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Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL

24 Jun 16:00 | Entertainment

Worth the change?read more »

Feature: Puzzling Over Dragons with GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita

24 Jun 15:15 | Entertainment

On puzzles, dragons, Switch support, and (not) beating Breath of the Wildread more »

Take a Look at The Nintendo Switch Pocket Dock SP

24 Jun 13:30 | Entertainment

Yep, it's a Game Boy Advance turned into a Switch dockread more »

More Rumours Add Weight to Talk of a SNES Classic Mini

24 Jun 13:00 | Entertainment

It seems inevitable, right?read more »

Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan

24 Jun 10:30 | Entertainment

Faster than Wii U, but behind the original Wiiread more »

Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Pass A Million In Japan

24 Jun 10:30 | Entertainment

Faster than Wii U, but behind the original Wiiread more »

Have Books, Will Travel

24 Jun 10:01 | Entertainment

But the great reads are just getting started! View in Browser:|13F0CB1B640109D7E0534FD66B0A73BA

read more »

Nintendo's Market Capitalisation Overtakes Sony's Following Switch Success

24 Jun 09:30 | Entertainment

Highest market cap for Nintendo since 2008read more »

Reggie Fils-Aimé Defends Nintendo's Indie Support and AM2R Policy

23 Jun 22:20 | Entertainment

Also talks of Animal Crossing app having positive impact for IPread more »

Video: MercurySteam, Metroid: Samus Returns and the Prototypes That Were Rejected

23 Jun 20:35 | Entertainment

Liam Robertson revisits the storyread more »

School’s Out! Are You Ready?

23 Jun 15:00 | Entertainment

No More Pencils, Lots More Books View in Browser:|13F0CB1B640109D7E0534FD66B0A73BA

read more »

PES 2018 is Skipping Nintendo Switch, But Konami Will Consider Future Releases

23 Jun 13:05 | Entertainment

Fans have to make noise, of courseread more »

Feature: The (Sadly Fictional) Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Fighter Ballot - Results!

23 Jun 12:00 | Entertainment

Y’all pulled throughread more »

Square Enix Has Been 'Tenacious' in Ongoing Conversations About Final Fantasy XIV on Switch

23 Jun 10:35 | Entertainment

"We’ve been trying to keep at it"read more »

Codemasters Hasn't Completely Ruled Out Bringing Micro Machines To Nintendo Switch

23 Jun 09:00 | Entertainment

"We’re watching what happens with the Switch with great interest"read more »

Feature: Quizzing Akihiro Hino on Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

23 Jun 08:00 | Entertainment

Passing the torch to a new generationread more »

Pokémon GO's Raid Battles Are Live, But They're Reserved For Master Trainers

23 Jun 07:30 | Entertainment

You'll need to be level 35 or betterread more »

Congratulations Nintendo 64, You're A Proper Grown-Up Now

23 Jun 07:00 | Entertainment

The classic system turns 21 todayread more »

Here's Your First Taste Of Grant Kirkhope's Contribution To Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

23 Jun 06:00 | Entertainment

Former Rare man has outdone himself yet againread more »

Soon You'll Be Able To Wear The Street Fighter II Jeans You've Wanted Since You Were 11

23 Jun 05:30 | Entertainment

"The Worlds of Raw Denim & Street Fighter 2 Collide!!"read more »

Video: Man Plays Super Mario Bros. In Augmented Reality, Puzzles Bystanders

23 Jun 05:00 | Entertainment

For science!read more »

Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today

23 Jun 04:15 | Entertainment

Happy Birthday, Blue Blurread more »

The Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition Looks Fabulous

22 Jun 18:15 | Entertainment

Really, just look at itread more »

Study Identifies Most Popular Selfies For Men And Women, Age Groups

22 Jun 17:10 | Entertainment

When it comes to selfies, appearance is (almost) everything. To better understand the photographic phenomenon and how people form their identities online, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers combed through 2.5 million selfie posts on Instagram to determine what kinds of identity statements people make by taking and sharing more »

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Due This Fall in North America

