For $1,000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use

By Newsroom America Staff at 5:03 pm Eastern

Privacy concerns have long swirled around how much information online advertising networks collect about people's browsing, buying and social media habits -- typically to sell you something.

Study links chocolate production to increased deforestation in poor nations

3:15 pm Eastern | World

There are a number of social, economic and environmental inequalities that arise in the production of chocolate. Evidence of human trafficking and child slave labor have been found in the supply more »

Nearly half of US medical care comes from emergency rooms

11:18 am Eastern | U.S. News

Nearly half of all US medical care is delivered by emergency departments, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). read more »

Reality of living in work poverty revealed

18 Oct 09:05 | World

As the number of working families who live in poverty continues to rise in the UK, a new article reveals the severe challenges that low pay, limited working hours and constrained employment opportunities more »

Study examines what types of searches click for car buyers

5:08 pm Eastern | U.S. News

A new study from The University of Texas at Dallas examines how consumers allocated their time when searching offline and on the internet as they shopped for a new automobile, and what the outcomes were for price more »

Corporate social responsibility may get CEO's fired, study finds

17 Oct 15:06 | World

Investing in product safety, employee diversity and carbon footprint reduction are all examples of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that can result in high praise for a chief executive -- or get them fired -- according to new research from the University of Notre Dame. read more »

How we determine who's to blame

17 Oct 13:22 | U.S. News

How do people assign a cause to events they witness? Some philosophers have suggested that people determine responsibility for a particular outcome by imagining what would have happened if a suspected cause had not more »

Tropical beetles face extinction threat

17 Oct 13:17 | World

Climate change is putting many tropical high altitude beetles at risk of extinction, warn an international team of more »

Learning and staying in shape key to longer lifespan, study finds

16 Oct 17:02 | World

People who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogramme of weight they carry, research more »

Warming seas could lead to 70 percent increase in hurricane-related financial loss

16 Oct 15:18 | U.S. News

If oceans warm at a rate predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nation-sponsored group that assesses climate change research and issues periodic reports, expected financial losses caused by hurricanes could increase more than 70 percent by 2100, according to a study. read more »

Finally! A solution to office thermostat wars

16 Oct 12:05 | World

No matter the season, thermostat wars rage in offices worldwide. Workers bicker over the temperature, alternately complaining that it's too hot or too cold. Concordia researchers may have developed a more »

West Virginians say Opioid epidemic most important health issue in the state

16 Oct 09:02 | U.S. News

The opioid epidemic is the most important health issue in West Virginia, above obesity, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and dental disease, according to a state-based public opinion survey commissioned by Research!America. read more »

More than half of police killings not officially documented on US death certificates

12 Oct 17:21 | U.S. News

Official death certificates in the U.S. failed to count more than half of the people killed by police in 2015 -- and the problem of undercounting is especially pronounced in lower-income counties and for deaths that are due to Tasers, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public more »

World's 'better' countries have higher rates of cancer

12 Oct 15:08 | World

The world's "better" countries, with greater access to healthcare, experience much higher rates of cancer incidence than the world's "worse off" countries, according to new research from the University of more »

Climate action window could close as early as 2023

12 Oct 12:06 | U.S. News

As the Trump administration repeals the U.S. Clean Power Plan, a new study from the University of Michigan underscores the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions--from both environmental and economic more »

Study exposes the dark side of coffee cultivation in Uganda

12 Oct 09:12 | World

New research led by Kelly Austin, associate professor of sociology at Lehigh, explores unequal exchange in the coffee industry. She cites a range of negative consequences that coffee cultivation contributes to, including: malaria vulnerability, decreased participation in schooling, gender inequalities, and environmental degradation in Bududa, more »


What do Americans fear most? Chapman University releases 4th Survey of American Fears

11 Oct 17:08 | U.S. News

Chapman University recently completed its fourth annual Chapman University Survey of American Fears (2017). The survey asked respondents about 80 different fears across a broad range of categories including fears about the government, the environment, terrorism, health, natural disasters, and finances, as well as fears of public speaking, spiders, heights, ghosts and many other personal more »

Tenfold increase in childhood and adolescent obesity in 4 decades

11 Oct 15:15 | World

The number of obese children and adolescents (aged 5 to 19 years) worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades, according to a new study led by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO). read more »

Homicide is the largest contributor to years of lost life among black Americans

11 Oct 12:03 | U.S. News

Homicide is the largest contributor to potential years of life lost among black Americans, according to a study by researchers at the Indiana University School of Public more »

Mass extinctions led to low species diversity, dinosaur rule

11 Oct 09:09 | World

Two of the earth's five mass extinction events - times when more than half of the world's species died - resulted in the survival of a low number of so-called "weedy" species that spread their sameness across the world as the Earth recovered from these dramatic upheavals. read more »

US Olympians at the 2016 Rio Games were infected with West Nile virus, not Zika

10 Oct 17:25 | U.S. News

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and staff who traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Summer Games did not become infected with Zika virus but did test positive for other tropical, mosquito-borne viral infections, including West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. read more »

Air pollution exposure on home-to-school routes reduces the growth of working memory

10 Oct 15:22 | World

A study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) has demonstrated that exposure to air pollution on the way to school can have damaging effects on children's cognitive more »

Nearly half of business owners have been victims of cyberattacks - but didn't know it

10 Oct 12:14 | Business

One company became a victim when a cybercriminal infected it with a ransomware virus, taking its servers hostage and holding them for more »

Global unemployment passes 200 million in 2017

10 Oct 09:08 | World

More than 200 million people are out of work around the world – an increase of 3.4 million since last year, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said, calling for policies that can recharge “sluggish” growth of small and medium-sized more »

Gluten Intolerance Appears Largely Undiagnosed In Canada

9 Oct 16:08 | World

Research on a large sample of Canadians suggests that most people with celiac disease don't know they have more »

Dads Are Often Having Fun While Moms Work Around The House

9 Oct 09:04 | U.S. News

For the first time, researchers have evidence of exactly what dads are doing while moms are taking care of housework or tending to their child. The results will be disappointing for those who expected more gender equity in modern more »

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