Biologist Warns Of Early Stages Of Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Event

By Newsroom America Staff at 25 Jul 15:54

An international team of scientists is warning the loss and decline of animals is contributing to what appears to be the early days of the planet's sixth mass biological extinction event.

Threat Of Famine Looms In South Sudan

25 Jul 16:05 | World

Secretary of State John Kerry says South Sudan now faces the worst food security crisis in the world, with more than 50,000 children under the age of five at risk of dying from malnutrition this year. read more »


Fraudsters Using Social Media To Spread False Stock Information To Manipulate Prices

25 Jul 16:01 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an Investor Alert to warn investors about fraudsters who may attempt to manipulate share prices by using social media to spread false or misleading information about more »


Study Shows Role Of Media In Sharing Life Events

25 Jul 15:46 | SciTech

Until now, all research about what is known as "social sharing," or the act of telling others about the important events in our lives, has been restricted to face-to-face interactions. A new study investigates what happens when people share via new more »


Media Fragmentation Plays Role In Election Wishful Thinking

25 Jul 16:21 | Entertainment

When asked who is going to win an election, people tend to predict their own candidate will come out on top. When that doesn't happen, according to a new study from the University of Georgia, these "surprised losers" often have less trust in government and more »


Artificial Intelligence Identifies The Musical Progression Of The Beatles

25 Jul 16:24 | Entertainment

Music fans and critics know that the music of the Beatles underwent a dramatic transformation in just a few years, but until now there hasn’t been a scientific way to measure the progression. read more »


Impact Of Iraq Conflict On Minorities 'Devastating And Irreversible'

25 Jul 16:16 | World

Two human rights experts have warned that ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq are bearing the “devastating and irreversible” brunt of the conflict that has once again engulfed the more »


Climate Change Increases Risk Of Crop Slowdown In Next 20 Years

25 Jul 15:38 | SciTech

The world faces a small but substantially increased risk over the next two decades of a major slowdown in the growth of global crop yields because of climate change, new research more »


Attack On UN-Run School In Gaza Kills 15

24 Jul 16:05 | World

An attack on a United Nations-run school in Gaza where hundreds of people had taken refuge from the ongoing hostilities has killed at least 15 more »


Morgan Stanley To Pay $275 Million For Misleading Investors

24 Jul 15:45 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged three Morgan Stanley entities with misleading investors in a pair of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) securitizations that the firms underwrote, sponsored, and more »


Mortgage Rates Show Little Movement

24 Jul 15:59 | World

Mortgage rates were mixed this week showing little in the way of movement, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate slipped to 4.28 percent, according to's survey. read more »


Court Orders Tech Support Scammers To Pay More Than $5.1 Million

24 Jul 15:38 | SciTech

A U.S. District Court has ordered the operators of several international tech support scams to pay more than $5.1 million, following FTC charges that they masqueraded as major computer companies, tricked consumers into believing their computers were riddled with malware and then charged consumers to “fix” more »


Life Expectancy Gains Threatened As More Older Americans Suffer Multiple Conditions

24 Jul 13:31 | U.S. News

With nearly four in five older Americans living with multiple chronic medical conditions, a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that the more ailments you have after retirement age, the shorter your life more »


Stronger Early Reading Skills Predict Higher Intelligence Later

24 Jul 12:36 | SciTech

A new study of identical twins has found that early reading skill might positively affect later intellectual abilities. read more »


Two Men Indicted In Multi-Million-Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme

24 Jul 10:29 | U.S. News

Edward Dacy, 76, of West Melbourne, Fla., and A. Conrad Austin, 49, of Bowie, Md., have been indicted on conspiracy, bank fraud, and other federal charges stemming from a multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud scheme in the District of Columbia and Maryland. read more »


Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls 'Not Forgotten' As Worldwide Vigils Begin

24 Jul 07:02 | World

Marking 100 days since the brazen abduction of schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reiterated his call for their immediate release, while expressing his full support for the worldwide vigils taking place. read more »


Envoy Demands Islamist Forces End 'Horrific Terrorist Acts' In Iraq

24 Jul 07:13 | World

The top United Nations official in Iraq has called on the Security Council to demand that the Islamist forces – in control of more than a third of the country's territory – cease all hostilities and to ensure that those responsible for "horrific terrorist acts" are held to more »


Ben Gurion International Airport Flight Ban Lifted

24 Jul 01:46 | U.S. News

The FAA has lifted its restrictions on U.S. airline flights into and out of Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport by cancelling a Notice to Airmen it renewed yesterday. read more »


Ban Meets With Israeli, US officials And Reiterates Call For Mid-East Ceasefire

23 Jul 15:50 | World

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has met with Israeli and United States officials in Jerusalem and called for an immediate ceasefire as the war enters its 16th more »