22 Jun 12:55 | Entertainment

That's one puzzle solvedread more »

Monster Hunter Stories Will Roar Onto 3DS in Europe on 8th September

22 Jun 12:45 | Entertainment

The wait will finally endread more »

You Don’t Want to Miss These Stunning Summer Debuts

22 Jun 12:00 | Entertainment

Debut Fiction View in Browser:|13F0CB1B640109D7E0534FD66B0A73BA

read more »

Former Metroid Prime Designers Talk About What They Want From A New Metroid Game

22 Jun 11:10 | Entertainment

"The isolation, the wonder, and the fear"read more »

Nintendo Download: 22nd June (Europe)

22 Jun 11:05 | Entertainment

Ever Oasis! Oceanhorn! RPG Maker FES! Runbow Pocket! Demos! More!read more »

Random: Switch Game Cards Are Tough Enough To Survive A Spin In The Washing Machine

22 Jun 10:00 | Entertainment

"Amazingly it booted up without issue."read more »

Nintendo Download: 22nd June (North America)

22 Jun 09:15 | Entertainment

Ever Oasis! Oceanhorn! RPG Maker Fes! Fatal Fury 2! More!read more »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Looks Set for Late November Release

22 Jun 08:40 | Entertainment

Amazon makes the Linkread more »

Pokémon GO Cheaters Get A Nasty Surprise In The Latest Update

22 Jun 08:00 | Entertainment

Niantic wants it to be "a fun and fair experience for all Trainers"read more »

Nintendo Aims to Keep Switch Hot With 'Drumbeat' of Games and Strength of Concept

22 Jun 07:30 | Entertainment

Will support cross-platform multiplayer when it's a good fitread more »

SwitchCase Hopes To Give Your Switch More Comfortable Grips

22 Jun 07:15 | Entertainment

The grips are replaceable tooread more »

Random: Ease The Pain Of Sega Forever's Botched Launch With This Official Cereal

22 Jun 06:45 | Entertainment


Minecraft On Switch Will Also Get The Super Duper Graphics Pack

22 Jun 06:30 | Entertainment

Super!read more »

Sega Forever Launch Marred By Terrible Emulation

22 Jun 05:45 | Entertainment

"This feels kinda like watching a trainwreck unfold"read more »

Video: This Year's AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback Console Looks Much Improved

22 Jun 05:30 | Entertainment

720p, Filters, save states and much more besidesread more »

You Can Design a Character for Flipping Death on Nintendo Switch

22 Jun 04:00 | Entertainment

Curse that Doctor Laser!read more »

Nintendo Apologizes for Switch Shortages, Promises an Increase in Production

22 Jun 01:55 | Entertainment

Miyamoto's plucking more Pikmin out back as we speakread more »

Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi on Producing New IP

21 Jun 23:20 | Entertainment

"Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game?"read more »

Nintendo Software Manager on Producing New IP

21 Jun 23:20 | Entertainment

"Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game?"read more »

Editorial: Nintendo Switch is About Colour, Fun and Sharing Games, For Those Unsure of Its Purpose

21 Jun 13:15 | Entertainment

More than the sum of its partsread more »

Sega Forever Aims To Revive The Company's Past On Mobile, But Could Come To Switch

21 Jun 11:30 | Entertainment

From Master System to Dreamcastread more »

ARMS and Nintendo Switch Lead the Way in Japanese Charts

21 Jun 11:15 | Entertainment

Switch titles lock out software top 3read more »

Video: Unboxing and Testing the New Nintendo 2DS XL

21 Jun 10:10 | Entertainment

An XL in a tiny boxread more »

The LeSportsac X Nintendo Collection Introduces Some Neat Bags and Accessories

21 Jun 09:30 | Entertainment

Sure, why notread more »

Hori Unveils Another Nintendo Switch Headset for July, With Plenty of Wires

21 Jun 08:00 | Entertainment

Keeping you wired for funread more »

Watch: The Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Direct - Live!

21 Jun 06:00 | Entertainment

Time for the series to finally Switch it up?read more »