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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Pirate Queen’s Quest Launches on 29th August

11:50 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Risky businessread more »

What’s a book bag without the books?

7:01 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Pack a little fun in that backpack with these playful kids’ booksread more »

Joy Joy Kid - Also Known as 'Puzzled' - Arrives on the Switch This Week

6:15 pm Eastern | Entertainment

It's not a joy conread more »

Variety is the Spice of Life: Add a Little Biography & Memoir

5:01 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Penguin Random House

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(" data-link-name="9781524731595_amazon

read more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

1:15 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Update: US retailers have started taking ordersread more »

Video: Let's Have a Look at the SNES Classic Edition's Menus & Save State Features

1:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Gripping stuffread more »

Video: Here's What Star Fox 2 Looks Like On The SNES Classic Edition

22 Aug 11:45 | Entertainment

Barrel rolls and everythingread more »

Fire Emblem Warriors Gets A Limited Edition Release in Europe

22 Aug 11:30 | Entertainment

With a soundtrack and art cardsread more »

Video: Gamescom 2017 Gives Us Our Best Look At Switch FIFA 18 Yet

22 Aug 11:15 | Entertainment

Digital kickaboutread more »

Roll7 "Considering" Bringing Both OlliOlli Games To Switch

22 Aug 11:00 | Entertainment

"If we get 500 likes then we might consider it even more seriously!"read more »

Video: The Latest LEGO Worlds Trailer Has A Switch Twist

22 Aug 10:45 | Entertainment

Lego on the goread more »

Fast RMX Is Getting A Free REMIX Update Next Month

22 Aug 10:20 | Entertainment

6 new tracks, 2 new cups, no cost to youread more »

Hardware Review: Hori's Switch Horipad Is The Controller You Never Knew You Needed

22 Aug 10:00 | Entertainment

Rolling startread more »

Bomber Crew Will Be Making A Big Explosion On Switch Soon

22 Aug 09:45 | Entertainment

Bombs away!read more »

Hand-Drawn Platformer Shu Coming To Switch This Fall

22 Aug 09:00 | Entertainment

Can you outrun the end of the world?read more »

Square Enix's Hajime Tabata Hints That Final Fantasy XV Could Be Coming To Switch

22 Aug 06:40 | Entertainment

...but will it be the newly-announced Pocket Edition?read more »

PayPal Payment Option Arrives On Switch eShop

22 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Makes it even easier to part with your cashread more »

PayPal Payment Option Arrives On Japanese Switch eShop

22 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Makes it even easier to part with your cashread more »

Video: Feast Your Eyes On This Gamescom 2017 Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer

22 Aug 06:00 | Entertainment

Leo, Takumi, Hinoka and Camila join the castread more »

Live: Watch Nintendo's First Day At Gamescom 2017

22 Aug 05:10 | Entertainment

Direct from the show floorread more »

Introducing The SNES-Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL

22 Aug 04:55 | Entertainment

Isn't it a beauty?read more »

SNES Classic Edition Has A Rewind Feature To Make Up For Your Ageing Reflexes

22 Aug 04:50 | Entertainment

You can also use special frames to spruce things upread more »

Video: Nintendo Details New Free Content Coming To Splatoon 2

22 Aug 04:20 | Entertainment

New stage, weapon and Salmon Run locationread more »

Here's The New Fighter Coming To Switch Brawler ARMS

22 Aug 04:10 | Entertainment

She's going to be pop-ularread more »

HAL Laboratory Opens HAL Egg, a Mobile Game Development Branch

22 Aug 01:45 | Entertainment

And no, they aren't making a Kirby game yetread more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

22 Aug 01:30 | Entertainment

The US pre-orders have finally started!read more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

22 Aug 01:30 | Entertainment

Update: US retailers have started taking ordersread more »

Hoenn Pokémon Data Has Been Spotted in the Latest Pokémon GO Update

22 Aug 01:10 | Entertainment

Here we go again!read more »

Video: Check Out This Japanese Overview for the SNES Mini

21 Aug 22:30 | Entertainment

This thing will be impossible to findread more »

Video: Take a Detailed Look at the Original "Legend of Zelda" Manga

21 Aug 19:00 | Entertainment

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the English releaseread more »

Electronic Arts Is Bringing Zoink's Fe To Switch In 2018

21 Aug 18:30 | Entertainment

Fe Fi Fo Fun?read more »

These books are made of star stuff

21 Aug 14:30 | Entertainment

Explore our universe with these great reads View in Browser:

read more »

Video: FIFA 18's Gamescom Trailer Shoots And Scores, But Can It Look This Slick On Switch?

21 Aug 14:05 | Entertainment

Back of the netread more »

Random: The Cast Of We Bare Bears Help Out In New ARMS Commercial

21 Aug 11:35 | Entertainment

Surprising crossoverread more »

Soapbox: Seriously Nintendo, It's Time For A Switch Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad

21 Aug 11:00 | Entertainment

Buttons just aren't as goodread more »

Stardew Valley Studio Waiting Until It's "Absolutely Certain" Before Announcing Switch Release Date

21 Aug 10:30 | Entertainment

"Don't want to disappoint if testing turns something up"read more »

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Will Allow Two Player Co-Op Using Joy-Cons Alone

21 Aug 09:00 | Entertainment

Mobile mayhemread more »

Unruly Heroes To Bring Monkey Magic To Switch Next Year

21 Aug 08:30 | Entertainment

Born from an egg on a mountain topread more »

Feature: Pixel Perfex On Why Earth Atlantis Is Ideal For Nintendo Switch

21 Aug 08:00 | Entertainment

We chat about the BitSummit 2017 award winnerread more »

Fear Effect Is Being Remastered On The Nintendo Switch

21 Aug 07:00 | Entertainment

With "drastically improved visuals, tweaked controls and exciting extras"read more »

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Races Up The UK Charts, But Digital-Only Sonic Mania Is Absent

21 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Zelda and 1-2-Switch climb slightlyread more »

Let's Sing 2018 Is Coming To Switch And Wii, But Not Wii U

21 Aug 05:30 | Entertainment

Yup, the original Wiiread more »

Zordix Is Bringing Aqua Moto Racing Utopia And Snow Moto Racing Freedom To Retail On Switch

21 Aug 04:30 | Entertainment

Come snow or high waterread more »

First Impressions: Piczle Lines DX is Another Reminder of the Switch Hybrid's Appeal

20 Aug 16:00 | Entertainment

Bringing a slower pace to eShop gamingread more »

Random: Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon has a New 'Photo Club' Mode, and Kanto Could Return

20 Aug 14:00 | Entertainment

Vermilion City gym teasedread more »

Series Producer Yoshio Sakamoto Is Interested In Making Another 2D Metroid

20 Aug 13:30 | Entertainment

"If there is another opportunity..."read more »

Pokkén Tournament DX Demo Confirmed for the Switch eShop

20 Aug 12:45 | Entertainment

Demo thisread more »

Variety is the Spice of Life: Add a Little Fiction

20 Aug 12:06 | Entertainment

Penguin Random House

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A Column of Fire is one of Follett’s most exciting and ambitious works yet. It will delight longtime fans of the Kingsbridge series and is the perfect introduction for readers new to Ken Follett.

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No need to dog-ear these great reads

19 Aug 12:03 | Entertainment

You won’t be able to keep your paws off them View in Browser:

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Older users like to snoop on Facebook, but worried others might snoop on them

18 Aug 17:10 | World

Older adults are drawn to Facebook so they can check out pictures and updates from family and friends, but may resist using the site because they are worried about who will see their own content, according to a team of more »