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Officials welcome reopening of communications between two Koreas

5 Jan 2018 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the reopening of the communication channel between North Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of more »

Human societies evolve along similar paths

19 Dec 2017 | World

Societies ranging from ancient Rome and the Inca empire to modern Britain and China have evolved along similar paths, a huge new study more »

Dangerous rhetoric increase risk of conflict on Korean Peninsula, UN warns

18 Dec 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said he is deeply concerned over the risk of military confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, "including as a result of miscalculation."read more »

China's one-child generation not so selfish after all

18 Dec 2017 | World

Every generation has a tendency to despair at the next one's perceived shortcomings, and Chinese society is no different in this regard. The "Little Emperor" generation - those born during China's strict one-child policy, have been judged by many weary elders as spoilt and tantrum prone due to the overwhelming attention bestowed on them by doting more »

Half the world lacks access to essential health services

15 Dec 2017 | World

At least half of the world's population cannot obtain essential health services, and nearly 100 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty each year due to the out-of-pocket health expenses they must pay, according to a World Health Organization(WHO) more »

Security tensions may have deepened rights violations in North Korea

13 Dec 2017 | World

People’s rights are reportedly violated in “almost every aspect” of their lives in North Korea (DPRK), the United Nations human rights chief warned, stressing security tensions on the Korean Peninsula should not negate concerns about the situation of ordinary people more »

Conflicts, drought drive hunger despite strong global food supply

8 Dec 2017 | World

Despite strong global food supply, localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food insecurity, the Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO) reported. read more »

Millions of babies, mostly in South Asia, risk brain damage from breathing toxic air

6 Dec 2017 | World

Almost 17 million babies live in areas where air pollution is at least six times higher than international limits, causing them to breathe toxic air and potentially risking their brain development, according to a new paper released by more »

Storytellers promoted cooperation among hunter-gatherers before advent of religion

5 Dec 2017 | World

Storytelling promoted co-operation in hunter-gatherers prior to the advent of organised religion, a new UCL study more »

Residents of major Pakistan city are exposed to harmful pesticides

1 Dec 2017 | World

Residents and workers in a major Pakistan city are exposed to harmful levels of pesticides, new research reveals. read more »

One in 10 medicines in developing countries substandard or falsified: WHO

30 Nov 2017 | World

Substandard or fake medicines that fail to prevent and cure disease – and could even cause death – are becoming more and more prevalent, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, calling on Governments to take urgent actions to tackle this global problem. read more »

UN 'strongly condemns' latest ballistic missile launch by North Korea

29 Nov 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres “strongly condemns” the launch of yet another ballistic missile by North Korea (DPRK), his Spokesman has more »

Homes should not be abandoned after a big nuclear accident

21 Nov 2017 | World

New research suggests that few people, if any, should be asked to leave their homes after a big nuclear accident, which is what happened in March 2011 following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear more »

One in 10 children work, agency reports at start of conference to end underage labour

15 Nov 2017 | World

An estimated 152 million children around the world work, a practice that the international community at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is trying to more »

Some Chinese coal ash too radioactive for reuse

10 Nov 2017 | World

Manufacturers are increasingly using encapsulated coal ash from power plants as a low-cost binding agent in concrete, wallboard, bricks, roofing and other building materials. But a new study by U.S. and Chinese scientists cautions that coal ash from high-uranium deposits in China may be too radioactive for this more »

Air pollution battle is crucial to China's public health

7 Nov 2017 | World

China's measures to improve air quality are working, but more stringent policies should be put in place to safeguard public health, a new study has more »

Deforestation linked to palm oil production is making Indonesia warmer

26 Oct 2017 | World

In the past decades, large areas of forest in Sumatra, Indonesia have been replaced by cash crops like oil palm and rubber plantations. New research shows that these changes in land use increase temperatures in the region. read more »

Air pollution cuts solar energy potential in China

24 Oct 2017 | World

China is rapidly expanding its solar power supply, hoping to meet 10 percent of the nation's electricity needs with solar energy by 2030. But there's a problem: severe air pollution is blocking light from the more »

