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Student Debt Delaying Millennial Homeownership by 7 Years

19 Sep 09:17 | U.S. News

Despite being in the prime years to buy their first home, an overwhelming majority of millennials with student debt currently do not own a home and believe this debt is to blame for what they typically expect to be a seven-year delay from more »

People Become More Economically Conservative When Angered

5 Sep 2017 | U.S. News

The motorist tailgating you on the highway might be doing more than just getting you upset -- they could also be influencing your political more »

Existing-Home Sales Slide 1.3 Percent in July

25 Aug 2017 | U.S. News

Listings in July typically went under contract in under 30 days for the fourth consecutive month because of high buyer demand, but existing-home sales ultimately pulled back as large declines in the Northeast and Midwest outweighed sales increases in the South and West, according to the National Association of more »

People favor highly reviewed products, even when they shouldn't

22 Aug 2017 | U.S. News

When we're trying to decide which cell phone case to buy or which hotel room to book, we often rely on the ratings and reviews of others to help us choose. But new research suggests that we tend to use this information in ways that can actually work to our more »

Trying to resist the urge to splurge? Ditch the smartphone

17 Aug 2017 | U.S. News

You are more likely to indulge in guilty pleasures when shopping online with a touchscreen versus a desktop computer, according to research from UBC's Okanagan more »

Coke or Pepsi? Partner's choices can make you miserable

16 Aug 2017 | U.S. News

It might not seem like a big deal if you like Coke while your partner likes Pepsi -- but new research suggests preferring different brands can affect our happiness in relationships more than shared interests or personality more »

SB17-219: Vulnerability Summary for the Week of July 31, 2017

7 Aug 2017 | SciTech

Original release date: August 07, 2017 The US-CERT Cyber Security Bulletin provides a summary of new vulnerabilities that have been recorded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Vulnerability Database (NVD) in the past week. The NVD is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) / United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). For modified or updated entries, please visit the NVD, which contains historical vulnerability information.The vulnerabilities are based on the CVE vulnerability naming standard and are organized according to severity, determined by the read more »

Pending Home Sales Recover In June, Grow 1.5 Percent

1 Aug 2017 | U.S. News

After declining for three straight months, pending home sales reversed course in June as all major regions, except for the Midwest, saw an increase in contract activity, according to the National Association of more »

More Millennials List Dogs Than Marriage Or Children As Factor In Home-Buying Decisions

27 Jul 2017 | U.S. News

A third of millennial-aged Americans (ages 18 to 36) who purchased their first home (33%) say the desire to have a better space or yard for a dog influenced their decision to purchase their first home, according to a new more »

Existing-Home Sales Retreat 1.8 Percent In June

25 Jul 2017 | U.S. News

Existing-home sales slipped in June as low supply kept homes selling at a near record pace but ultimately ended up muting overall activity, according to the National Association of Realtors. Only the Midwest saw an increase in sales last more »

Hiring Risk Executives To Protect US Banks Backfired, Contributing To 2008 Crash

21 Jul 2017 | Business

When America's major banks created executive positions to reduce exposure to financial risk more than a decade ago, their intent was similar to an employer who designates a fire warden to protect a workplace against smoke and flames. However, the unintended consequence was like giving the fire warden job to a more »

Millennial Spending Habits Differ From Older Generations

21 Jul 2017 | U.S. News

Millennials are spending their money differently than older generations on things like groceries, gas, restaurants and travel, according to a new report. read more »

Employees Waste More Than One Day a Week on Non-Work Activities

20 Jul 2017 | Business

If you've ever felt like there's not enough time in the work week, your cell phone and list of errands may be to blame. Professionals surveyed said they squander an average of 56 minutes per day, or the equivalent of nearly five hours a week, using their mobile device for non-work activities in the office. read more »

'Smart' Money Moving To 'Green' Financing, Says Report

17 Jul 2017 | World

Even though investments towards sustainable development in developing countries have fallen short by nearly $2.5 trillion each year, emerging financial products and encouraging policies illustrate that both public and private sectors are serious about correcting that trend, a new report more »

Over 44 Million Americans Have a 'Side Hustle'

