U.S. Troops to Get Gay Sensitivity Training in War Zone

By Jon E. Dougherty at 25 Feb 2011

(Newsroom America) -- U.S. combat troops will be getting new gay and lesbian sensitivity training in Afghanistan, according to the Army's top enlisted soldier, to reflect recent changes in Pentagon policy.

"I have heard about the training that will be forthcoming to the battlefield," Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill said in a teleconference with reporters.

"We will take our directions from the Department of Defense, from the secretary of defense, the chairman, as well as the service chiefs of each service. Our plan is to take their direction, and we’re going to execute that training right here on the battlefield," he said, adding that every unit will be included in the training.

"Our goal is to not allow a unit to return to home station and have the unit responsible for that. While we own those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, we’re going to execute that training on the ground. We hope that it will have little impact on their combat and security operations here," Hill added.

President Obama signed legislation in December repealing the Pentagon's longtime ban against openly gay and lesbian servicemembers. The ban did not prohibit gays and lesbians from serving, only revealing their sexuality in public.

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