Pollution responsible for 16 percent of deaths globally - Lancet Commission report

23 Oct 2017 | World

Diseases caused by pollution were responsible in 2015 for an estimated 9 million premature deaths -- 16% of all deaths worldwide -- three times more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined; and fifteen times more than all wars and other forms of more »

Despite drop in under-five mortality rate, 7,000 newborns die every day

20 Oct 2017 | World

More must be done to stop babies from dying the day they are born, agencies said in a new report, which argued that life-saving know-how and technologies must be made readily available – particularly in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa – where they are most more »

Study links chocolate production to increased deforestation in poor nations

18 Oct 2017 | World

There are a number of social, economic and environmental inequalities that arise in the production of chocolate. Evidence of human trafficking and child slave labor have been found in the supply more »

Why Do We Fall Asleep When Bored?

2 Oct 2017 | World

As humans, we often defy sleepiness and stay awake when attention is necessary, but also experience an inescapable desire to sleep in boring situations. The brain mechanisms governing the regulation of sleep by cognitive and emotional factors are not well understood. read more »

Agent Orange Still Linked To Hormone Imbalances In Babies In Vietnam, Study Suggests

28 Sep 2017 | World

Exposure to Agent Orange sprayed during the Vietnam War has been linked to increased levels of certain hormones in women and their breastfeeding children decades later, potentially putting them at higher risk of health problems, according to a new more »

North Korea Denounces US President's 'Reckless And Violent' Comments

26 Sep 2017 | World

The Foreign Minister of North Korea (DPRK) has denounced United States President Donald Trump’s “reckless and violent words,” saying that the US leader himself is on a “suicide mission.”read more »

Global Hunger Rising Again, Driven By Conflict And Climate Change

18 Sep 2017 | World

The number of people hungry around the world is up for the first time in more than a decade, says a new report, pointing to violent conflicts and climate change as the major drivers. read more »

Much Of The Planet's Land Severely Degraded Owing To Increased Consumption

13 Sep 2017 | World

A new United Nations report warns that a third of the planet’s land is now severely degraded thanks to a doubling in the consumption of natural resources over the past 30 more »

Security Council Approves Toughest Resolution Yet Against North Korea

12 Sep 2017 | World

The Security Council has unanimously agreed to impose tighter sanctions on North Korea (DPRK), imposing limits on oil exports, banning the country’s textile imports and access to gas liquids, and more closely inspecting cargo ships going in and out of its more »

North Korea Nuclear Risk 'Most Dangerous Crisis We Face Today'

6 Sep 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has “unequivocally” condemned the latest nuclear and missile tests by North Korea (DPRK), denouncing them as “profoundly destabilizing for regional and international security.”read more »

North Korea' Underground Nuclear Test Condemned

4 Sep 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the latest underground nuclear test by North Korea (DPRK) as "yet another serious breach of the country's international obligations."read more »

Women in India nearly 40 times more likely to die after assault as their US peers

1 Sep 2017 | World

Women in India are nearly 40 times more likely to die after being assaulted than are their female peers in the US, finds a comparative analysis of trauma data from both more »

Manganese in underground drinking water is cause for concern

25 Aug 2017 | World

Underground drinking water sources in parts of the U.S. and three Asian countries may not be as safe as previously thought due to high levels of manganese, especially at shallow depths, according to a study led by a researcher at the University of California, Riverside. read more »

Death rates from rheumatic heart disease falling since 1990

24 Aug 2017 | World

The risk of dying from rheumatic heart disease, a condition of damaged heart valves caused by bacterial infection that leads to rheumatic fever, has dropped around the world over the last 25 years, according to a new scientific more »

What's the annual value of trees? $500 million per megacity, study says

23 Aug 2017 | World

In the megacities that are home to nearly 10 percent of the world's 7.5 billion people, trees provide each city with more than $500 million each year in services that make urban environments cleaner, more affordable and more pleasant places to more »