New Approach In Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Targeting Alien Polluters

23 Jul 16:11 | SciTech

Researchers say it may be possible to detect alien life on other worlds by looking for industrial pollution in exoplanet more »


Ben Gurion International Airport Flight Ban Extended

23 Jul 15:39 | U.S. News

The FAA has issued another Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) informing U.S. airlines that the flight ban in effect for Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport remains in force for up-to-an-additional-24-hours while the FAA continues to monitor and evaluate the more »


Replacing Coal And Oil With Natural Gas Will Not Help Fight Global Warming: Researchers

23 Jul 13:37 | U.S. News

Both shale gas and conventional natural gas have a larger greenhouse gas footprint than do coal or oil, especially for the primary uses of residential and commercial heating, according to a new study. read more »


CEOs Who Motivate With 'Fightin' Words 'Shoot Themselves In The Foot'

23 Jul 12:26 | Business

A new Brigham Young University business study finds that bosses who try to motivate their employees with violent rhetoric — think of Steve Jobs declaring "thermonuclear war" on Samsung — end up motivating rival employees to play more »


Extra Exercise Helps Depressed Smokers Give Up Faster

23 Jul 11:21 | U.S. News

People diagnosed with depression need to step out for a cigarette twice as often as smokers who are not dealing with a mood disorder, according to new more »


Controlling Childbirth Pain Tied To Lower Depression Risk

23 Jul 10:16 | SciTech

Controlling pain during childbirth and post delivery may reduce the risk of postpartum depression, according to Northwestern Medicine perinatal psychiatrist Katherine Wisner, M.D. read more »


Scammer Settles Charges He Sent Consumers Millions of Unwanted Texts

23 Jul 09:32 | U.S. News

A text message spammer and his company have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they were responsible for sending millions of unwanted messages to consumers across the country, which contained false promises of "free" $1,000 gift cards for major retailers like Walmart, Target and Best more »


Urgent Action Needed To Protect Children Against Polio In Syria, Iraq and Region

23 Jul 07:38 | World

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are warning that unless children in hard-to-reach areas of the Middle East are vaccinated against polio, the number of those infected will continue to more »


Former Boggs Paving CFO Admits $87 Million Fraud Scheme Involving Government Projects

23 Jul 08:52 | U.S. News

Kevin Hicks, 43, of Monroe, N.C. and former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Boggs Paving has admitted his role in an $87 million fraud scheme involving government-funded construction more »


U.S. Flights To And From Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport Suspended

22 Jul 15:46 | World

The FAA has told U.S. airlines they are prohibited from flying to or from Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport for a period of up to 24 hours. read more »


Flying Remains Safe Despite "Hideous" MH17 Crime: IATA

22 Jul 16:13 | World

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)said flying remains safe despite the "hideous crime" that saw Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot more »


Jury Convicts Man Of Impeding Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation

22 Jul 15:51 | U.S. News

A federal jury in Boston has convicted a friend of alleged Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for impeding the bombing more »


Members Of Android Mobile Device App Piracy Groups Charged

22 Jul 12:51 | SciTech

Three federal indictments have been unsealed in the Northern District of Georgia charging six members of three different piracy groups – Appbucket, Applanet and SnappzMarket – for their roles in the illegal distribution of copies of copyrighted Android mobile device applications, or "apps".read more »


Beef Cattle Responsible 'For Far More Greenhouse Gas Emissions' Than Other Animals

22 Jul 11:21 | SciTech

New research suggests that livestock emissions are on the rise and that beef cattle are responsible for far more greenhouse gas emissions than other types of animals. read more »


Missing Sleep May Disrupt Your Memory

22 Jul 10:35 | SciTech

Lack of sleep, already considered a public health epidemic, can also lead to errors in memory, according to a new study by researchers at Michigan State University and the University of California, more »


Mental Health Issues In Children Who Had Relatives In Boston Marathon Manhunt

22 Jul 09:35 | U.S. News

Children with relatives who were called upon to participate in the interagency manhunt following the Boston Marathon attack carried a particularly heavy mental health burden, according to a new more »


Former Qualcomm Senior Executive Pleads Guilty To Insider Trading And Money Laundering

22 Jul 08:41 | Business

Jing Wang, 51, the former Executive Vice President and President of Global Business Operations for Qualcomm Inc., has pleaded guilty to insider trading in shares of Qualcomm and Atheros Communications Inc. read more »


Security Council Condemns Downing Of Malaysian Airliner

22 Jul 07:15 | World

The Security Council has called for an international investigation into last week’s downing of a Malaysia Airlines passenger flight in eastern Ukraine, and demanded that armed groups allow unfettered access to the crash site and ensure that its integrity is more »


