Alcohol Makes You Momentarily Happier But Not More Satisfied

By Newsroom America Staff at 5:14 pm Eastern

Research suggests people are momentarily happier when drinking alcohol -- but that over longer periods, drinking more does not make them more satisfied with life.

Scientists Say Life On Earth Began In Comet Craters

4:05 pm Eastern | SciTech

Geochemists from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences may have found a solution to a long-debated problem as to where - and how - life first formed on more »


Security Software Can Put Computers At Risk: Researchers

3:09 pm Eastern | SciTech

Is the antivirus program running on your computer really making your computers safer to use, say, for online banking? Probably not, say more »


Analysis Indicates Leopards Have Lost Nearly 75 Percent Of Their Historic Range

2:05 pm Eastern | World

The leopard (Panthera pardus), one of the world's most iconic big cats, has lost as much as 75 percent of its historic range, according to a new more »


Former New York State Assembly Speaker Gets 12 Years In Prison

12:10 pm Eastern | US Politics and Govt

The former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after having been found guilty of using his official position to obtain nearly $4 million in bribes and more »


Conspirators In Two Android Mobile Device App Piracy Groups Plead Guilty

10:12 am Eastern | SciTech

A leading member of an online piracy group has pleaded guilty and a co-conspirator pleaded guilty in January for their roles in a scheme to distribute more than four million pirated copies of copyrighted Android apps with a total retail value of more than $17 million. read more »


Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film Exposed As A Hoax

9:05 am Eastern | U.S. News

People involved in producing the world's most famous Bigfoot footage have admitted it was a hoax and the "Bigfoot" is actually a man in a suit. read more »


Nearly A Quarter Of The World's School-Age Children Live In Crisis-Hit Countries

8:09 am Eastern | World

Almost one quarter of the world’s school-age children – 462 million – live in countries affected by humanitarian emergencies – a new report by UNICEF and partners has more »


Climate-Exodus Expected In The Middle East And North Africa

4 May 17:18 | World

Scientists say parts of the Middle East and North Africa may become uninhabitable due to climate change. read more »


Texts Generated By Robot Reporters Found More Credible Than Those By Real Journalists

4 May 16:12 | Entertainment

An experimental study has found that readers rate texts generated by algorithms more credible than texts written by real more »


Medical Error Is Third Biggest Cause Of Death In The US, Say Experts

4 May 15:14 | U.S. News

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer, according to more »


Scientists Find Likely Cause For Recent Southeast US Earthquakes

4 May 14:07 | U.S. News

The southeastern United States should, by all means, be relatively quiet in terms of seismic activity but the area has seen some notable seismic events. Now scientists think they know more »


Why Are Labrador Retrievers More Interested In Food Than Other Breeds

4 May 12:08 | SciTech

Dog owners tell their vets that Labrador retrievers are always interested in food, and new work shows there might be a biological truth to the claim. read more »


Companies Allegedly Deceived Consumers With Fake Subscription Notices For Newspapers

4 May 10:03 | Business

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the operators of dozens of companies with deceiving consumers by using fake newspaper subscription notices. The FTC seeks to stop the operation and obtain money for return to more »


One In Three Antibiotic Prescriptions Unnecessary: CDC

4 May 09:08 | U.S. News

At least 30 percent of antibiotics prescribed in the United States are unnecessary, according to new data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).read more »


Flint Michigan Crisis 'Not Just About Water'

4 May 08:14 | World

Speaking ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to Flint, Michigan, three experts are calling for immediate action to address the serious human rights concerns related to the contamination of the city’s water more »


Consumers' Trust In Online User Ratings Misplaced, Says CU-Boulder Study

3 May 17:19 | Business

The belief that online user ratings are good indicators of product quality is largely an illusion, according to a new University of Colorado Boulder more »


Seeing The Benefits Of Failure Shapes Kids' Beliefs About Intelligence

3 May 15:16 | SciTech

Parents' beliefs about whether failure is a good or a bad thing guide how their children think about their own intelligence, according to new research from Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. read more »


One In Six Children Hospitalized For Lung Inflammation Positive For Marijuana Exposure

3 May 14:05 | U.S. News

A new study has found one in six infants and toddlers admitted to a Colorado hospital with coughing, wheezing and other symptoms of bronchiolitis tested positive for marijuana more »


Research Shows Air Rage A Product Of Class Difference

3 May 12:01 | U.S. News

We blame air rage on long flight delays, shrinking seats and a general decline in civility. But the first empirical research study into the phenomenon pegs another culprit -- class inequality -- for the reason passengers lose more »