13 Jul 2017 | Business

Over 44 million American adults have a side hustle – that is, a way to earn extra money other than a main source of income – according to a new report from read more »

Generous People Live Happier Lives

12 Jul 2017 | SciTech

Generosity makes people happier, even if they are only a little generous. People who act solely out of self-interest are less happy. Merely promising to be more generous is enough to trigger a change in our brains that makes us happier. This is what UZH neuroeconomists found in a recent study. read more »

Mortgage Rates Continue To Rise

7 Jul 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates nudged higher for the third week in a row, as the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose to 4.16 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Mortgage Rates Inch Higher

30 Jun 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates were slightly higher for the second week in a row, as the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose to 4.07 percent, according to's weekly national more »

Tech Company Video Ads Still Dominated By White Males

28 Jun 2017 | Business

Consumer tech companies that are serious about attracting more women and people from minority groups into their workforce might want to revisit the video advertisements featured on their websites. read more »

Nearly 1 In 4 Has No Emergency Savings

28 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Nearly a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings, according to a new report from However, the percentage of those without an emergency fund currently sits at a six year low, down to 24% this year from 28% last more »

Night Shifts May Hinder Body's Ability To Repair DNA Damage

27 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Night shift work may hinder the body's ability to repair DNA damage caused by normal cellular processes, suggests a new study. Suppression of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the internal body clock (circadian rhythm) might have a role, the findings more »

Eating your feelings? The link between job stress, junk food and sleep

23 Jun 2017 | SciTech

Stress during the workday can lead to overeating and unhealthy food choices at dinnertime, but there could be a buffer to this harmful more »

Mortgage Rates Nudge Higher, But Remain Near 7-Month Lows

23 Jun 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates were slightly higher this week, as the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose to 4.05 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Existing-Home Sales Rise 1.1 Percent In May; Median Sales Price Ascends To New High

22 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Existing-home sales rebounded in May following a notable decline in April, and low inventory levels helped propel the median sales price to a new high while pushing down the median days a home is on the market to a new low, according to the National Association of Realtors. read more »

Close Failing Banks Before They Cost US Billions Of Dollars, Says Study

21 Jun 2017 | Business

Billions of dollars could be saved if Congress revises a law to allow regulators to be more aggressive in reducing losses from insolvent banks, according to a recent study co-authored by a faculty member from Florida Atlantic University's College of more »

The 10 U.S. Cities Where The Cost Of Living Is Rising Fastest

20 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

American household debt totaled a record $12.73 trillion as of March 2017, so cost of living concerns are more pertinent than more »

May's Brisk Home Sales Set Post-Recession Records

19 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

After a brief dip in April home sales, the U.S. housing market returned to seasonally high sales in May, increasing 20.6% from the previous month and 4.3% from May 2016, according to the RE/MAX National Housing Report. read more »

'Purposeful Leaders' Are Winning Hearts And Minds In Workplaces, Study Finds

16 Jun 2017 | Business

People are happier and more productive when their leaders show strong morals, a clear vision and commitment to stakeholders, a new study has more »

Mortgage Rates Hovering At 7-Month Lows

16 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Mortgage rates were little changed this week, as the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate inched lower and remains at the lowest level in seven months according to's weekly national survey. read more »

'Big Food' Companies Have Less Power Than You Might Think

15 Jun 2017 | SciTech

A Dartmouth study finds that "Big Food" companies are striving to make food more sustainable from farm to factory but have less power than you might think. read more »

Research Finds CEOs Who Appear On CNBC Can See Their Pay Rise Over $200,000 Per Year

14 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

New research that examined 4,452 CEOs from 2,666 U.S. firms, as well as 104,129 news articles and 6,567 CNBC interviews, found that CEOs who appeared in CNBC interviews could expect their compensation to increase by $210,239 on average, notwithstanding firm performance and other mitigating more »

5 Root Causes For U.S.'s Depressed Homeownership Rate: New Study

12 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Despite steadily improving local job markets and historically low mortgage rates, the U.S. homeownership rate is stuck near a 50-year low because of a perverse mix of affordability challenges, student loan debt, tight credit conditions and housing supply more »