Ban Urges All Parties In Middle East To Accept Israel-Gaza Ceasefire

22 Jul 02:50 | World

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged all parties to rally around collective international efforts to obtain an end to two weeks of bloodshed in Gaza and Israel and reach a more »


Immediate MH17 Focus Must Be On Recovering Victims: Obama

22 Jul 01:33 | US Politics and Govt

President Obama says immediate focus in the wake of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 being shot down over Ukraine last week must be "on recovering those who were lost, investigating exactly what happened, and putting forward the facts."read more »


Detroit Suspends Water Shutoffs

21 Jul 15:48 | U.S. News

Food & Water Watch said it was glad the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has announced it will suspend water shutoffs for 15 days to allow residents to demonstrate their inability to more »


Research Shows Oceans Vital For Possibility Of Alien Life

21 Jul 10:17 | SciTech

Researchers at the University of East Anglia say they have made an important step in the race to discover whether other planets could develop and sustain more »


Contrary To Popular Theory, Brain Waves Show Learning To Read Does Not End In 4th Grade

21 Jul 08:48 | SciTech

Teachers-in-training have long been taught that fourth grade is when students stop learning to read and start reading to learn, but this may not be more »


Security Council Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

21 Jul 07:31 | World

The Security Council has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Doha, the first leg of a Middle East tour which aims to end the more »


Sea Rising About 1 Centimeter Per Year Off Coasts Of Philippines, Northeastern Australia

20 Jul 15:56 | SciTech

A new study led by Old Dominion University and the University of Colorado Boulder indicates sea levels likely will continue to rise in the tropical Pacific Ocean off the coasts of the Philippines and northeastern Australia as humans continue to alter the more »


Malaysia Airlines Retires MH17 Flight Number

20 Jul 16:08 | World

Malaysia Airlines said the Amsterdam (AMS) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL) service MH17 flight number will be retired out of respect for our crew and passengers of the mentioned flight code. read more »


Former Deputy Sheriff Sentenced To 93 Months In Prison For Protecting Drug Traffickers

20 Jul 01:28 | U.S. News

Randy Strickland, 55, a former Pierce County, Georgia Deputy Sheriff, has been sentenced to 93 months in federal prison for providing protection for drug more »


Concern At Deliberate Attacks On Civilians In Central African Republic

19 Jul 17:46 | World

Emergency relief coordinators have expressed deep concern over reports of alarming levels of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), including several cases in which armed groups deliberately targeted camps sheltering displaced more »


U.S. Condemns Religious Persecution by ISIL In Iraq

19 Jul 16:22 | World

The United States has condemned "in the strongest terms" the systematic persecution of ethnic and religious minorities by the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).read more »


Flight MH17 Shot Down By Missile From Area Controlled By Russian-Backed Separatists: Obama

18 Jul 16:08 | US Politics and Govt

President Barack Obama says evidence indicates Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine. read more »


Tea Party Support Linked To Educational Segregation, New Study Shows

18 Jul 16:56 | US Politics and Govt

The political polarization that Americans witness today is linked to the way in which Americans live in segregated worlds, according to University of Notre Dame political sociologist Rory more »


FedEx Indicted For Role In Distributing Controlled Substances And Prescription Drugs

18 Jul 16:46 | U.S. News

A federal grand jury in San Francisco indicted FedEx with conspiracies to traffic in controlled substances and misbranded prescription drugs for its role in distributing controlled substances and prescription drugs for illegal Internet more »


Human Rights Violations And Potential War Crimes Reported In Iraq

18 Jul 16:41 | World

The group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies are imposing "untold hardship and suffering" on Iraqi civilians, according to a new report that also casts doubt as to whether Iraqi security forces (ISF) and associated forces have done enough to protect civilians during more »


Downing Of Malaysian Jet 'Highlights Urgency' Of Resolving Ukraine Crisis

18 Jul 16:18 | World

The apparent deliberate downing of a Malaysian passenger plane over eastern Ukraine highlights the need for an urgent resumption of a ceasefire and a serious effort to end the ongoing crisis, the Security Council has been more »


Cases Of Drug-Resistant Superbug Significantly Rise In Southeastern US

18 Jul 10:39 | U.S. News

Cases of the highly contagious, drug-resistant bacteria, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), have increased fivefold in community hospitals in the Southeastern United States, according to a new study. read more »


British Nationals Who Supported Terrorism Sentenced

18 Jul 08:21 | U.S. News

Two British nationals have been sentenced in New Haven federal court for conspiring to provide and providing material support to terrorists, including the solicitation of funds, personnel, and military equipment to the more »


Security Council Condemns Recent North Korea Missile Launches

18 Jul 07:14 | World

The UN Security Council has deplored the continued missile launches conducted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).read more »


U.S. Says 'Vital' MH17 Crash Site In Ukraine Not Tampered With

18 Jul 00:02 | World

The United States says it is vital that no evidence is tampered with at the site of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash in Ukraine where 298 people more »


