Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown and Default, Slash Nutrition Assistance for Families

By Newsroom America Feeds at 20 Sep 2013

Threaten Government Shutdown and Default, Slash Nutrition Assistance for Families MESSAGE FROM THE DEMOCRATIC WHIP

This week, House Republicans voted to cut nearly $40 billion from our nation’s nutrition assistance program (SNAP), which would deny food assistance to nearly 4 million Americans, including children, seniors and veterans. For four decades, Congress has traditionally passed a bipartisan farm bill that includes this nutrition assistance. I was deeply disappointed when House Republicans broke with longstanding tradition and did not include the program in their farm bill, and that they then passed a partisan bill this week that would put millions of Americans at risk of going without enough food. When the House and Senate go to conference on a farm bill, I hope my colleagues will provide adequate funding for this program.

I was also disappointed that House Republicans passed a partisan continuing resolution that defunds the Affordable Care Act, lays the groundwork for defaulting on our debt, and continues the damaging sequester. Rather than finding a responsible solution to keep our government funded past October 1, House Republicans have pursued legislation that has no chance of passing in the Senate or being signed into law. With only 10 calendar days remaining until the end of the fiscal year, Republicans should work with Democrats on a bipartisan solution to responsibly fund the government, end the reckless policy of the sequester, and protect our national security and economy.

Next week, House Republicans intend to bring yet another partisan bill to the Floor that holds our nation’s creditworthiness hostage to partisan goals like delaying the Affordable Care Act. Failure to raise the debt limit and ensure we pay our nation’s bills puts our economy at risk; the last time Republicans played games with this issue caused the first downgrade of our nation’s credit in history. I will encourage House Republicans to abandon political games and give our economy, businesses, families, and our financial markets the certainty they deserve.

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