Join 5,000+ Floridians: Tell FP&L to quit fracking with Florida!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 14 Dec 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club Tell Gov. Scott Florida needs clean energy jobs instead of fracked gas and climate change! Demand clean energy, not more fracked gas in Florida!

Hello Deanne,

Florida Power and Light (FPL) wants to build a new, unneeded, costly new fracked gas plant in South Florida. That means WE have to pay for more greenhouse gas pollution that will fuel stronger, more dangerous hurricanes like Irma. And WE have to pay for it!

Tell FPL and Governor Rick Scott enough is enough, you are sick of paying for dirty fuel!

So far, more than 5,000 Floridians have spoken out against this unfair, and downright dangerous, move by FPL. Join them and send your letter today, and please add a personal message to have even more of an impact! Here's what some Floridians have to say:

"All of the storms these past two years here in Florida is caused mostly by climate change. Please stop trying to ruin this world." "We have watched our shorelines disappear and our trees and roads fall into the ocean. We have watched corals and fish die along our coasts and elsewhere on the planet. What else is it going to take for people to notice that fracking and global warming are a threat to our very existence!" "Too many of our leaders are ignorant of science and its positive impact on our lives and future." "Florida has NO excuse for not being TOTALLY SOLAR. We are 'the sunshine state'! We're not the only ones who think FPL's idea is outrageous. The CEO of FPL's parent company said himself gas plants like the one proposed in South Florida are going to be obsolete in less than three years -- so why not invest in solar energy, efficiency, and other cleaner safer alternatives that will last many decades?1 Tell FPL to invest in positive solutions, not spend huge sums on more fracked gas! Your letter will also be sent to Governor Rick Scott, so he knows you want utility regulators to deny the plant.

For our future,
Susannah Randolph
Campaign Representative
Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club

1. NextEra on Storage: 'Post 2020, There May Never Be Another Peaker Built in the US'
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