BREAKING: Keystone XL pipeline conditional approval, fight back!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 20 Nov 2017

Breaking: The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was just approved -- but only a route TransCanada called unworkable. Take action: Urge Wells Fargo to stop funding the Keystone XL pipeline!

Dear Deanne,

The Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands pipeline was just approved by Nebraska's Public Service Commission, but there is some good news. The PSC has approved an alternative route that TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, has called unworkable.1

That means TransCanada still has multiple hurdles to overcome -- so this pipeline may never be built. That gives Sierra Club and our allies the perfect opportunity to fight back by urging banks to stop funding Keystone XL.

Any approval of a tar sands pipeline brings a grave threat to our climate. But Sierra Club and our allies have fought this pipeline for nearly a decade. We aren't about to back down now. Send a message to Wells Fargo, a key funder of TransCanada, demanding that they stand with the landowners and tribes along the path of Keystone XL and not fund this dangerous pipeline.

The movement demanding that banks stop funding pipelines started with the Dakota Access Pipeline, and in only a year has already seen major victories thanks to the millions of people like you who held big banks accountable. ING, one of the major banks behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, already divested as a result of public pressure. The movement has already moved more than $85 million from the banks funding major pipelines. Cities like Seattle and San Francisco have also responded to public pressure and committed to moving their own accounts from pipeline funders, and there are campaigns underway in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Albuquerque, and many more.

Despite the conditional approval of KXL in Nebraska, it's becoming clear that pipelines are a risky investment. TransCanada has publicly stated that they aren't sure Keystone XL will ever be built, so with enough public pressure, this movement can still stop this pipeline.2 In fact, TransCanada is now having a hard time finding enough customers, and oil industry insiders say there's no need for more tar sands pipelines.3,4 We can stop the tar sands at the source by stopping Keystone XL's funding at the source.

When we stand together, we are stronger than Big Oil's money, and in this moment we can still fight back by showing Wells Fargo that they will be held publicly accountable for betting against our climate by investing in dirty fuels. Send your message now.

Funding Keystone XL is out of line with Wells Fargo's public commitments to both climate action and respect for Indigenous rights. It would carry 830,000 barrels of the world's dirtiest oil -- tar sands -- every day from Alberta, Canada, to the U.S. Gulf Coast. It would cut directly through Sioux treaty lands and near several other tribal reservations and the Ponca Trail of Tears, yet Tribal Nations in Nebraska and South Dakota have not been properly consulted.

For the past seven years,we've protected the Ogallala Aquifer, Indigenous treaty lands and the Ponca Trail of tears, and endangered species like the sandhill crane, and kept the carbon-equivalent of more than 37 million cars worth of pollution out of our climate. We will continue to explore every legal avenue to stop this pipeline. Today, we make it clear to Wells Fargo that an investment in Keystone XL is a bet against our climate and Indigenous rights. It's time they stood on the right side of history.

Though Trump approved KXL, the reality is that he can't stop the powerful movement to protect our communities and keep fossil fuels in the ground, no matter how hard he tries. Forty-nine cities have already committed to move to 100 percent clean energy and a dozen new coal plants are set to retire since Trump took office. We will continue to fight every pipeline and fossil fuel project across the country and stand with frontline communities. I know that thanks to the strength of millions of activists like you, we will continue to build a clean energy future.

Thanks for standing against Keystone XL,

Michael Brune Executive Director Sierra Club

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Photo (c) Juliana BrownEyes-Clifford


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