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PES 2018 is Skipping Nintendo Switch, But Konami Will Consider Future Releases

1:05 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Fans have to make noise, of courseread more »

Feature: The (Sadly Fictional) Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Fighter Ballot - Results!

12:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Y’all pulled throughread more »

Square Enix Has Been 'Tenacious' in Ongoing Conversations About Final Fantasy XIV on Switch

10:35 am Eastern | Entertainment

"We’ve been trying to keep at it"read more »

Codemasters Hasn't Completely Ruled Out Bringing Micro Machines To Nintendo Switch

9:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

"We’re watching what happens with the Switch with great interest"read more »

Feature: Quizzing Akihiro Hino on Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

8:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Passing the torch to a new generationread more »

Pokémon GO's Raid Battles Are Live, But They're Reserved For Master Trainers

7:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

You'll need to be level 35 or betterread more »

Congratulations Nintendo 64, You're A Proper Grown-Up Now

7:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

The classic system turns 21 todayread more »

Here's Your First Taste Of Grant Kirkhope's Contribution To Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

23 Jun 06:00 | Entertainment

Former Rare man has outdone himself yet againread more »

Soon You'll Be Able To Wear The Street Fighter II Jeans You've Wanted Since You Were 11

23 Jun 05:30 | Entertainment

"The Worlds of Raw Denim & Street Fighter 2 Collide!!"read more »

Video: Man Plays Super Mario Bros. In Augmented Reality, Puzzles Bystanders

23 Jun 05:00 | Entertainment

For science!read more »

Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today

23 Jun 04:15 | Entertainment

Happy Birthday, Blue Blurread more »

The Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition Looks Fabulous

22 Jun 18:15 | Entertainment

Really, just look at itread more »

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Due This Fall in North America

22 Jun 12:55 | Entertainment

That's one puzzle solvedread more »

Monster Hunter Stories Will Roar Onto 3DS in Europe on 8th September

22 Jun 12:45 | Entertainment

The wait will finally endread more »

Former Metroid Prime Designers Talk About What They Want From A New Metroid Game

22 Jun 11:10 | Entertainment

"The isolation, the wonder, and the fear"read more »

Nintendo Download: 22nd June (Europe)

22 Jun 11:05 | Entertainment

Ever Oasis! Oceanhorn! RPG Maker FES! Runbow Pocket! Demos! More!read more »

Random: Switch Game Cards Are Tough Enough To Survive A Spin In The Washing Machine

22 Jun 10:00 | Entertainment

"Amazingly it booted up without issue."read more »

Nintendo Download: 22nd June (North America)

22 Jun 09:15 | Entertainment

Ever Oasis! Oceanhorn! RPG Maker Fes! Fatal Fury 2! More!read more »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Looks Set for Late November Release

22 Jun 08:40 | Entertainment

Amazon makes the Linkread more »

Pokémon GO Cheaters Get A Nasty Surprise In The Latest Update

22 Jun 08:00 | Entertainment

Niantic wants it to be "a fun and fair experience for all Trainers"read more »

Nintendo Aims to Keep Switch Hot With 'Drumbeat' of Games and Strength of Concept

22 Jun 07:30 | Entertainment

Will support cross-platform multiplayer when it's a good fitread more »

SwitchCase Hopes To Give Your Switch More Comfortable Grips

22 Jun 07:15 | Entertainment

The grips are replaceable tooread more »

Random: Ease The Pain Of Sega Forever's Botched Launch With This Official Cereal

22 Jun 06:45 | Entertainment


Minecraft On Switch Will Also Get The Super Duper Graphics Pack

22 Jun 06:30 | Entertainment

Super!read more »

Sega Forever Launch Marred By Terrible Emulation

22 Jun 05:45 | Entertainment

"This feels kinda like watching a trainwreck unfold"read more »

Video: This Year's AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback Console Looks Much Improved

22 Jun 05:30 | Entertainment

720p, Filters, save states and much more besidesread more »

You Can Design a Character for Flipping Death on Nintendo Switch

22 Jun 04:00 | Entertainment

Curse that Doctor Laser!read more »

Nintendo Apologizes for Switch Shortages, Promises an Increase in Production

22 Jun 01:55 | Entertainment

Miyamoto's plucking more Pikmin out back as we speakread more »

Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi on Producing New IP

21 Jun 23:20 | Entertainment

"Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game?"read more »

Nintendo Software Manager on Producing New IP

21 Jun 23:20 | Entertainment

"Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game?"read more »

Editorial: Nintendo Switch is About Colour, Fun and Sharing Games, For Those Unsure of Its Purpose

21 Jun 13:15 | Entertainment

More than the sum of its partsread more »

Sega Forever Aims To Revive The Company's Past On Mobile, But Could Come To Switch

21 Jun 11:30 | Entertainment

From Master System to Dreamcastread more »

ARMS and Nintendo Switch Lead the Way in Japanese Charts

21 Jun 11:15 | Entertainment

Switch titles lock out software top 3read more »

Video: Unboxing and Testing the New Nintendo 2DS XL

21 Jun 10:10 | Entertainment

An XL in a tiny boxread more »

The LeSportsac X Nintendo Collection Introduces Some Neat Bags and Accessories

21 Jun 09:30 | Entertainment

Sure, why notread more »

Hori Unveils Another Nintendo Switch Headset for July, With Plenty of Wires

21 Jun 08:00 | Entertainment

Keeping you wired for funread more »

Watch: The Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Direct - Live!

21 Jun 06:00 | Entertainment

Time for the series to finally Switch it up?read more »

Guide: How To Use A GameCube Controller With Your Nintendo Switch

21 Jun 05:45 | Entertainment

Going old-schoolread more »

Snake Pass Update For Switch Adds Time Trial Mode And Lots More

21 Jun 05:15 | Entertainment

Noodletasticread more »

Say Hello To Allan Alvarez, Perhaps The Greatest Mario 64 Player Ever

21 Jun 04:45 | Entertainment

And he was only a baby when it was first releasedread more »

The Legend of Bum-bo Will Likely Be Making its Way to Switch

21 Jun 01:30 | Entertainment

From the maker of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaacread more »

The Big Pokémon GO Update is Being Rolled Out Now

20 Jun 23:30 | Entertainment

Time to reinstallread more »

EA is Focused on Nintendo Switch Portability and "Exploring Other Products"

20 Jun 19:15 | Entertainment

"We love the mobility of the Switch"read more »

Death Squared is Confirmed for a 13th July Release on Nintendo Switch

20 Jun 13:30 | Entertainment

Be there or die squareread more »

Video: Performance Over Resolution - Digital Foundry Tackles Super Mario Odyssey

20 Jun 12:45 | Entertainment

With time for improvementsread more »

Hardware Review: The Analogue NT Mini Isn't Just The Best NES Clone, It's Much More Besides

20 Jun 12:00 | Entertainment

FPGA or GTHOread more »

According to this Teaser the Future of Sega is Gazing Out of Windows Philosophically

20 Jun 10:30 | Entertainment

Teasing a new kind of gaming?read more »

The Necromancer Rises in Diablo(R) III June 27

20 Jun 10:01 | World

Rise of the Necromancer™ pack adds all-new class toread more »

First Impressions: Showing our Hand in Culdcept Revolt on Nintendo 3DS

20 Jun 09:00 | Entertainment

Of dice and decksread more »

Random: Nintendo GIF Shows Off an Awesome Super Mario Odyssey Chain Chomp Puzzle

20 Jun 08:35 | Entertainment

Chomping downread more »