North Korea's Latest Launch Of Ballistic Missile Condemned

31 Jul 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has condemned the launch of a ballistic missile of possible intercontinental range by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).read more »

Drought In North Korea Threatens Food Supply

21 Jul 2017 | World

Amid the worst drought in nearly two decades in North Korea (DPRK), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is calling for emergency food assistance, as well as irrigation and farming equipment, to help farmers get through the lean season. read more »

High levels of antibiotic-resistance in Indian poultry farming raises concerns

20 Jul 2017 | World

A new study from India raises questions about the dangers to human health of farming chicken with growth-promoting antibiotics--including some of the same drugs used in raising millions of chickens in the United States and more »

New Assessment Identifies Global Hotspots For Water Conflict

18 Jul 2017 | World

More than 1,400 new dams or water diversion projects are planned or already under construction and many of them are on rivers flowing through multiple nations, fueling the potential for increased water conflict between some more »

Billions Around The World Lack Safe Water, Proper Sanitation Facilities

13 Jul 2017 | World

Some three in ten people around the world lack access to safe and readily available water at home, and almost six in ten to safely managed sanitation, a new report has warned, calling on countries to do more to fulfil these basic human more »

More Than Half Of China Cancer Deaths Attributable To Potentially Modifiable Risk Factors

6 Jul 2017 | World

A new report finds more than half of all cancer deaths in men in 2013 in China and more than a third of those in women were attributable to a group of potentially modifiable risk factors: smoking, alcohol, nutrition, weight, physical activity, and infections. read more »

Global Use Of Wastewater To Irrigate Agriculture At Least 50 Percent Greater Than Thought

5 Jul 2017 | World

The use of untreated wastewater from cities to irrigate crops downstream is 50 percent more widespread than previously thought, according to a new more »

Record High Temperatures Grip Much Of The Globe, More Hot Weather To Come

21 Jun 2017 | World

Extremely high May and June temperatures have broken records in parts of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said, warning of more heatwaves to more »

Violence And Persecution Uprooted Record 65.6 Million People In 2016

20 Jun 2017 | World

Nearly 66 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes last year, the United Nation refugee agency reported, stressing the “very high” pace at which conflict and persecution is forcing people to flee their more »

Where Climate Change Is Most Likely To Induce Food Violence

9 Jun 2017 | World

Climate change is expected to lead to more violence related to food scarcity, but new research suggests that the strength of a country's government plays a vital role in preventing uprisings. read more »

Pollution 'Devastating' China's Vital Ecosystem, Research Shows

2 Jun 2017 | World

The startling extent to which man-made pollution is devastating China's vital ecosystem's ability to offset damaging carbon emissions has been more »

New Approach Predicts Threats To Rainforests

29 May 2017 | World

With rain forests at risk the world over, a new collaboration is equipping conservationists with the tools to predict and plan for future forest more »

Security Council Strongly Condemns Ballistic Missile Test By North Korea

23 May 2017 | World

Strongly condemning North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch, the United Nations Security Council vowed to "fully and comprehensively implement all measures" imposed on the country and strongly urged all other UN Member States to do the more »

UN Condemns North Korea's Ballistic Missile Launch

16 May 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has urged Pyongyang to return to the path of denuclearization saying the latest ballistic missile launch by North Korea (DPRK) is a threat to peace and security in the more »

Rising Temperatures Threaten Stability Of Tibetan Alpine Grasslands

11 May 2017 | World

A warming climate could affect the stability of alpine grasslands in Asia's Tibetan Plateau, threatening the ability of farmers and herders to maintain the animals that are key to their more »

'All Indications Suggest DPR Korea Making Progress' On Nuclear Programme

4 May 2017 | World

The head of the international atomic agency has expressed serious concern about the nuclear program of North Korea (DPRK), saying all indications suggest that the country is moving ahead with its nuclear more »

Afghanistan Casualties Remain High In First Quarter

28 Apr 2017 | World

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has urged all parties to the conflict to take immediate and concrete measures to better protect civilians from harm, as the latest data for 2017 shows continued high numbers of civilian more »