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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Pirate Queen’s Quest Launches on 29th August

11:50 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Risky businessread more »

Joy Joy Kid - Also Known as 'Puzzled' - Arrives on the Switch This Week

6:15 pm Eastern | Entertainment

It's not a joy conread more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

1:15 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Update: US retailers have started taking ordersread more »

Video: Let's Have a Look at the SNES Classic Edition's Menus & Save State Features

1:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Gripping stuffread more »

Video: Here's What Star Fox 2 Looks Like On The SNES Classic Edition

22 Aug 11:45 | Entertainment

Barrel rolls and everythingread more »

Fire Emblem Warriors Gets A Limited Edition Release in Europe

22 Aug 11:30 | Entertainment

With a soundtrack and art cardsread more »

Video: Gamescom 2017 Gives Us Our Best Look At Switch FIFA 18 Yet

22 Aug 11:15 | Entertainment

Digital kickaboutread more »

Roll7 "Considering" Bringing Both OlliOlli Games To Switch

22 Aug 11:00 | Entertainment

"If we get 500 likes then we might consider it even more seriously!"read more »

Video: The Latest LEGO Worlds Trailer Has A Switch Twist

22 Aug 10:45 | Entertainment

Lego on the goread more »

Fast RMX Is Getting A Free REMIX Update Next Month

22 Aug 10:20 | Entertainment

6 new tracks, 2 new cups, no cost to youread more »

Hardware Review: Hori's Switch Horipad Is The Controller You Never Knew You Needed

22 Aug 10:00 | Entertainment

Rolling startread more »

Bomber Crew Will Be Making A Big Explosion On Switch Soon

22 Aug 09:45 | Entertainment

Bombs away!read more »

Hand-Drawn Platformer Shu Coming To Switch This Fall

22 Aug 09:00 | Entertainment

Can you outrun the end of the world?read more »

Square Enix's Hajime Tabata Hints That Final Fantasy XV Could Be Coming To Switch

22 Aug 06:40 | Entertainment

...but will it be the newly-announced Pocket Edition?read more »

PayPal Payment Option Arrives On Japanese Switch eShop

22 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Makes it even easier to part with your cashread more »

PayPal Payment Option Arrives On Switch eShop

22 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Makes it even easier to part with your cashread more »

Video: Feast Your Eyes On This Gamescom 2017 Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer

22 Aug 06:00 | Entertainment

Leo, Takumi, Hinoka and Camila join the castread more »

Live: Watch Nintendo's First Day At Gamescom 2017

22 Aug 05:10 | Entertainment

Direct from the show floorread more »

Introducing The SNES-Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL

22 Aug 04:55 | Entertainment

Isn't it a beauty?read more »

SNES Classic Edition Has A Rewind Feature To Make Up For Your Ageing Reflexes

22 Aug 04:50 | Entertainment

You can also use special frames to spruce things upread more »

Video: Nintendo Details New Free Content Coming To Splatoon 2

22 Aug 04:20 | Entertainment

New stage, weapon and Salmon Run locationread more »

Here's The New Fighter Coming To Switch Brawler ARMS

22 Aug 04:10 | Entertainment

She's going to be pop-ularread more »

HAL Laboratory Opens HAL Egg, a Mobile Game Development Branch

22 Aug 01:45 | Entertainment

And no, they aren't making a Kirby game yetread more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

22 Aug 01:30 | Entertainment

Update: US retailers have started taking ordersread more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

22 Aug 01:30 | Entertainment

The US pre-orders have finally started!read more »

Hoenn Pokémon Data Has Been Spotted in the Latest Pokémon GO Update

22 Aug 01:10 | Entertainment

Here we go again!read more »

Video: Check Out This Japanese Overview for the SNES Mini

21 Aug 22:30 | Entertainment

This thing will be impossible to findread more »

Video: Take a Detailed Look at the Original "Legend of Zelda" Manga

21 Aug 19:00 | Entertainment

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the English releaseread more »

Electronic Arts Is Bringing Zoink's Fe To Switch In 2018

21 Aug 18:30 | Entertainment

Fe Fi Fo Fun?read more »

Video: FIFA 18's Gamescom Trailer Shoots And Scores, But Can It Look This Slick On Switch?

21 Aug 14:05 | Entertainment

Back of the netread more »

Random: The Cast Of We Bare Bears Help Out In New ARMS Commercial

21 Aug 11:35 | Entertainment

Surprising crossoverread more »

Soapbox: Seriously Nintendo, It's Time For A Switch Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad

21 Aug 11:00 | Entertainment

Buttons just aren't as goodread more »

Stardew Valley Studio Waiting Until It's "Absolutely Certain" Before Announcing Switch Release Date

21 Aug 10:30 | Entertainment

"Don't want to disappoint if testing turns something up"read more »

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Will Allow Two Player Co-Op Using Joy-Cons Alone

21 Aug 09:00 | Entertainment

Mobile mayhemread more »

Unruly Heroes To Bring Monkey Magic To Switch Next Year

21 Aug 08:30 | Entertainment

Born from an egg on a mountain topread more »

Feature: Pixel Perfex On Why Earth Atlantis Is Ideal For Nintendo Switch

21 Aug 08:00 | Entertainment

We chat about the BitSummit 2017 award winnerread more »

Fear Effect Is Being Remastered On The Nintendo Switch

21 Aug 07:00 | Entertainment

With "drastically improved visuals, tweaked controls and exciting extras"read more »

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Races Up The UK Charts, But Digital-Only Sonic Mania Is Absent

21 Aug 06:30 | Entertainment

Zelda and 1-2-Switch climb slightlyread more »

Let's Sing 2018 Is Coming To Switch And Wii, But Not Wii U

21 Aug 05:30 | Entertainment

Yup, the original Wiiread more »

Zordix Is Bringing Aqua Moto Racing Utopia And Snow Moto Racing Freedom To Retail On Switch

21 Aug 04:30 | Entertainment

Come snow or high waterread more »

First Impressions: Piczle Lines DX is Another Reminder of the Switch Hybrid's Appeal

20 Aug 16:00 | Entertainment

Bringing a slower pace to eShop gamingread more »

Random: Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon has a New 'Photo Club' Mode, and Kanto Could Return

20 Aug 14:00 | Entertainment

Vermilion City gym teasedread more »

Series Producer Yoshio Sakamoto Is Interested In Making Another 2D Metroid

20 Aug 13:30 | Entertainment

"If there is another opportunity..."read more »

Pokkén Tournament DX Demo Confirmed for the Switch eShop

20 Aug 12:45 | Entertainment

Demo thisread more »

Editorial: Is This a Golden Era of Gaming? Absolutely

18 Aug 12:00 | Entertainment

Tom Whitehead immediately regrets the headlineread more »

Video: Digital Foundry Compares Monster Hunter XX on Switch and 3DS

18 Aug 11:30 | Entertainment

Not just a resolution bumpread more »

We're Recruiting For Our Splatoon 2 UK Championship Grand Final Team!

18 Aug 11:00 | Entertainment

We need to two players to join us for the grand finalread more »

New Trailer Reveals Fresh Details for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

18 Aug 09:15 | Entertainment

New avatar looks! Plot teasers! Z-Power Rings!read more »

Pokémon Gold and Silver Getting Boxed 3DS Releases In Europe

18 Aug 08:50 | Entertainment

With a download code inside!read more »

The Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Statue Cuts Corners, But Can be Made Cooler

18 Aug 07:00 | Entertainment

Here's how to get the LED workingread more »