NYC 9/11 Health Update (September 2017)

By Newsroom America Feeds at 11 Sep 2017

NYC 9/11 Health Update


News Items of Note

It's been 16 years since 9/11. As we reflect on this somber day, we remember those we lost and those who survived, and the healing and lessons that continue today.

We Interviewed 9/11 Survivors. Here's what we learned.

Interviews with persons injured on 9/11 found that even after the injury has healed, injured disaster survivors continue to have long-term health impacts from their experience.

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New Finding

Over the last year, we've learned through our research findings that many survivors and responders continue to struggle with 9/11 symptoms and conditions.

Asthma in Adolescents

The number of children attending school or living in lower Manhattan near the WTC on 9/11 is estimated to be 25,000. Many of them developed respiratory health as a result.

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Substance Use in Adolescents

For some children, witnessing the 9/11 event negatively impacted their behavior as they entered adolescence.

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Parent Health and Adolescent Behavior

Previous Registry findings showed that exposure to the 9/11 disaster was associated with behavior problems in adolescents 6-7 years after the event.

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Intensity of Binge Drinking a Decade after 9/11

Some people who directly experienced the September 11 attacks in NYC are still suffering from serious mental health problems, including PTSD and excessive alcohol consumption.

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Substance Use in Adolescents 10 Years after 9/11

Adolescents who witnessed a disturbing event on 9/11 were twice as likely to report ever drinking and almost three times as likely to have ever used marijuana.

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Need Care?

If you think you, a loved one or someone you know may have a 9/11-related health problem, please call the 9/11 Treatment Referral Program at 888-WTC-7848 (888-982-7848). When you call, you will reach a person who will ask a few questions about your health problems and explain how to obtain care through the WTC Health Program, beginning with the application process.

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Of Note

The WTC Health Registry continues to collaborate with community groups and other researchers to explore new studies and better ways to disseminate information. Early this year, Registry staff visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and began an ongoing conversation with the Memorial team on how to better present the scientific findings on display. In May, Registry staff returned to the memorial for a commemorative event to honor rescue and recovery workers.

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The federal World Trade Center Health Program, now provides monitoring and treatment, including medications, with no out-of-pocket costs for both physical and mental health conditions related to the 2001 terrorist attacks no matter where you live now. Apply online or call 888-982-4748 to have an application mailed to you.

Are You Enrolled in the WTC Health Registry? Update your contact information here.

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