Defrauding Dating Site Victims Of Millions Of Dollars

30 Nov 13:03 | U.S. News

A federal jury has convicted four people for conspiracies to commit wire fraud and money laundering arising from a scheme to defraud vulnerable victims of millions of more »


Amid 'Chilling' Situation In Aleppo, 16,000 Flee Intense Fighting

30 Nov 11:23 | World

Citing preliminary reports that that up to 16,000 people have fled fighting in the eastern neighbourhoods of Syria’s Aleppo city over the past few days, the UN warned that thousands more will have no choice but to flee should the attacks spread and escalate over the coming more »


Employers Turn More Cautious On Hiring In 2017

30 Nov 10:10 | Business

America's employers are more cautious with hiring plans than in the past two years, according to the semi-annual survey from DHI more »


Amid Battle For Mosul, ISIL Forcing Civilians 'Squarely In Harm's Way'

30 Nov 09:05 | World

As the Iraqi military intensifies its operations to wrest Mosul from terrorists, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) warned that it continues to receive reports of “serious breaches” of international human rights and humanitarian law by more »


It Takes Less Than A Second To Tell Humans From Androids

29 Nov 17:16 | SciTech

It can be hard to tell the difference between humans and androids in such sci-fi TV shows as "Westworld." But in real life, beyond our screens, the human brain takes less than a second to tell between reality and fantasy, according to new research from the University of California, more »


Relationship Between Online Social Networking And Depression "Complex"

29 Nov 16:09 | Entertainment

Frequency and duration of online social networking may have a negative effect on mental health outcomes such as depression, but a new systematic review suggests that the relationship between online social networking and depression is more complex. read more »


When Judging Other People, First Impressions Last

29 Nov 14:14 | SciTech

A well-known saying urges people to "not judge a book by its cover." But people tend to do just that - even after they've skimmed a chapter or two, according to Cornell University more »


Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans With Epilepsy More At Risk Of Death

29 Nov 13:09 | U.S. News

U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans (IAVs) with epilepsy were more than twice as likely to die between 2011 and 2015 as were similar veterans without epilepsy. read more »


West Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaking Up From The Inside Out

29 Nov 11:06 | World

A key glacier in Antarctica is breaking apart from the inside out, suggesting that the ocean is weakening ice on the edges of the more »


Thanksgiving And Black Friday Post Strong E-Commerce Growth

29 Nov 10:08 | Business

comScore reported U.S. desktop retail e-commerce spending for the first 25 days of the November–December 2016 holiday season hit $24.52 billion, marking a 12-percent increase versus the corresponding days last more »


500,000 Children Living Under Siege In Syria

29 Nov 08:16 | World

As the number of children living under siege has doubled in less than one year to nearly 500,000 amid escalating violence across Syria, UNICEF has called for lifting sieges and allowing immediate humanitarian more »


Study Suggests That Parental Health Behaviors May Influence Children's Sleep

25 Nov 17:05 | SciTech

A new study indicates that children's sleep duration may be influenced by parental sleep duration and confidence, which suggests that efforts to address insufficient sleep among children may require family-based more »


Creative Activities Promote Day-To-Day Wellbeing

25 Nov 12:13 | SciTech

Everyday creative activity may lead to an "upward spiral" of increased wellbeing and creativity in young adults, new research from New Zealand's University of Otago more »


Don't Get Snowed By Scam Artists This Holiday Season

25 Nov 08:25 | U.S. News

The holiday season is traditionally a time for giving but for scam artists looking to make a quick buck, it's also a time for taking. read more »


Hurricane Risk To Northeast USA Coast Increasing, Research Warns

24 Nov 17:09 | U.S. News

The Northeastern coast of the USA could be struck by more frequent and more powerful hurricanes in the future due to shifting weather patterns, according to new research. read more »

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