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Sonic Mania Plus Arrives On Switch This Summer

8:05 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Physical version coming, but existing owners don't miss outread more »

Mysterious 'Project R' Sonic Racer Teased By Sega

4:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Not a sequel to any previous Sonic gamesread more »

Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend

17 Mar 06:00 | Entertainment

Here are our picks, but what are yours?read more »

The Fight Rages On As PQube Brings BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle To The EU This Summer

16 Mar 13:06 | Entertainment

Don't be blueread more »

Weirdness: Mario Tennis Aces Artwork Triggers An Unlikely Discussion About Luigi's Lunch Box

16 Mar 12:35 | Entertainment

New balls, pleaseread more »

Guide: Kirby Star Allies Big Switch Locations

16 Mar 12:30 | Entertainment

It's time to switchread more »

Feature: CIRCLE Entertainment On Outgrowing 3DS, Embracing Switch And Maturing As A Publisher

16 Mar 12:00 | Entertainment

"The Switch picture is constantly evolving"read more »

Video: Get To Know The Cast Of Upcoming Switch RPG Penny-Punching Princess

16 Mar 11:15 | Entertainment

And the release date, tooread more »

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Switch Pre-Orders Are Ten Times Stronger Than PS4

16 Mar 10:58 | Entertainment

Switching it upread more »

Max Brass And Dr. Coyle Will Heat Things Up In The Next ARMS Party Crash

16 Mar 10:30 | Entertainment

"Best Frenemies"read more »

Video: Trailblazers' New Trailer Is All About Its Colour-Boosting Multiplayer

16 Mar 10:27 | Entertainment

Rainbow roadread more »

Guide: Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Piece Locations

16 Mar 10:00 | Entertainment

Find the missing piecesread more »

Random: Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja Fan Art Is Being Used To Promote eShop Release

16 Mar 09:20 | Entertainment

Update: It's also being used as the game's icon, tooread more »

Nindies Showcase For Nintendo Switch Airing Next Week

16 Mar 09:13 | Entertainment

What titles are you hoping to see?read more »

Guide: Kirby Star Allies Dream Friends List

16 Mar 07:00 | Entertainment

Spoilers abound!read more »

Video: Take A Tour Of The Now Closed Final Fantasy "Memories of You" Museum

16 Mar 07:00 | Entertainment

A Perfect Memoryread more »

Explore A Land That Grows And Evolves Around You In The Shape Of The World

16 Mar 06:45 | Entertainment

Ecosystem warriorread more »

Guide: Kirby Star Allies Beginner's Guide

16 Mar 06:35 | Entertainment

Kick it to the Kirbyread more »

Music: There's A Secret Of Mana Folk Album And It's Beautiful

16 Mar 06:30 | Entertainment

Out today!read more »

Give Your Ears A Treat With The Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Vinyl Soundtrack

16 Mar 06:15 | Entertainment

Relive the epic battlesread more »

Johnny Turbo's Arcade Arrives Next Week In Europe

16 Mar 06:10 | Entertainment

'Gate of Doom' and 'Bad Duves vs. DragonNinja' European debutread more »

Third-Party Nintendo Switch Docks Could Be Bricking Consoles

16 Mar 06:00 | Entertainment

What's up, Dock?read more »

The H-3 Nozzlenose D Will Be Covering Turf In Splatoon 2 This Weekend

16 Mar 05:45 | Entertainment

Keeping things freshread more »

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Gets A Permanent Discount For Specter of Torment Owners On Switch

16 Mar 03:00 | Entertainment

For shovelry!read more »

Video: Digital Foundry Analysis On Dark Souls: Remastered

16 Mar 00:10 | Entertainment

Prepare to dieread more »

Random: Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja Fan Art Is Being Used To Promote eShop Release

15 Mar 17:25 | Entertainment

Oopsread more »

Feature: Exploring The Exotic Oasis Of Shirin With NAIRI Developers Homebear Studios

15 Mar 17:00 | Entertainment

"Humans are animals as much as any other – why differentiate?"read more »

Pablo Escobar And The Narcos Gang Are Heading To A Nintendo Switch Near You

15 Mar 15:30 | Entertainment

Pablo honeyread more »

The Zelda-Esque Decay Of Logos Is Headed For Switch This Autumn

15 Mar 13:00 | Entertainment

Portuguese developed action RPG to be published by Rising Starread more »

Infernium Is Myst Meets Outlast And It's Running Scared Onto Nintendo Switch

15 Mar 12:45 | Entertainment

Prepare to dieread more »

Super Bomberman R Is Coming To Rival Systems With Exclusive Characters

15 Mar 12:30 | Entertainment

It was nice while it lastedread more »

Re:Legend, Southeast Asia's Most Successful Kickstarter, Is Coming To Switch

15 Mar 12:10 | Entertainment

An RPG/simulation hybrid, don't ya knowread more »

Runner3 Sprints Onto The Nintendo Switch This May

15 Mar 11:30 | Entertainment

Dauntless dashingread more »

Gunman Clive Developer Shares Sneak Peek From Upcoming Game

15 Mar 11:15 | Entertainment

Project Giant Robotread more »

Nintendo Download: 15th March (Europe)

15 Mar 10:35 | Entertainment

Each and every new release on the European eShopsread more »

Nintendo Download: 15th March (North America)

15 Mar 10:15 | Entertainment

Every new slice of gaming goodness on the NA eShopsread more »

Augmented Reality Street Fighter Is As Cool As It Sounds

15 Mar 09:30 | Entertainment

Your battleground is the real world!read more »

Co-Op Shooter RICO Is Bringing Door-Busting And Bullet Time To Switch This Year

15 Mar 09:05 | Entertainment

"An arcade-paced, action-movie inspired, sensory onslaught"read more »

The Bunker Will Bring Live Action Psychological Horror To Switch Next Month

15 Mar 09:00 | Entertainment

The first FMV game on Switchread more »

Video: See Nintendo Labo In Action At The Science Museum In London

15 Mar 08:55 | Entertainment

Hands-on with the cardboard curioread more »

Random: These Tiny Switch Cases Are Adorable, Easily Lost

15 Mar 08:30 | Entertainment

Small, smaller, smallestread more »

Video: Will Super Smash Bros. Switch Be a Port or a Brand New Game?

15 Mar 08:30 | Entertainment

Alex & Arekkz are at it againread more »

If You Like Switch Shmups, You'll Want This Vertical Grip

15 Mar 08:15 | Entertainment

TATE mode engagedread more »

Activision Blizzard Expands Esports Leadership Team

15 Mar 08:07 | Entertainment

View this release → Or click here to view all more »

Still Looking For A NES Classic Mini? Grab A Double Pack On The Nintendo UK Store Right Now

15 Mar 07:55 | Entertainment

Less than £130 for both Classic Mini consolesread more »

Deals: Praise The Sun, You Can Now Pre-Order The Dark Souls Solaire amiibo

15 Mar 07:35 | Entertainment

Hello Solaireread more »

Video: Check Out This GameCube Dock For Nintendo Switch

15 Mar 07:30 | Entertainment

Just in time for Smashread more »

Toys R Us Is Closing All Of Its US And UK Stores

15 Mar 06:30 | Entertainment

So long, and thanks for all the toysread more »

Video: Check Out The Scope Of Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage Mode

15 Mar 05:30 | Entertainment

Programming with cardboardread more »

Power Up Your Switch With The Venom Power Pack and Stand

15 Mar 04:00 | Entertainment

My spider sense is tinglingread more »