Researchers Find Earth May Be Home To 1 Trillion Species

3 May 10:25 | World

Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to a study from biologists at Indiana more »


Hundreds Killed In Iraq In April

3 May 09:14 | World

A total of 741 Iraqis were killed and another 1,374 were injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq last month, according to casualty figures recorded by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI). read more »


Former FBI Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement of Drug Proceeds

3 May 08:11 | U.S. News

A former FBI special agent has pleaded to stealing over $136,000 of drug proceeds seized during the execution of search warrants in 2014 and falsifying reports and tampering with a more »


Three Potentially Habitable Worlds Found Around Nearby Ultracool Dwarf Star

2 May 18:07 | SciTech

A team of astronomers led by Michael Gillon at the University of Liege in Belgium have discovered three planets with similar sizes to the Earth orbiting a Dwarf Star known as more »


Exposure To Particulate Air Pollutants Associated With Numerous Cancers

2 May 15:02 | World

Researchers have found that long-term exposure to environmental pollutants was associated with increased risk of mortality for many types of cancer in an elderly Hong Kong more »


Hospitals Bombed In Syria

2 May 14:04 | World

A human rights expert says the latest reports of civilian deaths and injuries in Syria, including bombings of marketplaces and medical facilities, reveal a "monstrous disregard for civilian lives by all parties to the conflict."read more »


Study Identifies Factors That Can Help Children Thrive In The Face Of Adversity

2 May 12:09 | SciTech

A new research abstract suggests that certain family, social and community assets may boost a child's chances of flourishing in the face of more »


Percentage Of US Children Who Have Chronic Health Conditions On The Rise

2 May 10:05 | U.S. News

The percentage of children with chronic health conditions is on the rise, and new research shows this is especially true among children who live in or near more »


Exposure To Tobacco Smoke In The Home Increases Childhood Illnesses

2 May 09:05 | SciTech

Researchers said that children who lived with a smoker or who had exposure to tobacco smoke inside the home were significantly more likely to have had any medical care visit, including sick care. read more »


Aerial Spraying To Combat Mosquitos Linked To Increased Risk Of Autism In Children

2 May 08:11 | U.S. News

New research suggests that the use of airplanes to spray anti-mosquito pesticides may increase the risk of autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays among more »


Questions About Choking Hazards In Foods Marketed As First Finger Foods For Babies

1 May 17:15 | SciTech

Research has found many products marketed as "first finger foods" for babies failed to meet American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations that they be small, soft and easy to more »


Former Fox News Commentator Pleads Guilty to Fraud

1 May 14:16 | U.S. News

Wayne Shelby Simmons, 62, of Annapolis, Maryland, a former Fox News commentator who has falsely claimed he spent 27 years working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has pleaded guilty to major fraud against the government, wire fraud, and a firearms more »


Alcohol Brand Placement On TV Linked With Teens' Drinking Habits

1 May 10:53 | Entertainment

A new research abstract presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting showing how strongly alcohol brand placement relates to the drinking behavior of underage youth suggests more regulation may be more »


Ransomware Now A Significant Threat To U.S. Businesses And Individuals: FBI

1 May 09:18 | SciTech

The FBI says ransomware has become a significant threat to U.S. businesses and individuals. Perpetrators use ransomware to encrypt a user’s important files and documents, making them unreadable, until a ransom is paid. read more »


Experiments Show 'Retweeting' Can Interfere With Learning And Memory

1 May 08:30 | SciTech

Research at Cornell University and Beijing University finds retweeting or otherwise sharing information creates a "cognitive overload" that interferes with learning and retaining what you've just more »


Evidence Points To Widespread Loss Of Ocean Oxygen By 2030s

29 Apr 16:45 | SciTech

Climate change has caused a drop in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans in some parts of the world, and those effects should become evident across large parts of the ocean between 2030 and 2040, according to a new more »


People With Albinism Face 'Total Extinction' In Malawi

29 Apr 16:41 | World

A human rights expert has warned that the atrocities faced by persons with albinism in Malawi render them “an endangered people group facing a risk of systemic extinction over time if nothing is done.”read more »


Mortgage Rates Hit One-Month High

29 Apr 16:37 | Business

Mortgage rates increased for a second consecutive week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate climbing to 3.83 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »


Sensitive People More Vulnerable To Online Dating Scams

28 Apr 17:32 | World

Sensitive and less emotionally intelligent people are more likely to be vulnerable to online dating scams, according to research. read more »


No Time To Get Fit? Researchers Say Just 1 Minute Of Intense Exercise Produces Health Benefits

28 Apr 16:18 | World

Researchers at McMaster University have found that a single minute of very intense exercise produces health benefits similar to longer, traditional endurance more »


Working Longer May Lead To A Longer Life, Research Shows

28 Apr 15:18 | Business

Working past age 65 could lead to longer life, while retiring early may be a risk factor for dying earlier, a new study from Oregon State University more »


Court Finds Amazon Liable For Billing Parents For Children's Unauthorized In-App Charges

28 Apr 14:14 | Entertainment

A federal judge has granted the Federal Trade Commission’s request for summary judgment in the agency’s lawsuit against Amazon, Inc., for billing consumers for unauthorized in-app charges incurred by more »


Wyeth And Pfizer Agree To Pay $784 Million To Resolve Lawsuit

28 Apr 12:17 | U.S. News

Drug companies Wyeth and Pfizer have agreed to pay $784.6 million to resolve allegations that Wyeth failed to give the government the same discounts it provided to private purchasers of its drugs, as required by the Medicaid more »


Estonian Sentenced For Infecting 4 Million Computers In 100 Countries With Malware

28 Apr 10:11 | U.S. News

Vladimir Tsastsin has been sentenced in Manhattan federal court to more than seven years in prison for perpetrating a massive internet fraud scheme by infecting more than four million computers in over 100 countries with malware. read more »


Facebook Stock Hits All Time High

28 Apr 08:16 | SciTech

Facebook stock hit an all time high overnight after it's first-quarter results significantly exceeded analysts more »


Pending Home Sales Maintain Momentum In March

28 Apr 09:06 | Business

Pending home sales increased slightly in March for the second consecutive month and reached their highest level in almost a year, according to the National Association of Realtors. read more »


Voice-Guided Vehicles Crashed More When The Car's Voice Was Similar To The Driver

27 Apr 17:38 | U.S. News

Does a car's perceived personality and voice lead to safer driving? A recent study found that giving a car a more personal voice led to more car more »


Envoy 'Deeply Concerned' By Terrorist Attacks On Oil Fields

27 Apr 14:24 | World

The most senior United Nations official in Libya said he is deeply concerned by recent incursions by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh) into Libya’s oil crescent region and by attacks on oil more »


Contamination In North Dakota Linked To Fracking Spills

27 Apr 14:20 | U.S. News

Accidental wastewater spills from unconventional oil production in North Dakota have caused widespread water and soil contamination, a new Duke University study more »


Widespread Loss Of Ocean Oxygen To Become Noticeable In 2030s

27 Apr 14:16 | SciTech

A reduction in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans due to climate change is already discernible in some parts of the world and should be evident across large regions of the oceans between 2030 and 2040, according to a new study led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).read more »


Computer Scientists Develop Algorithm To Detect Life Satisfaction On Twitter

26 Apr 17:26 | SciTech

Happiness. It's something we all strive for, but how do we measure it as a country or a global community? Researchers at the University of Iowa are turning to social media to answer these questions and more »


Home Price Increases Slow Down in February

26 Apr 16:30 | Business

The latest results for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the past 12 more »


Risks Of Harm From Spanking Confirmed By Analysis Of Decades Of Research

26 Apr 14:15 | SciTech

The more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties, according to a new meta-analysis of 50 years of research on more »


Even Low Levels Of Air Pollution Appear To Affect Children's Lung Health

26 Apr 12:10 | U.S. News

Improved air quality in U.S. cities since the 1990s may not be enough to ensure normal lung function in children, according to new research by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). read more »


Do Successful Leaders Produce More Successful Leaders?

26 Apr 10:03 | Business

Scientists have studied the NFL to determine if the so-called "acolyte effect" that makes proteges of successful head coaches successful in turn is real. They tracked the career outcomes of almost 1,300 coaches over 30 more »


Three Men Sentenced For Burning Down Church

26 Apr 09:15 | U.S. News

Three Eagle Butte, South Dakota, men convicted for their roles in burning down a 98-year-old church on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation have been sentenced to more »


U.S. Military Ramps Up Presence In Syria

26 Apr 08:22 | World

The number of U.S. military personnel in Syria is increasing to 250 to support local forces on the ground and build on the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).read more »

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