Last Chance to Stop the GOP Tax Scam

By Newsroom America Feeds at 19 Dec 2017

The Sierra Club Insider

Congress has to vote one last time on the GOP's tax scam of a bill. The worst parts of it are raising taxes on the middle class, giving handouts to corporate polluters, and opening up the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.

Call your senator today: 202-750-2411 Tell Congress to reject the tax plan.

If you live in Arizona, Florida, Maine, Nevada, or Tennessee—your senator needs to hear from you!

A Look Back at 2017

Nearly 11 months into the Trump presidency, the administration's assaults on American values, institutions, and our environment are perhaps even more brazen and odious that we had feared. It would be disingenuous not to acknowledge that there was much to lament in 2017. But you, our members and supporters, chose to rise up and resist. And even as we wait on pins and needles to see if the GOP rams through one of the most dreadful and inequitable tax bills in our nation's history, we are buoyed by recent elections in two southern states that may be harbingers of a turning tide. In that spirit, we offer you this video look back at 2017.

Talking Turkey Over the Holidays

While many families may choose not to discuss politics at the holiday dinner table, many others will see it come up anyway. We've put together a list that's nowhere close to exhaustive, but we hope it's at least a good start to help you talk about potentially touchy issues without coming to blows. Check out our holiday conversation guide.

Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Gift Challenge

For the next 8 days, every dollar you donate will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000. How robustly we can defend wildlife and human health and stop Trump from turning back the clock on Dirty Energy depends on your help now. Donate today.

Hope Trumps Nope: A Blueprint for Resistance

We are almost at midnight on the climate clock, with a fossil fuel zealot as our president. How can we effectively respond to achieve the world that we want and need? According to Naomi Klein in her cover story for Sierra magazine, our moment of crisis could catalyze historic transformation—"but first we need to reclaim the utopian tradition that animated so many transcendent social movements in the past." Read Naomi Klein's cover story.

Illustration by Alex Nabaum

Join Naomi Klein and Michael Brune for a Facebook Live Event

What will it take to sustain a political movement capable of driving the transition to an ecologically sustainable and socially just society? Naomi Klein, author of No Is Not Enough, and Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune will discuss this and other questions during a Facebook Live conversation on January 10. And anyone who "tunes in" will have a chance to ask questions. Find out more and RSVP.

Photo by Kourosh Keshiri

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Outdoors Lovers

Still struggling with holiday presents? Consider a Sierra Club Outings gift certificate—good toward any of our 300+ new trips, including family trips, backcountry journeys, volunteer vacations, international treks, and so much more. Buy a gift certificate.

Photo by Barry Morenz

GOP Jonesing to Vote On Reprehensible Tax Bill

Within hours of Doug Jones's election to the U.S. Senate, Republicans in the House and Senate hurriedly reached a compromise that will allow them to vote on the GOP tax bill next week. The abhorrent bill would slash taxes for corporations and the wealthy while raising taxes on the middle class; open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling; and repeal key provisions of Obamacare, even though the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 13 million people who now have health care will lose it if the bill passes. Tell Congress to reject the tax plan.

Call your senator today: 202-750-2411

Now Here's a Tax Break That's No Clunker

Vehicle donations are a great way to add a deduction to your list. Donating your car to the Sierra Club Foundation will not only clear up space in your garage or on your block but also help support the foundation's work to build a clean energy future and protect wildlife, wild places, clean water, and fragile ecosystems. Just call 855-337-4377 or visit and we'll handle the rest, including pickup from any location, no matter your vehicle's condition. We accept cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and more. Donate by December 31 to be eligible for a 2017 tax deduction.

Trump's Terrifically Terrible Tuesday

With the election of Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate last Tuesday in Alabama, Donald Trump suffered arguably the most resounding defeat of his presidency after going all-in for Jones's opponent, the most compromised U.S. Senate candidate in memory. "For anyone who has watched his administration's relentless attacks on the issues and values we care about, it was a definite morale boost," says Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune. "But even though the Alabama special election was the biggest news of the day, it wasn't the only welcome development." Consider what else happened on Trump's terrifically terrible Tuesday.

A Clean Planet and a Klean Kanteen

What's a greater gift than clean air, water, and a thriving planet? Join us this holiday season in raising money to protect our planet, and get a Team Sierra Klean Kanteen water bottle when you raise $100 by December 31. The holidays are a time for giving—making it the perfect time to ask your friends and family to support the Sierra Club. Join our team.

NAFTA Should Benefit People, Not Polluters

NAFTA allows corporations to bypass our climate, air and water, and labor standards by offshoring production, jobs, and pollution to countries with lower standards. This race to the bottom harms communities throughout North America. With NAFTA negotiations underway, now is the time to transform harmful trade deals into agreements that uphold, rather than undermine, environmental and labor standards. Tell your members of Congress that the deal to replace NAFTA must benefit people and the environment, not corporate polluters!

Show Your Solidarity with Puerto Rico

Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, many on the island still lack reliable access to food and clean water, let alone electricity or telephone and Internet service. But the story of injustice in Puerto Rico didn't begin with Maria, nor will it end after the island's infrastructure is rebuilt. Join Puerto Rican youth leaders for an interactive webinar on December 20 to hear personal stories of the hurricane, get a crash course in the island's political history, and learn how you can take action for justice as Congress considers supplemental funding for Puerto Rico's recovery. RSVP now to join the webinar.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo by Kris Grogan

The Land I Trust

The Sierra Club has launched an exciting new audio storytelling and podcast series. The Land I Trust focuses on the real consequences of fossil fuels and climate change in the American South with first-person stories that capture the unique environmental movement in the South that is moving beyond coal straight to clean energy. Award-winning audio documentarians Isaac Kestenbaum and Josephine Holtzman have produced four episodes that feature stories from climate refugees, people fighting fracked gas pipelines and coal ash pollution, and leaders in the clean energy economy. You can find The Land I Trust on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Zozobra Stalks the Southwest

According to New Mexican tradition, Zozobra—also known as "Old Man Gloom"—is a dark character, half ghost, half monster—an enemy of everything good and decent who robs people of their most treasured possession: hope. "Zozobra is also Spanish for anxiety and fear," says Javier Sierra, the Sierra Club's associate communications director, "and that's exactly what I feel after [President Trump's] visit to Utah earlier this month." Find out what's giving Sierra the willies.

Lucky 13

This holiday season, help the outdoor enthusiasts in your life hike that trail, scale that mountain, paddle that river, or even just sleep in the woods. Check out these 13 perfect gifts for your fellow adventurers.

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Talking About Climate Change in Trump Country

Strident voices on the American right have told the public that climate change is a left-wing issue. In Minnesota however, "Rural Climate Dialogues" have gotten people across the political spectrum together to discuss it and learn about the science. Find out what "Rural Climate Dialogues" has done for Trump country.

Keep Trump's Hands Off Our Public Lands

Last week, President Trump made an illegal move to shrink both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monuments. The very next day, Interior Secretary Zinke released a plan to gut two more monuments and reduce protections for six others. We're going to fight this horrendous scheme in the streets, in the courts, and in Congress. Tell your members of Congress to uphold the Antiquities Act and keep our public lands protected.

Photo by Nathan Smith

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This will be the last Insider of 2017. We look forward to catching up with you in the new year; look for your next Insider the second week of January.


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