Millennials The Most Resolute Homebuyers In Current Economic Environment

8 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

Millennials all over the country are flocking to purchase new homes, especially single family homes, according to recent research from TD more »

Families who seem financially stable may not be protected against potential risks

7 Jun 2017 | U.S. News

About half of Americans (47 percent) say if they were to lose their primary source of income tomorrow, they could only maintain their current lifestyle for three months or less. read more »

World Bank sees improving global economy despite 'substantial' risks

7 Jun 2017 | World

Thanks to a pickup in manufacturing and trade, the global economy is recovering, but weak productivity and investment growth threaten long-term prospects in developing economies, the World Bank more »

Mortgage Rates At Lowest Since Mid-November

2 Jun 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates fell for the third week in a row, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate falling to the lowest level in more than six months, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Drone vs. Truck Deliveries: Which Create Less Carbon Pollution?

31 May 2017 | U.S. News

Delivering packages with drones can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in certain circumstances as compared to truck deliveries, a new study from University of Washington transportation engineers more »

Existing-Home Sales Slip 2.3 Percent

30 May 2017 | U.S. News

Stubbornly low supply levels held down existing-home sales in April and also pushed the median number of days a home was on the market to a new low of 29 days, according to the National Association of Realtorsread more »

Seven Charged With Conspiring To Steal Trade Secrets For Chinese Manufacturing Company

29 May 2017 | U.S. News

A criminal complaint has been unsealed charging seven individuals with conspiring to steal trade secrets from a business in the U.S. on behalf of a company in China that was engaged in manufacturing a high-performance, naval-grade product for military and civilian more »

73% Of Americans Have Financial Regrets

24 May 2017 | U.S. News

Nearly 3-in-4 U.S. adults have financial regrets, according to a new report. The most common is not saving for retirement early enough, followed by not saving enough for emergency expenses and taking on too much credit card more »

Foreign Buyers And Immigration Expected To Drive Future Demand For U.S. Housing

22 May 2017 | U.S. News

U.S. real estate markets are increasingly becoming international, and changing demographics brought forth by immigration and growing interest from foreigners are positioned to bolster home sales activity and prices, according to more »

Mortgage Rates Slide To 5-Month Low

19 May 2017 | Business

With a flurry of news breaking in Washington, mortgage rates moved to the downside with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate falling to a five-month low of 4.15 percent, according to's weekly national more »

April Home Sales Cooler Than Typical Spring Season

17 May 2017 | Business

The brisk start to the 2017 home-selling season slowed down in April with home sales dropping 4.1% below March and 4.5% below the previous April, according to this month's RE/MAX National Housing Report. read more »

Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly

12 May 2017 | Business

After barely moving in the past 3 weeks, mortgage rates moved slightly higher this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate now 4.22 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

The Dark Side Of Helping Coworkers

11 May 2017 | Business

If you show up at work tired, you may want to focus strictly on your own tasks. New research suggests helping coworkers in the morning can lead to mental exhaustion and self-serving behavior in the afternoon that ultimately can create a toxic work more »

Abusing Power Hurts Leaders, Too

10 May 2017 | Business

We know that power can corrupt, making people act in ways that harm others. But new research from the University of Florida shows that when the powerful misbehave, they hurt themselves, more »

Retirement Associated With Lower Stress, But Only If You Were In A Top Job

8 May 2017 | U.S. News

A new paper suggests that the period around retirement may widen socio-economic inequalities in stress and more »

Mortgage Rates Dawdle Leading Up To Fed Announcement

5 May 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates were little changed leading up to this week's Federal Reserve announcement, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate inching lower to 4.18 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Small Business Owners' Confidence About U.S. Economy

5 May 2017 | Business

Optimism among business owners about the U.S. economy and the outlook for their own businesses has reached levels never-before seen in the 15-year history of the PNC Economic Outlook, a biannual telephone survey of small- and medium-sized business more »

Staking Self-Worth On The Pursuit Of Money Has Negative Psychological Consequences

28 Apr 2017 | U.S. News

Although people living in consumer-based cultures such as the U.S. often believe that they will be happier if they acquire more money, the findings of a newly published paper suggest that there may be downsides to this more »