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Crashes In Ukraine With 295 Onboard Lost

17 Jul 16:33 | World

Ukrainian government officials say Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 with 295 people on board has been "shot down" by "terrorists" over Ukrainian airspace, with no survivors. read more »


Israeli Military Launches Ground Invasion Of Gaza Strip

17 Jul 16:50 | World

The Israeli Defense Force says a "large" IDF force has launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in a new phase of "Operation Protective Edge."read more »


Microsoft To Lay Off 18,000 People

17 Jul 17:39 | SciTech

Microsoft said it plans to eliminate 18,000 jobs as part of a restructuring plan to simplify its organization and align the recently acquired Nokia Devices and Services business with the company’s overall more »


Nationalities Of Passengers On Downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Released

17 Jul 18:23 | World

Malaysia Airlines has released the nationalities of many of the passengers on board Flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine by a surface to air more »


Mortgage Rates Pause As Investors Digest Mixed Economic News

17 Jul 16:59 | Business

Mortgage rates were essentially unchanged over the past week, according to The larger jumbo 30-year fixed mortgage rate increased four basis points to 4.37 percent, while the 5-year ARM held steady at 3.33 percent. read more »


Dispersant From Deepwater Horizon Spill Found To Persist In The Environment

17 Jul 12:53 | SciTech

A new study has found that the dispersant compound DOSS, which decreases the size of oil droplets and hampers the formation of large oil slicks, remains associated with oil and can persist in the environment for up to four more »


Texas Woman Sentenced For Sending Ricin Letters

17 Jul 10:07 | U.S. News

A 35-year-old New Boston, Texas woman has been sentenced to 18 years in federal prison on a charge of threatening the President with biological weapons. read more »


Four Mississippi Men And Women Indicted For Racially Motivated Hate Crimes Spree

17 Jul 08:52 | U.S. News

A federal grand jury has indicted John Louis Blalack, 20, of Brandon, Mississippi, Sarah Adelia Graves, 21, of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, Robert Henry Rice, 23, of Brandon, and Shelbie Brooke Richards, 20, of Pearl, Mississippi, for their alleged roles in a conspiracy to commit federal hate crimes against African-American people in Jackson, Mississippi. read more »


Warning Of Looming Disaster In Sudan And South Sudan

17 Jul 07:47 | World

Deeply concerned by the escalating and increasingly interlinked crises in Sudan and South Sudan, the top United Nations relief official has warned that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating for hundreds of thousands of people in both more »


Israel Agrees To 'Humanitarian Pause' In War-Torn Gaza Strip

17 Jul 01:58 | World

After days of escalating violence and follow-on civilian suffering in the Gaza Strip, Israel has agreed to a five hour humanitarian pause set to begin this more »


'Disturbing Lack Of Transparency' For Digital Mass Surveillance

16 Jul 16:07 | World

The top United Nations human rights official has warned of the "disturbing" lack of transparency in governmental surveillance policies and practices, "including de facto coercion of private sector companies to provide sweeping access to information and data relating to private individuals without the latter’s knowledge or consent."read more »


FTC Sends Refund Checks Totaling $9.3 Million To Consumers Who Bought 'Ab Circle Pro'

16 Jul 16:12 | U.S. News

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 196,969 checks averaging $47.51 each to consumers who purchased an abdominal exercise device known as the Ab Circle Pro after it was found to have made false claims about losing more »


F-35 Returns To Limited Flight But Officials Rule Out Farnborough

16 Jul 15:58 | U.S. News

The F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter has returned to limited flying but will not be appearing at the Farnborough International Airshow in the United Kingdom, said Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John more »


Do Smartphone Ads Actually Work?

16 Jul 14:16 | SciTech

Brands spent $8.4 billion on mobile advertising in 2013, and that number is expected to quadruple to $36 billion by 2017, according to eMarketer. But, do mobile display ads—those tiny banner ads that pop up in your smartphone’s web browser—actually work? read more »


Fundamental Chemistry Findings Could Help Extend Moore's Law

16 Jul 13:08 | SciTech

In a bid to continue decreasing transistor size while increasing computation and energy efficiency, chip-maker Intel has partnered with researchers from the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to design an entirely new kind of more »


​Study Finds Why Some Firms Are "Named and Shamed" By Activists

16 Jul 11:27 | Business

New research has found that companies tend to attract the attention of labor activists if they are large, have prominent brand images, or had good corporate more »


Do Daughters Really Cause Divorce? Maybe Not Say Researchers

16 Jul 10:20 | SciTech

In the U.S., couples with daughters are somewhat more likely to divorce than couples with sons. Many scholars have read those numbers as evidence that daughters cause divorce, but new research says this may not be the more »

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